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Friday, December 5, 2008

Yes - In the Present continued

Taken at the Chicago Theatre.

I am looking for an RoIo and/or VoIO (bootleg) of the Albany show on 23/11/08 that I mentioned earlier. Because I can never fully remember a show after I see it, I need a momento. I do have an RoIO of most of the Syracuse show from September 2004 (a VoIO of this show would be nice), and one of the Hampton, NH show from the current tour (with compromised sound quality). I'm supposed to be getting a VoIO of the Williamsport show from someone I've e-mailed for five years.
For audio, I want it in a zip or RAR file with mp3s, wmas, aacs, or m4ps. I don't want any ra, WAV, FLAC, APE, or SHNs I would have to convert anyway (though everyone says they're not lossy). For video, please put on an NTSC DVD-R/+R/-RW/+RW (wmvs and the like take up too much bandwidth and disc space). I can't find clips from Albany and other select dates on YouTube. I will send something back from the Yes family, official or RoIO (too many to list; do enquire). I have headway on Denny Laine, so I may get some response for this. Thanks, fellow Yes fans.
BTW, the latest leg of the tour is legless as Old Man Squire had leg surgery. It may be rescheduled in future. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Yes review

Since I put my Yes In the Present review up on two other sites (click a category below for links), I'll put someone else's. I can't reveal his name, however, but if he can't have it out, this post is kaput.

"I took my wife to see the Yes/not Yes Howe, Squire &
White tour in Columbus, Ohio on Wed. night at the LC Pavilion, which holds 2,200
indoors (and also holds 4,500 outdoors-where we saw Dream Theatre's Progressive
Nation 2008 show a few months ago).

What an amazing experience to be in the front row, right in front of Oliver
and a few feet to the right of Chris Squire. The best part was no
security in front of the stage and our seats were literally about 5 feet from
where the band stood.
I had 2nd row centre for Yes in '84 for 90125 and 3rd row centre for the '94
Talk tour, but we were so close that Chris was posing for my digital camera and
smiling at my wife, and his sweat hit me and guy on my left at one point! And
cameras allowed, which has never been the case at other Yes shows in the past at
other venues.

I could make this very, very long, but suffice it to say that it was a fantastic
show, the band was in a great mood, Howe was smiling from the first song to the
last, which you might know is rare for him but he had a great night of playing
and no equipment problems, which always affects his attitude at shows.

If Rick can't tour then Oliver seems to be the best replacement; he did a great
job and only made one obvious error, a timing issue during "Close to the Edge"-
we could read his lips as Chris turned around towards him and Oliver said
"Sorry" and Chris laughed.

Benoît may not be Jon but close your eyes and the resemblance is uncanny-he

sounds almost exactly like Jon in his prime and has more power than Jon has had
in recent years. He even looks a little like Jon did in his younger days,
though with shorter hair, but he's the same build that Jon was for many years
and the same height, and wears white like Jon. He also plays very good acoustic
guitar, better than Jon, and various percussion like Jon- just no harp. He had
all the lyrics and nuances in the vocals done pat, but then he's been singing
Yes music for 14 years with his band Close to the Edge in Canada. His vocal
harmonies with Chris and Steve were perfect. And no airy talk or moves like
Jon. When he sang the first lines of the opener, "Siberian Khatru," people
literally said "wow" and "oh my god" at his voice.
If Jon can't return, this guy is the obvious choice to be the singer for Yes,
without question.

The set list was the best part. I won't give details, but it was the best set
I've seen them do since '96 at the Keys concerts. I've waited 28 years to
hear Drama again and they got a standing ovation with the songs. And they did 1
brand new song, which Chris sang lead on with some assistance from Benoît. Alan

was on top form also. It doesn't really matter, but Chris has gained quite a
few pounds/stone since the last tour in '04."

Saturday, November 1, 2008 or, the internet's best kept secret, has gone 500 (look it up!). I cannot download anything. When I click on a track, I just go back to the main page. It's frustrating. That was where to get free mp3s without a P2P programme, message board or blog. I found it whilst looking for a rare solo John Wetton track, and that would save me lots of money, given the economy. I would have to click through a couple pages to get each track. It was time consuming. Allofmp3, once Russia's most notorious mp3 site, is so four seasons ago! I e-mailed musicmp3 asking why this is happening. They must know some English if they have mainly Western content. I used Babel Fish to translate, but that can be unreliable.  There's also which works similarly.
Maybe this is karma for doing such a thing. If I could afford it, I would rather just get import CDs of what I want. I have for the really rare finds. Maybe the Kremlin shut them down. Who knows? To think decades ago, an album would have to be on the state labels or cost many rubles on the black market behind the KGB's back. How times have changed!

UPDATE: No one can add more mp3s as of 15/8/14 and the site went 404 8/9/14.
2ND UPDATE: After seven and a half long months they're back again and new albums have been added but those uploaded in the past few weeks have yet to be added and available to download.

Marillion - Fish's First Practise (1981)

Karpy Rock: Marillion - Fish's First Practise (1981)

This was an another blog, but the links are dead, and there's no way to reach the webmaster. I managed to download this and burn it to CD-R. Another fan on Facebook pointed this out to me. This should also help other fans find this rare early bootleg with an early lineup (only Steve Rothery remains now). Doug Irvine, the original bass player, was also the lead vocalist before Fish as it turns out. The rest, of course, is history!

Fish - vocals
Steve Rothery - guitar
Brian Jelliman - synthesisers
Dez Minnit - bass
Mick Pointer - drums

Time for Sale
Madcap's Embrace
Snow Angel
Skyline Drifter
The Web
Herne the Hunter

Only "Grendel" and "The Web" would survive the setlist and the studio once the band were signed to EMI in 1982. As with most of these unofficial releases, the sound quality is not perfect. "Garden Party" and "Improvisation" are missing.


Friday, October 31, 2008

Ace of Base

This should get some people here. Ace of Base are still together, for the most part.
Not shown is Linn Berggren, who gradually faded from view and lives privately. The remaining members, Jenny Berggren, Jonas Berggren, and Ulf Ekberg are reinventing themselves. Greatest Hits and Remixes features new versions of hits such as "Wheel of Fortune". Look for it in mid-November.
Arista dropped them in 2000 after slipping sales. The last studio release, Da Capo in 2002, was only available as an import to the Americas (I got mine from the EU through someone in Singapore). Now that, along with the back pan-Euro catalogue, is available legally on iTunes and emusic now that the worldwide rights belong to indie labels Playground/edel-Mega.
I also managed to find loads of rare tracks. You just have to look hard for them.
The new studio release, the first since Da Capo, will likely be self-titled and be out sometime in the new year. A long tour will follow, which I hope will come across Upstate NY (here we go again!).
There's someone not too far from me who's a bigger Acer than me. He sold me a rare 45. He runs a shop and he played the albums.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Denny Laine

Its a certain kind of day as I type this one. I've been trying for the past few years to find albums (physical releases) from former Wings and Moody Blues member Denny Laine. Few people realise hes had a solo career since Wings ended in 1980. Most of his solo albums are officially out-of-print and rare as gold because they obviously didn't sell enough copies to stay in circulation. Its very frustrating when this situation arises. Its given me endless headaches! Denny is underrated as his own man, and is forever in the shadow of Paul McCartney (don't get me wrong, I love them both). Budget CDs tag the name on just to attract casual fans.
I have Aah...Laine!, Holly Days, Japanese Tears (reissued as Send Me the Heart), Blue Nights, Reborn, Spreading My Wings, A Tribute to Paul McCartney & Wings, a mix CD, and Rock Survivor so far. I'm looking for Anyone Can Fly, Hometown Girls, Wings on My Feet, Lonely Road, All I Want is Freedom, Arctic Song, Blue Musician, and the bootleg Birmingham Boy, as well as the single "Catherines Wheel" (I don't really need Master Suite). If you have any of these, please contact me straight away. We can arrange a CD trade, or even a sale within reasonable rates. I hope somebody sees this. Most of these albums were released by pioneering UK indie President Records, but they told me they have to weed through all their masters (a likely story). I can't get a response on MySpace either. This may be the Holy Grail for me. I'll give myself another year to find these lost treasures from an under-appreciated talent.
I have gotten a few responses so far. Anyone else?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Jon & Vangelis

Another possible site I may create in future will be for Jon & Vangelis. There isn't a fan site for just that. Vangelis still hasn't even launched his own site. I'm more a fan of Jon Anderson anyway. At least it's not with Yanni!
I'm looking for the rare B-side "Song Is". So send an mp3, please.
Get well soon, Jon!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Marillion and Fish

I might be interested in getting Marillion and former frontman Fish. I know him from when he worked with Tony Banks. Marillion have never been a major success in the US, and the only Fish people in my area know is what's for lunch and/or dinner in much of Christendom every Friday (or Phish for that matter), yet both factions have a cult following here by the thousands. Marillion are trailblazers online, with fans even paying for albums and tours directly (as opposed to just buying them at shops or getting tickets). I did get the h era, but I find the Fish one more relatable to the prog I've been listening to such as Banks's Genesis, Gentle Giant, Yes, and King Crimson. I'm sure the critics, including this blog's namesake, pointed this out 25 years ago, and Marillion must be tired of the comparison like Badfinger to the Beatles, but everybody gets compared to somebody else in life, if not slated.
I wanna get the albums from my usual sites, but the band guilt-tripped everyone on their site saying not to do such a thing. Not everybody in music is rich (h has said that Marillion are not millionaires), between lower CD sales and the economy, so it hits home. Three shops I frequent have imports, so I might aim for them. I was also in touch with Mark Wilkinson, the classic line-up's answer to Storm Thorgerson, but more for the Ph.D. reissues, since he also restores covers for Voiceprint. I've also e-mailed Claudio Momberg in Chile, who was in one tribute band (as well as one to Genesis) and now has another called Fugazi (not the DC punk band), since we know of each other from the John Payne Google Group.
I might take this one more slowly. I've rushed into everybody else.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Geordie - Lost Northern Legends

It's AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson's birthday as I write today's post, and I fish out my Geordie CD-Rs. Trying to put info into my iTunes takes longer than I hoped as I mixed and matched the tracks I bought from an mp3 site. Also, I just put guitarist Vic Malcolm as writer since he did the bulk of it as Johnson wasn't much of a writer then. His voice was also calmer and markedly different from the writhing we know and love.
There is not even a proper fan site, let alone an official one on the band. When I have time, and actually find the records (which is hard in the US cheap), I might do it (Can You Do It?!). I've filled a niche for three other underrated bands, so this could be the next one. Stay tuned!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Asia imports

I'm looking for these Asia imports from Japan, Hong Kong, or South Korea:

Wetton Downes Icon: Never in a Million Years (Avalon Marquee)
John Wetton Caught in the Crossfire
GPS Window to the Soul
Asia featuring John Payne Military Man EP (US only)

These have exclusive bonus tracks you can't get anywhere else. If anyone has these, please email me mp3 links, or mail me CD-Rs, or spare copies (you have to ask me for my address). We can trade or you can sell to me at a low price. I can't afford what they offer on most sites. You can also just send mp3s of the bonus tracks. If you're looking for these yourself, then I can help you with that. I'd expect the same. Thanks for the help.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Support Alan Williams

I'm trying to promote him as much as I can.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lost on America

Savoy are just one of several acts I like most Americans have never heard of.

Many people I listen to are not household names in the US, which is a double-edged sword. The good part is that the few American fans are a small cult that have the band/artist to ourselves. The bad part is the unlikelihood of them coming to this country because there isn't enough interest or the album wasn't released there. With an album only available as an import, they won't get to be booked on Letterman or The Bonnie Hunt Show for that matter.
Another disadvantage is their albums may not be officially released in the States. I rarely would find the album at a brick-and-mortar. I have to go to eBay or amazon. GEMM and Total Recall helped me find rare and pricey finds. Once I could get online faster, I found mp3s. If it's not on iTunes or emusic for American customers, I go to sites from a certain country that shall remain nameless (let's just say there's a link to one of these desputed sites on the blog, and they're in the news). Many rare and common albums can be "found" on other Blogger sites. I hate to be vague, but The Beast is watching!
I also like Marillion (see other post). They can't get arrested here either. Have to win the lotto and go across St. Lawrence River!
I have mentioned Jim Diamond and Ph.D. earlier. Then there's early Fleetwood Mac when they were blues. a-ha aren't given room to grow here either. This country is full of chavs who listen to that hip-hop shite (there, I said it)!
If I ran a label (that'll be a future post), I would sign these groups that are being ignored by A&Rs in New York and Los Angeles. I know a-ha spinoff Savoy have tried and only have one album available for legal download on iTunes US. I even network and trade with other fans to add to my collection of around 500 albums!
To cut a long story short, chav-centric US Top 40 radio and the major record companies are ignoring real talent in favour of emo, Disney, and that rap crappola! No wonder this generation is going to hell in a handbasket! If you are a fan of someone who can't Payola their way to #1, continue to support and fight for them!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Elvis is Alive!

This is the article I wanted to write for a long time. I may not be a fan per se, but I'm one of the many who believe Elvis Presley, the King of Rock 'n' Roll, is as alive and well as you and me. He is reported to have lived in North Carolina, Hawaii, Australia. Michigan, West Virginia, Tennessee (though he let go of Graceland) and other random locations. He was on his way to my hometown on tour in August 1977, and while in the toilet, decided he had enough. His estranged twin brother Jesse, assumed by the public to have died of what is now known as SIDS, had died in a sanitarium. After Elvis faked his death, he lived a Bohemian lifestyle that continues to this day. Weekly World News were given exclusive rights to update on him. Sometimes, one article contradicted another. WWN still exist online, yet they must've gotten bored and sent him the way of Dear Dotti! However, Elvis sightings are still prevalent (not counting the millions of impersonators between Vegas and even in my area). My hairdresser agrees with me, though we're both crazy! Elvis's ex-wife Priscilla and their daughter Lisa-Marie, as well as the mainstream press, maintain the façade that he's dead and gone. Only in the law's eyes, or he wouldn't have been on a stamp! (Return to sender!) There are books, sites, theories, etc. that confirm my belief. However, don't ever expect Elvis to make a comeback. He has left the building, checked out of Heartbreak Hotel, and has never looked back. Thank you very much!
This just in: the museum that agrees with me has closed and is for sale. I won't buy it, as I can't even afford a car.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Yes - It Can Happen...Again!

As I mentioned earlier, it seemed like Yes would follow what Journey and Judas Priest respectively have done by finding a new lead singer on YouTube and from a tribute band. Benoît David from Québec-based Yes tribute band Close to the Edge has won the pools to do an upcoming tour. If they come to my provincial town once again, I suppose I'll go to see if it'll be OK. It's hard to stomach at first, but we'll get by. It's "Perpetual Change".
We know poor Jon Anderson is on the disabled list for at least the rest of the year, and I hope he gave his blessing. I hope Benoît won't get the scorn that Trevor Horn did on the Drama tour's UK leg (I was way too young to go then!).
David does have a range similar to fellow Canadian progger Geddy Lee of Rush, REO Speedwagon's Kevin Cronin, and Montréal-friendly would-be Yes contender Roger Hodgson.
This once again leaves Chris Squire as the only remaining original member (for now).
Anderson was unhappy at first that they're gonna go on without him, but reneged his statement on his solo site. Most of them haven't even checked on him. Sir Winston Churchill said "Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it". Ain't it the truth?! I just hope things work out. Even David would want things back to normal, as there is a price.
UPDATE: My review appears on Forgotten Yesterdays and PYX 106.
More Yes updates as they come. Remember this is not the real Melody Maker.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Birthdays and anniversaries

You know you're a real fan of someone if you celebrate their birthday, or reflect on the annniversary of when they died. It's like a holiday. However, most of us fans have lives and anyone who can listen to every album on the day has too much time on their hands, which I sure don't! I do write down the artist and their birthday or anniversary on my calendar and day planner. It does get frustrating when real life gets in the way. For many artists, big and small, you can now leave greetings on MySpace, their official site, or snail mail in advance, whichever applies.
Most people I listen to are from overseas, so I coordinate with their native time zone. That means I start the night before, like some kinds of holidays, which gives me more time. I try not to be up all night, especially if it's a school night or if I have plans. For the departed, I can't worry about them all day, because life is for the living. You have to be realistic. The living ones can't always tell or don't even care whether or not their fans remember. I'm sure they'd appreciate it (Pål Waaktaar-Savoy of a-ha and Savoy told me he did last year, and I wonder if he will this time). I think it's better to remember birthdays and anniversaries of people you actually know and love.

Friday, August 29, 2008

My Links

My sites on OCC's server might be removed to save room, so I shall move them to GeoCities since I have a Yahoo! account. However, I will delete internal mp3s so I don't have to pay extra for more server space. The Ph.D. site was transferred first because it's the most popular, having received the most response. The other two will follow.

jacyk's 80>90 music memories: Naked Eyes - Burning Bridges (1983) bonus tracks

jacyk's 80>90 music memories: Naked Eyes - Burning Bridges (1983) bonus tracks

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Black Sabbath on Power Sound 2001

A decade ago, I made a fan page about a moribund mystery label called Power Sound 2001 (you must have a high-speed connection to see this link). It was made on the cheap, obsolete and now-defunct Express Page. This arose because I went to what is now fye and saw early Black Sabbath albums on this cheap label alongside those on their official label in the US and Canada, Warner Bros. The legality was in question. I was told it was arranged by Tony Iommi and former manager Patrick Meehan, but I hardly found it credible. A few people gave feedback. The Osbournes' success brought a few people over to my amateurish-looking site. After that, mp3 piracy grew and made the label a moot point. fye eventually stopped stocking new copies, especially since Rhino reissued the Ozzy Osbourne era officially in a boxed set. I have Black Sabbath (1970), Paranoid, and Master of Reality on this label because they're imported from Israel and Canada (2) respectively, and I love imports, having over 2,000 of them at home!
Fellow metal trailblazers Deep Purple, The Moody Blues original lineup, and even Pink Floyd among others have been found on the label. Usually, the packaging leaves little to the imagination and is minimalist to say the least, yet some collectors will still buy them (some examples can be found on Google and eBay).
I don't have time and energy to make a whole new site for it, and I can't update the old one, so I just decided to do a post here instead. Some of you may find this if looking up the label. I sure hope you did, so please leave me feedback.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yes Update

As close to Roger Dean as I'll ever get!

There is speculation that history will repeat itself again as to whether or not Jon Anderson will still be in Yes (long-time fans know the story). Rumours are spreading that this time, he will be replaced by someone from a tribute band à la Ripper Owens. This is because of Anderson's debilitating respitory condition making him unable to tour and record (see earlier post). I was compelled to write this after receiving some solo albums in the post from his native area. I haven't been listening to the Yes family much lately as other things have come up. I'm hoping he'll get better and he'll stay in Yes as long as he can (he's not young anymore, so we have to be realistic).
At least I'll have the show at the state fair to remember.

Friday, August 8, 2008

MP3 Fiesta

Here's a great site for mp3s at everyday low prices. Most major artists are here. Just click here.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fleetwood Mac - 25 Years The Chain -4CD-Boxed set

Fleetwood Mac - 25 Years The Chain -4CD-


Since their two wea (Atlantic in the US) albums will be reissued by Voiceprint in the forseeable future (and I helped!), you ought to buy those versions along with the new album coming in February. You can buy the CDs directly from the new label, Virgin, zavvi, or amazon. Legal downloads will be on iTunes, emusic, Rhapsody, and 7digital. There will also be changes on the Ph.D. site, as to reissue info and possibly servers.
Ph.D. (1981) will be reissued 3 November, three - - released in February, and Is It Safe? (pictured) sometime later that year.
More information as I get it.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Paul McCartney Farewell Tour

I had a more recent non-tabloid one somewhere, but it's buried in my files.

Many people are eagerly awaiting the next world tour from Paul McCartney. It's said to be his last, as he's old now and has a little girl he wants to see grow up. He's finally free from Heather Mills.
It's been a year since Memory Almost Full, so he needs something new to promote. He can release a second volume of the DVD box set The McCartney Years, as I've discovered many more videos that didn't fit on the first one. He could finally release the Wings concert film Rockshow on DVD. He can release a box set of B-sides, single versions, and more. Also one of previously unreleased material, which can be found on bootlegs (he said he'd release them officially). He should do them all. I suggested it on his MySpace. He's reportedly in the studio again. He doesn't need to release new albums as frequently anymore, though the last two were within a couple years like old times.
As for where he'll go. Likely the same major cities he's always done in the US and one in Canada. Last time, I went to New York. This time, I'd like to go to Toronto again. I'll have to get my passport (don't you read the papers?). I'll have things to sign (I'll be happy if just one is blessed).
There should be an official announcement at anytime. Stay tuned! This may be your last chance to see a living legend live.
The tour may not start until after New Year's. Better late than never.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Last Vestige - Albany, NY

They have since repainted!

Last Vestige, the première vinyl specialist in New York's Capital Region, needs to move their Albany store. I make an effort to go there at least once every time I'm in the area to see relatives or a show (I just got back, so this is the first post of the month). However, it is in a bad part of town, so it's time to move house. It's also kinda small. I haven't told them because I'm worried about the response (which is why I'm not good at asking for anything). That's why I'm putting it here.
They can go up US 20 West to the tony Stuyvesant Plaza outside city limits in Guilderland (and it's just a mile from the Thruway and malls) and move into the former Coconut's. They can also try Glenmont Plaza or the old CVS in Delmar (all are on CDTA lines). With the economy right now, they're lucky to still even be open. eBay and downloading have put stores like it out of business (see earlier post).
I've ordered from Last Vestige for almost four years. I first found them in the phone book. There are US and import LPs and 45s. Some CDs (I found treasures there as well), and a few tapes. There is also local music and accessories. When I couldn't get a ride or the bus, I'd send away, but it's more fun to go in and get your pick of the litter.
There's also a location in Saratoga Springs. I haven't been that way in years, so it's unlikely I'll get to that one anytime soon.
Can someone please ask them to consider relocating their Albany store? You don't even have to mention this blog. Just say a little bird told you. A store near me is moving, but they're in a remotely better part of town. Keep supporting indie record stores! Vinyl lives!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Katy Perry - New artist of the year

I didn't think there'd be a major new artist good enough for me to write on, but I found one. Katy Perry, who's making waves with her quasi-LGBT hits "Ur So Gay" and the latest "I Kissed a Girl". I caught some of that last one on VH1 and thought it was hilarious. Parents are up in arms. She's gonna be around a while.
We do feel cheated with the new video because she doesn't actually kiss a girl on air. I see it all the time on Jerry Springer anyway, so it's nothing new.
Katy used to be a Christian artist named Katy Hudson, but now she's making Amy Grant sound like Vestal Goodman! This oughta get people here! With that early album, she might pull an Alanis and distance herself from it. Some might think she sold out and sold her soul to the devil, like my mama said! (The generation gap is alive and well forty years on!)
Katy Perry is the hottest thing from Santa Barbera since Santa Barbera!
Then again, she's tame compared to Avenue D!
She's even a Queen fan, which is good for me.
I heard of her when I had to go to the Capitol site. I saw her and just assumed she was another Lily Allen. Turns out that Katy's a different animal from her US stablemate.
One of the Boys is out 17 June.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Roger Hodgson - Rites of Passage

Also saved from emusic:

This was his first release overall since his accident a decade before, and his first and only official live album to date. Like now, he is mainly alone on keyboard and guitar. I hope he goes back to Supertramp one day. None of us are getting any younger! A 1997 release on Voiceprint. Some of the tracks are sung by others in the band, much like Rick Davies did back in Supertramp on his songs. "Smelly Feat" is one example. Hodgson's solo track record is sporadic. The rest aren't on emusic because they're on major labels, though many mp3 sites have most or all of them anyway.

The Twin - Yum Yum

Saved from emusic (album deleted)

The Twin is really none other than Boy George, with the most makeup he's ever worn! This album is reggaeton/dance hall/electronica/electroclash/whatever. A different animal from Culture Club ("This ain't the '80s, mate!", he says in one song), along with a mock-Rasta accent. One guilty pleasure on this set is "Fire Desire", a duet with electroclash duo Avenue D, who come off as a surrogate Li'l Kim and Foxy Brown. The lyrics are X certificate (calling Mary Whitehouse who he did get to meet)! I laughed when I first heard them! It can be embarrassing! There should be a Tipper Sticker on the cover! Boy's freakish clown look is clearly inspired by his late club friends Trojan and Leigh Bowery (who BG played in his Broadway flop Taboo), and has been copied in the gay clubs (as I saw in a local LGBT magazine). He brought it to VH1s I Love the '80s Strikes Back. It could be in a gay circus! "Here Comes the Girls Part 1" was already on another CD, so just Part 2 is here. If Boy can straighten out his latest legal mess, there should be another album and DJ tour soon (he's doing a regular tour, but he won't come Upstate [see earlier blogs], not even Ithaca).

This album is very rare on CD, but is still on itunes and amazon.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Where I've been

amazon UK
iTunes (as Sposato2007)

I can't remember any others. You can Google me. These are the ones I go to most.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Reviews and ads

One thing the real Melody Maker was known for was want ads and reviews. I have reviews on, iTunes, emusic,, and other places. You can Google my name and you might find them. The emusic ones might be tricky, but my e-mail address might lead you to those. Use quotations for best results. If there are too many reviews for a certain album on amazon, or the album's a bootleg or officially out of print, it may show up here. Stay "tuned". However, I am no David Fricke, Neil Tennant, Frank Rich, Ron Sheffield, or Kurt Loder. I'm just like you. I also have a few things pop up here and there. It'd take too much time to get them all here. Also, for most of them, I legally gave them the rights to my reviews, so I couldn't put them here anyway. That's how it works to protect you and them.
As for ads, you can use the paper, Craig's List, MySpace, Goldmine, Rolling Stone, Facebook, Gumtree, Postaroo, local and national music and entertainment magazines and papers, the bulletin boards at shops, or wherever. Many bands and careers of yesteryear like Genesis and Kajagoogoo would not exist or be the same without MM ads. MM and NME merged, and Mojo will sometimes recall an MM article. To many people, it's like when Marshall-Fields became Macy's. It was heresy and treason!
I've only read a few articles of MM in my life, but I know it's had an impact.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Here are bands I'd like to see get back together:

ABBA (a lot of people would agree!)
Black Sabbath
Culture Club
Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Genesis (one last time)
Gentle Giant
Talk Talk
The Smiths (not for me but this bird in Wales)

Who would you like to see reunite?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Record stores

The indie (or chain) record store of old is a dying breed because everybody, even me, comes here online (this is the last one today; my arm hurts!).
The last full fledged one in Syracuse I fell out with before they pulled up stakes and went west. The Sound Garden in Armoury Square doesn't have used tapes and vinyl (some new Argentine CDs though). I get bored at the second-hand bookstore and fye. eBay and such are too easy! Some things can't be downloaded. I need more imports!
In the past few years, I've gone out of my way to Off-Centre in Utica, Last Unicorn in adjacent New Hartford (RIP), Last Vestige in Albany (see newer post), and Disc Go Round in Guilderland nearby. I just went to Pulaski where The Disc Connection is the last one standing in all of Oswego County. I was worried it was gone because they changed their number when I first called, and found the right one recently, saving a wasted trip. These stores appeal to hipsters and the middle aged alike. I'm not necessarily either! The owner prefers good ol' wax, but sells special things on eBay to turn a profit in his rather sleepy, provincial and sometimes snowy little town. Would Charles Kuralt have stopped by?
I know these stores are in and around New York City, and I couldn't find an indie close enough when I was there a few weeks ago (I did look some up). I saw one of our sort coming blocks from one in the Chinatown/Bowery wing with his labelled bag, but it was almost time to catch the charter bus home, so I didn't even bother to ask. At least I finally got to Virgin Megastore in Times Square! Maybe next time.
I know someone who could open such a place, but he's not up to it right now, so he just has an occasional yard sale or will do special orders. He'll also turn up at the semi-annual trade show at the Ramada Inn. I have my own fish to fry, so I can't do it either.
Remember to give love to your brick-and-mortar today!
There's an article in Syracuse New Times.

Central New York Performing Arts Centre

I like to announce the founding of the Central New York Performing Arts Centre (CNYPAC). If Destiny USA don't go through with something of their own, I'd go public on a grand scale with the idea. It's just that I'm not fond of cameras, and I'm not even famous yet!
Deciding on a site depends on where all the people are. If much of the Carrier campus is empty with work outsourced to Mainland China (go fig!), I'd like to enquire about that. They already named the Dome at SU, of course. We don't have a large venue like the big cities. Even the Dome can't compete, though Old Man Boeheim has it half of the year anyway! I also have connections to someone in property, though it may cause conflict of interest and collusion (legalese!).
This would be on par with Finger Lakes CMAC out west and SPAC in Saratoga Springs. I don't have half the money to make the first move! Gotta win the lottery first!
This would prove to the LiveNations and Harvey Goldsmiths of the world that we are not just the provinces anymore! We need a Wembley or Madison Square of our own Upstate!
Maybe even build it at OCC, like CMAC at FLCC.
Doantions through PayPal can be found at my Ph.D. , Naked Eyes , and Buggles sites.

No Yes?!!!

I wanna see Yes again, but they're too far this year. I saw them at the NYS Fair in '04, but that might not work this time. I've looked into buses and trains to (I don't own a car) and lodging in Hershey, PA; Wantagh, NY (Jones Beach, Long Island), and Atlantic City, NJ (my grandmother said it's not safe at night). It's too expensive and complicated. The bad economy and gas prices are gonna effect the live scene. Even Paul McCartney at Madison Square in '05 had some empty seats way in the back near me.
If someone near me has a ticket to spare and is willing to bring me with them, there just may be a chance.

UPDATE!: The tour has been postponed until further notice (likely after the holidays). Jon Anderson is in hospital for respitory failure, and needs to rest. We love him and want him to get better, so we'll have to wait. Please send him your love on MySpace.
This article will stay to prove a point; that my region is derided by the promoters and bands for the metro areas. When things pick up for Yes, maybe there'll be more time to fit CNY in again.

Please play Central New York!

Might be at the casino on 24 October 2013!

Here's a list of people I want in my area that are on the road this year:

Asia featuring John Payne
Fleetwood Mac
The Australian Pink Floyd Show
Boy George (update on the way)
Def Leppard (it's a go!)
Duran Duran
Roger Hodgson
Elton John
The Machine (Pink Floyd tribute)
Paul McCartney (tour not yet announced, yet I'm willing to travel to Toronto or New York again if I can afford it again)
George Michael
Alanis Morissette
The Musical Box (Genesis tribute)
Naked Eyes
Ozzy Osbourne/Ozzfest
Queen + Paul Rodgers
Rush (again)
John Wetton & Geoffrey Downes: iCon (Asia spinioff, saw Asia in April)
Yes (see next blog)

Hefiorels eclectic music: Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star

Hefiorels eclectic music: Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star


I've been procrastinating, but I finally decided to get with the times and start my own blog. This will be a music related one, even though there are tons!
I chose the New Melody Maker as a tribute to the classic UK magazine, and is not really connected to it, or the guitar. If I have to, I'll come up with a new title.
I'll add to this as much as I can.

My Wish List