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Sunday, November 8, 2015

mp3 diet

Managed to get this on mp3 before my old service snuffed it.
I won't be uploading or downloading mp3s quite as much anymore as I had before as my longtime ISP Clear went the way of Qwest and Dreamscape and I have T-Mobile for now, but anyway, pay as you go service uses up data and what-have-you, and I can only afford so much just like with my phone (I never download directly on there).  That was never really an issue with the old guard so that's one thing I will miss.  Occasionally I may contribute more to a certain mp3 site and order from emusic (let's just say it's a polar opposite) as long as something I can use is there.  Ripping CDs may happen less often now.  Time Warner Cable and FiOS may accommodate such usage but I need a bundle on a budget and as for getting the music I want I really would rather have the CD and LP anyway like nature intended.  As for my ageing PC, it belongs in the knacker yard now as I can no longer get online with it if I wanted to, it's slower than a 100 years old sea turtle and is good for recycling sans the hard drive but I digress.  UPDATE: Now I have Karma so I'm back in action!  However, I still go through data like water!