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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pirate CDs on eBay

There is a seller on eBay that sells pirate CDs but won't admit to it. He is from Russia but lives in the LA area. What got me to this dealer is when I was looking for The Road from Mike & the Mechanics, which hasn't been officially released in the States yet. Thats also the case with Analogue from a-ha which I bought around the same time. Empire DVD didn't say they were imports and they were quite affordable for new CDs so that was the first sign. When Analogue came, there was a typo in the lyrics and other hidden clues as I've mentioned before with counterfeit CDs. The Road was spot on though. I bought two more a-ha CDs and will get more from them and others in future. Boris can only send me packages a few times a year while I send one or two a month. Some people have slated EmpireDVD, one for being slow with delivery within the LA region to the elephant in the room with one calling out this baciagaloop for selling pirates, but he was on the defence saying the buyer wanted the CDs for free as piracy also means nicking mp3s, which has become more common in the past decade. Selling pirates and even bootlegs is actually against eBay policy but there are more on there than they realise as millions of auctions and Buy It Now sales are posted daily. eBay, amazon and indie dealer Wishing Well outside Phoenix, AZ are also aware of these knockoff CDs and will not sell or buy them. If you like this kind of CD or DVD then Empire DVD are right for you, but if not, let sleeping dogs lie and go to another seller.

UPDATE: The account no longer has items.  They may have been reported or they ran out of ideas.  Other people may have caught on to them.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Free Four: Rush: Headlong Flight, próximo single de Clockwork...

Free Four: Rush: Headlong Flight, próximo single de Clockwork...: O momento que todos os fãs do Rush aguardavam. O terceiro single do próximo álbum da banda, Clockwork Angels, será uma canção chamada Hea...