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Friday, July 11, 2008

Paul McCartney Farewell Tour

I had a more recent non-tabloid one somewhere, but it's buried in my files.

Many people are eagerly awaiting the next world tour from Paul McCartney. It's said to be his last, as he's old now and has a little girl he wants to see grow up. He's finally free from Heather Mills.
It's been a year since Memory Almost Full, so he needs something new to promote. He can release a second volume of the DVD box set The McCartney Years, as I've discovered many more videos that didn't fit on the first one. He could finally release the Wings concert film Rockshow on DVD. He can release a box set of B-sides, single versions, and more. Also one of previously unreleased material, which can be found on bootlegs (he said he'd release them officially). He should do them all. I suggested it on his MySpace. He's reportedly in the studio again. He doesn't need to release new albums as frequently anymore, though the last two were within a couple years like old times.
As for where he'll go. Likely the same major cities he's always done in the US and one in Canada. Last time, I went to New York. This time, I'd like to go to Toronto again. I'll have to get my passport (don't you read the papers?). I'll have things to sign (I'll be happy if just one is blessed).
There should be an official announcement at anytime. Stay tuned! This may be your last chance to see a living legend live.
The tour may not start until after New Year's. Better late than never.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Last Vestige - Albany, NY

They have since repainted!

Last Vestige, the première vinyl specialist in New York's Capital Region, needs to move their Albany store. I make an effort to go there at least once every time I'm in the area to see relatives or a show (I just got back, so this is the first post of the month). However, it is in a bad part of town, so it's time to move house. It's also kinda small. I haven't told them because I'm worried about the response (which is why I'm not good at asking for anything). That's why I'm putting it here.
They can go up US 20 West to the tony Stuyvesant Plaza outside city limits in Guilderland (and it's just a mile from the Thruway and malls) and move into the former Coconut's. They can also try Glenmont Plaza or the old CVS in Delmar (all are on CDTA lines). With the economy right now, they're lucky to still even be open. eBay and downloading have put stores like it out of business (see earlier post).
I've ordered from Last Vestige for almost four years. I first found them in the phone book. There are US and import LPs and 45s. Some CDs (I found treasures there as well), and a few tapes. There is also local music and accessories. When I couldn't get a ride or the bus, I'd send away, but it's more fun to go in and get your pick of the litter.
There's also a location in Saratoga Springs. I haven't been that way in years, so it's unlikely I'll get to that one anytime soon.
Can someone please ask them to consider relocating their Albany store? You don't even have to mention this blog. Just say a little bird told you. A store near me is moving, but they're in a remotely better part of town. Keep supporting indie record stores! Vinyl lives!