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Sunday, July 26, 2015

mp3 Upgrade

Not too shy shy to say this is one of the albums I did, but it's hush hush (eye to eye)!
On a certain mp3 site (I've mentioned it before so look for it) I have been upgrading tracks that have been uploaded before either by me or someone else that are 192 kbps or less when 320 kbps is more the norm so I've been spending the past couple months replacing or adding tracks even from artists I don't listen to myself.  Only last year did I change my settings on my Windows Media Player.  I let an album upload while I'm out or in another room (I let the cat watch) as a watched pot never boils.  I found a stand for my laptop at the charity shop to help it circulate air so it'll stay on.  Streaming audio uses more bandwidth and script (no interest in Spotify) than something I can download and store offline though I will always try to get the real CD and LP when I can.  It's been well over a decade since I've been able to get mp3 and gradually more technology became available to me.  Just now I'm seeing what I re-copied but not yet re-upped as things fall through the cracks and I forget as I do have a life too in case you think I don't.  There is a legal loophole that mp3s can be backup of media that you already have so if you do download please get the physical version too if you can afford it.
Read later article as to why I won't be able to upgrade any more tracks for a bit and it's not because of Martin Orford.