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Friday, August 29, 2008

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My sites on OCC's server might be removed to save room, so I shall move them to GeoCities since I have a Yahoo! account. However, I will delete internal mp3s so I don't have to pay extra for more server space. The Ph.D. site was transferred first because it's the most popular, having received the most response. The other two will follow.

jacyk's 80>90 music memories: Naked Eyes - Burning Bridges (1983) bonus tracks

jacyk's 80>90 music memories: Naked Eyes - Burning Bridges (1983) bonus tracks

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Black Sabbath on Power Sound 2001

A decade ago, I made a fan page about a moribund mystery label called Power Sound 2001 (you must have a high-speed connection to see this link). It was made on the cheap, obsolete and now-defunct Express Page. This arose because I went to what is now fye and saw early Black Sabbath albums on this cheap label alongside those on their official label in the US and Canada, Warner Bros. The legality was in question. I was told it was arranged by Tony Iommi and former manager Patrick Meehan, but I hardly found it credible. A few people gave feedback. The Osbournes' success brought a few people over to my amateurish-looking site. After that, mp3 piracy grew and made the label a moot point. fye eventually stopped stocking new copies, especially since Rhino reissued the Ozzy Osbourne era officially in a boxed set. I have Black Sabbath (1970), Paranoid, and Master of Reality on this label because they're imported from Israel and Canada (2) respectively, and I love imports, having over 300 of them at home!
Fellow metal trailblazers Deep Purple, The Moody Blues original lineup, and even Pink Floyd among others have been found on the label. Usually, the packaging leaves little to the imagination and is minimalist to say the least, yet some collectors will still buy them (some examples can be found on Google and eBay).
I don't have time and energy to make a whole new site for it, and I can't update the old one, so I just decided to do a post here instead. Some of you may find this if looking up the label. I sure hope you did, so please leave me feedback.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yes Update

As close to Roger Dean as I'll ever get!

There is speculation that history will repeat itself again as to whether or not Jon Anderson will still be in Yes (long-time fans know the story). Rumours are spreading that this time, he will be replaced by someone from a tribute band à la Ripper Owens. This is because of Anderson's debilitating respitory condition making him unable to tour and record (see earlier post). I was compelled to write this after receiving some solo albums in the post from his native area. I haven't been listening to the Yes family much lately as other things have come up. I'm hoping he'll get better and he'll stay in Yes as long as he can (he's not young anymore, so we have to be realistic).
At least I'll have the show at the state fair to remember.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Alan Williams Interview

Since the real Melody Maker had interviews, I thought it's time we had one here. Alan Williams, who I mentioned earlier, is improving some, and asked me to do a quick interview on MySpace.

Q:Who are your inspirations in life?

A:Well, without a doubt, family always comes first! I am an old fashioned soul! Of course, my wife Becky, my mother, and my father. All three are always there when I need them and they mean the world to me. And musically, Jim Diamond, Elvis Presley and John Lennon among others.

Q:Would you ever like to sign a deal with a major label? (We have discussed this earlier, but explain it again for the fans)

A:I would. But I am very selective. And what I mean by that is that so many corporations are in it just for the money and themselves. It is very difficult to find companies that are in it FOR the music. But the fame, is not what's important to me really. The important thing to me is just the knowing that people hear my music. That is why I use the internet more than anything else to promote my music. It is a very powerful medium to allow the public to hear what I do and what I have to say.

Q:What does Jim Diamond mean to you? Explain how he inspired you.

A: Quite simply, Jim Diamond is the reason that I am in music right now. When I ws 5 years old I heard Jim singing 'Hi Ho Silver' on the 80s TV series 'Boon' and I knew right then that I wanted to be a singer no matter what. Jim's voice did something to my soul. Even at that age I remember thinking "Wow... now this man can SING!" He means a great deal to me and I have a lot to thank him for. Jim Diamond is without a doubt, a living legend.

Q:How has YouTube and MySpace impacted your career?

A:Oh well the internet in general has affected my career greatly in so many positive ways. I have made some great friends and gotten so many new fans who just want to hear my music and know where I m and what I am doing. YouTube especially has given me so many new things to do. It inspired me to start making music videos, which I actually hadn't attempted before. The fans are what are important to me and these sites brought me closer to them which is highly important to me.

Q:What made you move to Memphis? Has any of the local musical history there made an impression on you?

A:I'm actually not in Memphis, I am in Georgia, for some reason one of my profiles - I forget which one - changed to Memphis and I have no idea why! I sometimes choose Tennessee because Chattanooga is the nearest city. But it's fine. I actually have made plans to visit Memphis, something which I haven't done yet but I intend to! The music scene in Georgia is very Punk driven sadly - and surprisingly! And obviously, Punk doesn't interest me in the slightest! Along with Rap, Hip-Hop and all that other crap that tries to pass its self off as music! Sorry to be blunt but... it is true!

Q:Would you ever go on a reality show?

A: Um... to be honest with you... probably not! Those shows have just never interested me! haha! I find them quite false in the way that yet again, it is just a money thing. If the time was right and the whole vehicle of the show was set up fairly and correctly I MAY consider it, but because of the fakeness and immoralities surrounding the whole reality show thing, it just doesn't interest me.

Q:What was growing up like?

A: Oh I had some wonderful times growing up. There were some heartaches, but most families have those. Certain parts of my childhood were painful. Not just for me, but for all of us. It was a difficult time in my early teens, mainly after my older brother passed away. But I kept myself busy with my music. It is what I always did. It is how I escaped the realities that life threw at me. My childhood was what I often called "Average, with a twist." It was enjoyable and memorable, while at the same time, strained.

Q:What are your hopes for the future?

A:To find a better way of living for everyone. To be someone who mattered, and someone who tried to make other people's lives better. But above all, to make myself, and everyone around me, proud of what I do, will do, and have done.

(Thanks for this wonderful interview John! I certainly will be adding it to my site, and you are more than welcome to put it on yours!)


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Friday, August 8, 2008

MP3 Fiesta

Here's a great site for mp3s at everyday low prices. Most major artists are here. Just click here.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fleetwood Mac - 25 Years The Chain -4CD-Boxed set

Fleetwood Mac - 25 Years The Chain -4CD-


Since their two wea (Atlantic in the US) albums will be reissued by Voiceprint in the forseeable future (and I helped!), you ought to buy those versions along with the new album coming in February. You can buy the CDs directly from the new label, Virgin, zavvi, or amazon. Legal downloads will be on iTunes, emusic, Rhapsody, and 7digital. There will also be changes on the Ph.D. site, as to reissue info and possibly servers.
Ph.D. (1981) will be reissued 3 November, three - - released in February, and Is It Safe? (pictured) sometime later that year.
More information as I get it.