All You Need is Now

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Def Leppard remasters

Cover by Hipgnosis (Pink Floyd, Renaissance, Yes, Rainbow)

On Through the Night
Ride Into the Sun (original version)
Getcha Rocks Off (EP version)
Overture (EP version and demo)
Heat Street (originally on a bootleg)
Rock Brigade (Nick Tauber version)
See the Lights (previously unreleased)
Warchild (same)
Glad I'm Alive (demo and Tauber versions)
Wasted (single version)
Hello America (B-side single version)
Good Morning Freedom (studio and live versions)
When the Walls Came Tumbling Down (demo)
Travellin' Band (live)

High 'n' Dry (pictured)
Bringin' on the Heartbreak (1984 synth remix)
Me and My Wine (original and remix despite little significant difference in sound albeit Mutt Langes)

Last years US deluxe edition should receive an international release as I just bought this myself.  Also put the LP out abroad.  "When Saturday Comes" can be the designated bonus track in Japan.

Promises (video mix)
Under My Wheels
I Am Your Child
("Burnout" and "Worlds Collide" from the Australasian edition or EU B-sides are already on the Slang remaster as they were taken from that albums sessions)

X (the most recent original album of the lot that needs an upgrade)
Kiss the Day
Long, Long Way to Go (acoustic version)
10 x Bigger than Love
Gimme a Job
Perfect Girl ("Gravity" demo)
Love Don't Lie (demo)
Let Me Be the One (demo)

How Does It Feel?
Action (live) (studio version of Sweet cover on Retro Active)
Dear Friends (Queen cover by Sav)
Space Oddity (RIP David Bowie)
Rebel Rebel (also a Bowie cover although from the X period this fits the pattern here better)
When I'm Dead and Gone
Elected (live) (Alice Cooper cover recorded during Adrenalize tour)
No Matter What (live) (studio version of Badfinger cover also on Rock of Ages Pan-American comp)
Little Wing (Hendrix cover with Hothouse Flowers)
Winter Song
American Girl (Tom Petty cover)
Search and Destroy

It remains to be seen whether or not these will come out in the forseeable future as the band are in a bit of a row with Universal over the rights and have considered re-recording their hits note by note (which other people have done in the studio with their songs in the past) and a couple are now available on mp3.  The rights to Slang were reverted back to the band and they reissued it recently in the US through their label there Mailboat (founder Jimmy Buffett also left Universal when his new label became sister to the old one when Universal bought PolyGram, Leppards former home).  Also focus now is on the bands new long-awaited new studio album now available.