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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Paul McCartney - The Piano Tape

Front cover

Track listing
Know that the sound quality is raw and rough at best, as usual with bootlegs.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Asia featuring John Payne - Where they should go

AFJP in Kenora, ONT taking a bow last year.
Getting Asia featuring John Payne booked is no easy task. Because of confusion with the original band, promoters find themselves at a loss.  However, some places sporadically placed across the US and sometimes Canada are willing to take on the LA-based offshoot that includes Messrs Schellen, Perry and Norlander.
The bands site have confirmed dates listed.  One in Denver, CO I hoped to get for one loyal fan who has no love for the other band.  Another in Florida for a fan there despite the heat.  As for the rest of us, where can we see our heroes?  For me anyway, heres where they could go this year:

Maybe next year:

Alive at Five, Downtown Albany
Avenue Summer Concert Series, Endicott
Jiffy Lube Live, outside Washington, DC Bristow, VA
Lilac Festival, Rochester Highland Park
Molson Canal Concert Series, Lockport
Saranac Summer Concert Series, Utica
Toyota Summer Concert Series, Watertown

Where would you like to see the band?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Canada, Eh?!

The famous maple leaf!
Canada has a unique position in the music world.  They have their own plethora of talent, and their own way of doing things. I try to get there at least once a year.
For their own artists (chiefly Anglophone), we've seen Gordon Lightfoot, Anne Murray, Bryan Adams, Alanis Morissette, and Justin Bieber to name a few.  In order for them to be heard at home, the CRTC have laws that make sure TV and radio have a certain amount of homegrown programming.
Bands like Rush and Nickelback are now signed to one label in their backyard, and another everywhere else.  This was part of the CanCon regulations, but some get signed through the States such as Drake and Avril Lavigne.  French speakers initially had Céline Dion to themselves, and they still do with GarouOctobre and Mylène Farmer.  Montréals The Musical BoxMystery and Simple Plan are Francophones but perform in English.
For releases from international artists, they're usually analogous to US editions across the lake.  It varies by album. Sometimes they match everyone but the States.
Releases from both sides of the St Lawrence/Great Lakes Seaway cross-pollinate.  I see Canadian releases as far as 250 km from the border, while some US releases can be seen across the 49th.
Another thing is that Canadian releases can have the same sleeve or disc as the US.  Also, some US releases have inserts or discs/tapes made in Canada.  Thats NAFTA for ya!
Our neighbour to the north has a lot to offer everyone. Be sure to get something from there sometime.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Asia featuring John Payne - Arcana

I have just learnt that the new studio album from Asia featuring John Payne will now be called Arcana instead of Architects of Time. The previously announced name was used for a one-off project instead. The album may be released in November, but it could even be summertime. It will be the first studio release by the Asia spinoff (not connected to the original lineup, who are releasing their next album Omega). It will be released in Japan by Sony, and by vanity label Devgel worldwide, with a US licencee to be announced (once thought to be Favoured Nations).

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2011 CNY Outdoor Concert Series

Asia featuring John Payne, one of the Holy Grails for me.
Because of two ill-fated concert series in Syracuse last year, there doesn't seem to be one this year apart from the funfair and a few small time events.  Even if a shows free, its not always easy to get people to come.  Some promoters just can't cut it.  These shows used to be at Inner Harbour, the Federal Building, and the CNY Regional Market.  Now, I'd have to go to Rochester and Albany for such a thing as they seem to have better resources.
If I could start my own, here are who would come, one per week:

Asia featuring John Payne
Rush (up in the air with the boys)
The Moody Blues (have since come to town)
Culture Club (coming 2 Sept 2016)
Duran Duran
Childhoods End (now split)

There are numerous local businesses who would sponsor the shows.  The cost of security would be high, whether its private or the local police.  Then who would be willing to host the shows?  It may be too late to start getting something this year but perhaps next year it could happen.
Who would you like to see?  Remember, this articles not about an actual live series in CNY, I'm afraid.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The John Payne Collection

JP as we all know him.
In 2007, John Payne released a compilation of tracks with Asia, Lunatica, solo, and CCCP called Different Worlds.  Turns out theres more than enough for another such release.  He has been performing for over thirty years.  However, it took him a long time to get ahead. Here are some tracks that would go well on the comp:

The John Payne Band
Born on Halloween
Magic Eyes
I Want You to Burn

Thats When the Crying Starts
The Letter

John Payne (solo)
Fly Away
Coming Home
Gonna Give Her All the Love I've Got
Looking at Her Picture


The Haunting

Keplers Law
Save Your Prayers

Lisa LaRue 2KX
Save Me
Fast and Blue
Mystery of the Rose
Jam Jehan Nima
Recurring Dream

Farewell My Love

Asia featuring John Payne
Military Man (2007)
Long Way from Home (2007)

Architects of Time
From Decoding the Lost Symbol:

What is Lost Will Be Found
Verbum Significatum


Right now, JP is trying to focus on finishing the new AFJP album, which is highly anticipated, and Raiding the Rock Vault.  Then after some time on the road, he may consider taking a trip down memory lane.
Many of these tracks are rare and/or unavailable, so trying to gather them all yourself would be an uphill endeavour, so lets just hold out for this collection then.