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Monday, December 13, 2010

Asia featuring John Payne - Rare Tracks!

Here are a few vintages of Asia featuring John Payne to tide us over till the release of Americana this spring:

Stone Pony - Asbury Park- 15/11/92

Length: 107m, Quality: A-; Aud

CD 1 : Go, Lay down your arms, Love under fire, Rock and roll dream, Little rich boy, Auqa part 1, Who will stop the rain, Wildest dreams, Back in town
CD 2 : Someday, Mood for a day/Clap, The voice of reason, Only time will tell, The heat goes on, Sole survivor, Open your eyes

Armada CD 1 - 2001

Never the Way, Innocence, Bad Asteroid

Rise (from Silent Nation Japanese release)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

More metal titles I need

Have to see if any of these are still needed.

 I gotta get these metal (some are punk) titles over to Russia:

Autopsy:Mental Funeral-91 (pictured)
Armoured Saint:Raisin' Fear-87
Metal on Metal-82
Forced in Fire-83
Strength of Steel-87
Crimson Glory:Crimson Glory-86
Cannibal Corpse:Tomb of the Mutilated-92
Exciter:Long Live the Loud-85
Fate:A Matter of Attitude-86
Vague Visions-93
Hate Squad:IQ Zero-95
Kix:Midnite Dynamite-85
King Diamond:Fatal Portrait
The Eye
The Spiders Lullabye
The Graveyard
House of God
Leatherwolf:Street Ready-89
M.A.R.S.:Project Driver-86 (oneoff with former Ozzy/Whitesnake rhythm section of Rudy Sarzo and Tommy Aldridge)
Metal Church:The Human Factor-91
Mekong Delta:Mekong Delta-87
The Music of Erich Zann-88
The Principle of Doubt-89
Misfits:Legacy of Brutality-81
Walk Among Us-82
One Bad Pig:Swine Flew-90
Raven:any studio albums releases
Ramones:Brain Drain-89
Sabbat:Mourning Has Broken-91
Slammer:Nightmare Scenario-94
Solitude Aeternus:Into the Depths of Sorrow-91
Beyond The Crimson Horizon-92
Sacrifice:Soldiers of Misfortune
Apocalypse Inside
Seventh Angel:Lament for the Weary-92
Terrorizer:World Dawnfall-89
Thor:Only the Strong-85
Trance:Power Infusion-83
Break Out-86
Boulevard of Broken Dreams-??
Vicious Rumours:Soldiers of the Night-85
Digital Dictator-88
Warrior:Fighting for the Earth-85
The Last Command-85
Inside the Electric Circus-86
The Headless Chidren-89
Y&T:any studio album releases except Ten

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Voiceprint Records

Leading UK indie label Voiceprint Records may have had their 20th anniversary, but things have changed for the Houghton-le-Spring, Tyne and Wear (northern England near Newcastle) based company. First, their site has been replaced by their new owner (as it seems) Gonzo Multimedia, who have taken over the catalogue. Zeit Distribution, which was the original parent company, has entered liquidation. I feel bad for founder Rob Ayling, who put so much into it, but he is in the same boat as many small business owners, record companies, and many people in general these days with the economy, and in this case, the music industry, which has been lagging for the past decade.
Artists I like that have releases such as Yes, including Jon Anderson, ABWH, Rick Wakeman, as well as Asia featuring John Payne, The Passion (his old band), Ph.D., Renaissance (but Voiceprint don't have the Annie Haslam era), Anthony Phillips, Fish, and others.
The Gonzo site claims many back releases are unavailable. They can always be obtained elsewhere, though its better to buy direct and cut out the middleman, innit? Also know they can't have sold that many. They are considered a phoenix company under UK business law, much like how Woolworths UK became an e-tailer after the chain floundered. It doesn't work quite the same way in the States.
With Voiceprint turning a new leaf, here's to another twenty years time, hopefully more!
The Brasilian site remains intact.  More as this develops.

EU or not EU?

For over a decade, releases made in European Union member countries will often say 'Made in the EU' as a catch-all for items made in the UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Benelux, Germany, Austria, Serbia, Sweden, Greece, Denmark, Spain, and Portugal. It consolidates production, whereas in the old days, manufacturing for one country was done within that country; for instance, WEA Fillipachi in France made records for shops in France and Monaco, though WEA Germany often made items for sale throughout what was the EEC by the '80s. EMI closed their plant in Swindon, Whitshire, England and moved production to the continent at the existing factory in Uden, Holland well before their current crisis. Anything designed as of 1999 may now use the EU label, but occasionally, some indies will say the exact country of origin, whether not to confuse those who don't read the papers, or an anti-EU bias, whatever the case may be. Non-EU countries like Switzerland and Norway may have their products made in the EU as well, as they're not major music markets.
On older items from present-day EU member nations, I put the label on. Even we Yanks know about what goes on in Brussel, but go to a news site for more on that as I'm no pundit.
As with any imports, it's easier when the shop in town has it used, but I order online occasionally, but it's too easy to go overboard, you know.
As in North America, physical sales are in decline due to downloading and the economy alike. Lesser-selling items in Europe may wind up in US stores as impulse buys, like a Jennifer Lopez CD.
Major labels maintain offices for every sizeable nation catering to national and international signings just the same. Non-Anglophone artists that don't perform in English may not be able to expand their fanbase beyond their own people if they don't wish to take the ABBA route, if you like.
There are also DVDs and Blu-Rays made there, but they will only work in PAL units unless they're region-free or NTSC formatted. They haven't suffered as much as their audio counterparts since video takes up more space and bandwidth.
If you think the EU is a lot to take in, Sony are outsourcing disc production to México! That's NAFTA for ya!
As of 23/6/16 - the UK have just voted out but this may not be over just yet but that's just not our area to report on here.  Only CDs from the continent in member nations count as EU from here on out.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Paul McCartney Archive Collection

Wings at the Speed of Sound

Paul McCartney is set to release his entire solo catalogue over the next year or two. All EMI editions are out of print, and CD copies are getting expensive, even pirates. Band on the Run, the largest-selling solo ex-Beatle album, was reissued this November in a number of editions. It may be after New Years that a cluster of albums will be remastered by Hear Music. The albums McCartney, Ram, Wild Life (which I'm sending Boris, replacing my old EU copy with a newer one, Red Rose Speedway, and Venus and Mars. The next batch could be the albums from Wings at the Speed of Sound (above) up to McCartney II, and the pattern should continue all the way to Chaos and Creation in the Back Yard. A new studio release is also being considered, and a boxed set is also a possibilty according to a source. There may even be more bonus tracks than the 1993 editions (which were not released in the US) or even iTunes. Compilations, live releases, and perhaps even the classical albums will be included. Side projects like The Fireman, Twin Freaks, Liverpool Sound Collage, and Thrillington could even be in the cards for the diehard fans. Watch this space!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Best CD Deal - Russias Best Kept Secret Missing

Wild Life/Venus & Mars
Unofficial pairing of two Wings albums once carried on

Best CD Deal, a rare site I happened to find the other week, has 404'ed. It specialised in selling pirated CDs from Russia at wholesale, mainly catering to retail dealers, indie shops, and collectors. You had to buy at least 50 titles (counting quantity) which is worth $250 or a whopping 7,798.61 rubles! If you have a long enough laundry list like I do, then it shouldn't be too hard to decide. They had some of the biggies from AC/DC to ZZ Top (possibly with the original LP mixes of their pre-MTV years). These were almost all on the seminal Russian label CD Maximum, which used to pirate western releases, often putting two shorter albums onto one CD, imitated by staid labels in the UK, but now are a legit indie sticking to their own legal signings, which are all heavy metal, though it is probable that the pirates are pirated by others to look the same, just as much as EU releases are now almost identical to their poor-mans counterparts past the former Iron Curtain.
It is getting harder to find these illicit albums outside the Commonwealth of Independent States and other ex-commie countries over that way without spending too much time or money.
Getting back to the dead link, I had picked 50 titles I would order when I had the money, but I didn't go to the site for a few days as I had other things to tend to, and when I go back, its gone. It says that it could be renewed or deleted, so there may be a chance for it to return, or maybe retailers are a bit weary of having such CDs in their shops, even though some indies have no qualms of stocking bootlegs if they don't use the computer to see if they can take it (those that do check might not buy, only taking regulation product in good condition that will sell).
I could see a Kiss pirate at a car boot sale, see Dio on eBay (though this is actually against their policy and he would turn in his grave) and I buy Paul McCartney at a shop in Cambridge, MA last May. A trader I have in Ukraine says he has a connection to a similar dealer but hasn't told me who they are. Like Boris, this guy is trying to avoid unauthorised versions of official releases which I get in return along with RoIOs for sending him the real McCoy. In many of these countries, pirates are on the ready on the streets selling for pennies. However, the cost of P&H can outweigh that of the contents in the package, especially if its going overseas. Best CD Deal included it in the price. They also leave out jewel boxes to save money on shipping, but I have some to spare and the dollar store might have them.
A real possibilty could be that the authorities have told these people that they cannot do this anymore because of pressure from the trade organisations like RIAA and the major music markets. Most piracy in the old bloc is now down to those mp3 sites, but those are too easy to use, and even with their too-low prices or lack of cost, can't compete with iTunes.
The sites domain registar GoDaddy may have pulled the plug because it may have violated their policy. Sites registered with GoDaddy have been cancelled for various reasons, but I think I may have found this out for myself.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bootlegs - The Albums They Wan't Want You to Hear!

The Beatles at the Star-Club (front)

Thought to be legal, but was found not to be!

Possibly as far back as the mid-'60s, there have been bootlegs in one form or another. In early days, they were of very poor quality with cheap covers, and sold at head shops or back alleys. When record plants made the records, the artist name wasn't always on the label so they wouldn't get caught (the sleeves were made elsewhere). The Beatles and Led Zeppelin were amongst the first and most bootlegged acts and remain so to this day. Zeppelin's late manager Peter Grant would destroy these records the minute he found out. The Beatles' solicitors would try stop the manufacture of their early Star Club show (seen above), but even after winning in High Court, it is still out there with the rest.
The Grateful Dead and their spinoffs had a liberal taping policy allowing Deadheads to tap into large mics or soundboards just as long as their recordings were only traded or shared and not sold.
Greg Lake on the other hand gave a stern warning on Facebook saying that the artists own their performances and if he and ELP are bootlegged and they find out who did it, they'll ring their solicitors and maybe even their barristers.
Bootlegs can be unreleased live or studio recordings. Even now, the sound quality can be a far cry from an official product as the bootleggers don't have the resources of the real record companies.
These days, bootlegs can be downloaded, traded on CD-Rs (blanks and postage), found through networks, or be bought online, at sales and indie shops. It's much easier now than it used to be.
People used to sneak in tape machines and possibly wires, but now there are pricey digital recorders that are used, or occasionally, an artist will have their show on the radio and people record it at home, whether it's the BBC in the UK, Live at the Wireless on JJJ in Australia, or FM in the States.
Many Pink Floyd fans prefer the term RoIO (recording of illegitimate or indeterminate origin) since the term bootleg can be a throwback to Prohibition and Al Capone. There are also VoIOs (videos), where the picture quality can vary and are often done with camcorders or mobile phones.
Bootlegs can fill the void that the authorised releases can't fill. Often, artists will release shows themselves in order to stop being ripped off by the underground labels who sometime cheat the fans if what they parted their hard earned cash on isn't halfway decent. There are downloads and even flash drives you can order, depending on who you like. There used to be magazines listing what was out there.
I wish I could get recordings of the shows I got to see. I managed to get some Yes, Asia, and solo Paul McCartney. I know there's one of Duran Duran, but it'll cost me dearly. Also holding out for Def Leppard. I can't get myself to record a show in case I get busted for it. There has to be a way. Maybe in a future post, I'll list the shows I'm looking for. Not now 'cos I can't remember all the dates, but I do the year, town, and venue. It'd be nice to have video 'cos I don't have the best photographic memory, but I'll be lucky to get audio if it exists. If not, at least I tried. I have many bootlegs here, including ones of shows I attended which someone else managed to capture for posterity.
Remember that piracy involves copying official releases (including needle drop), so see earlier post for more on that.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Beatles - Songs for Eleanor

Beatles - Songs For Eleanor 2CDs

This is a bootleg of The Beatles' Help! sessions in 1965. Eleanor is the film's co-star Eleanor Bron, not Eleanor Rigby, who was launched the following year. Producer George Martin or the engineer says the title of each track as it starts. The sound quality is grotty at best as usual, but worth a listen for diehard fans. Other bootlegs that came with this in the post are already on other sites, so this is a world exclusive, innit?

CD 1
CD 2

Thursday, November 11, 2010

EMI: Endangered Musical Institution

The symbol means the label is no longer used for new releases.

EMI, one of the pillars of the music industry, are in a state of flux. Under corporate parent Terra Firma, they have been slated as being owned by bean counters and losing touch with their artists and the public. This has been reported elsewhere, but since many of my favourite artists have had releases on EMI labels one time or another. Many of the big names have formed a diaspora and have gone indie or moved to Universal. The Rolling Stones and now Queen haved moved albums that they own to UMC. Paul McCartney has taken his solo catalogue off Parlophone and onto Universal affiliate Hear Music/Concord, and we wait for all his solo albums to return to shops. The Beatles remasters may have helped EMI's portfolio some. Radiohead let fans name their own price for 2007's In Rainbows after their contract was done. Pink Floyd left Harvest outside Europe in 1975 for CBS (Sony now) and may have their work with Columbia (Sony in Japan) worldwide, but nothing has been announced yet, though a side project of David Gilmours was (The Orb) is. Many of these elder statesmen have ducked Capitol in the States at one point in time and collectors note the different licences. When I buy something on an EMI label, it's usually used anyway to save money.
Liberty, revived as a label for heritage acts, may now be way on the backburner. Marillion released their 2001 album Anoraknophobia on it. They have also been seen as pariahs by the media, but thats another story.
Scottish neoproggers Fish (formerly of Marillion) and Pallas licence their early albums from EMI onto indie labels. They too have felt betrayed by the conglomorate. Duran Duran also have expressed dissatisfaction with their former home.
EMI used to be the biggest and the best, having survived two world wars and a depression, postwar period, all the way to todays struggling music industry. Could they ever have another golden age? Maybe if they get their act(s) together, they just might.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

INXS - Switched On: 2007

INXS today
Post Michael Hutchence INXS online at last. Paris 2007

Intro (TNT)
Suicide Blonde
Devil's Party
Hot Girls
By My Side
Original Sin
Need You Tonight
What You Need
Folsom Prison Blues
Devil Inside
Pretty Vegas
God's Top Ten
New Sensation
Never Tear Us Apart
Don't Change


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New for 2011

The Living Tree

Thought I'd get a head start!

Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman - The Living Tree (US release) (Voiceprint/Gonzo)
Asia featuring John Payne - Americana (Devgel/*/Sony Music Japan)
Beady Eye (oasis spinoff) - Different Gear, Still Speeding (Beady Eye Recordings/Dangerbird)
Bush - Everything Almost Now (Zuma Rock/Edel/E1)
Def Leppard - Mirrorball (Bludgeon Riffola/Mailboat)
Jim Diamond - * (*)
Duran Duran - All You Need is Now (Tapemodern/S-Curve)
Emerson, Lake and Palmer - High Voltage Festival (Shout! Factory)
Fish - A Feast of Consequences (Chocolate Frog/*)
Fleetwood Mac - * (Reprise)
George Harrison - Dark Horse** (Apple/Parlophone)
George Harrison - Extra Texture** (Apple/Capitol [US])
INXS/Various Artists - Original Sin (US release) (Petrol Electric/MGM Australia/Sony Music [Canada]/Atco-Rhino [US]/Polydor [France])
Michael Jackson - Michael [Wacko Jacko's farewell album out in December] (MJJ/Epic)
Lisa LaRues 2KX - Fast and Blue (First Peoples Music)
Julian Lennon - Everything Changes (*)
Marillion - * (Intact/Eagle)
Paul McCartney - Studio albums from 1971-79, 1982-2005 (Band on the Run out now)** as well as new one * (MPL/Hear Music)
Stevie Nicks - In Your Dreams (Reprise)
Pallas - XXV (Music Theories/Mascot)
Ph.D. - Is It Safe?** (PhD/Gonzo/Voiceprint)
Queen - back catalogue** (Island/UMC except US and Canada where they're already on Hollywood)
Alan Reed - * (3 Hobbits)
Yes - Fly from Here (Frontiers)

** - Remaster/Reissue

Subject to change.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

South Korean releases

South Korean flag
Pepsi have changed their logo since.

South Korea is quite unique when it comes to record buying nations, but I don't mean their own artists like Rain, but rather when Western artists had their albums released there in the old days. South Korea would often be as conservative as their polar opposite North Korea were and are totalitarian (this is an apolitical blog, as I'm just trying to set up the story here). The Ministry of Culture had censors who knew English and could decipher anything they deemed inappropriate á la Mary Whitehouse. Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band in several east Asian nations like Singapore (they banned "I Kissed a Girl") and Hong Kong (under UK rule) had tracks replaced that had drug references, possibly including the Republic of Korea (no Western music apart from classical maybe crosses the DMZ). Many countries in those days had to cherry pick racy and risqué tracks that they felt could corrupt the young people. Korea did this a bit which is why I singled them out.
I have albums from Emerson, Lake and Palmer and Fleetwood Mac that are filtred, making them less desirable to some collectors possibly, so I found them at the local swap meet cheap. Tracks with cussing, gambling, or drug-addled sessions would be blacklisted and removed. I kept most of the matching US editions for the banned songs and removed artwork. Hello, I Must Be Going! from Phil Collins I just got and came musically intact, but was released months after it came out in the West. This was normal practise in those days there.
Piracy also hit the peninsula. Many LPs had poor quality sound and covers that looked like they were made with a Gocco or Banda machine as they were printed in one colour (So from Peter Gabriel in green is one I saw on eBay once)! I have Queens first live album Live Killers with normal colour cover plus a rare picture added from South Korea I managed to find locally, which had a track with bleeping (on true release). The sound quality wasn't quite on par with the one I used to have but not a total loss (I found the UK CD later). The official cassette of The Works in 1984 (not 1984!) had all original tracks unabridged, which must have meant that Seoul lightened up by then, or had nothing on it to take offence of, whatever the case may be, but eventually, Korean fans didn't have to miss out anymore.
A generation later, we find CDs in the country that mirror those in Japan, meaning bonus tracks can be obtained from Korean retailers as well, but for much less. My copy of Icon II: Rubicon from Wetton Downes was bought this way. One site duped me but another I was able to save after using a gift card. I can't seem to have lightning strike twice finding other CDs with bonus tracks, so I have to look to Japan or elsewhere.
I just had someone tell me he got an Ace of Base CD from a Korean eBay seller and wanted to make sure he got it right.
If you get anything that just says "Made in Korea", we realise that South is a given. The point of this post is that its another great place for collectors to look for imports, as well as the K-pop scene in which Rain reigns as I've heard. We have some expats in my area who would know more about him than me, but that's a post for another day.

An Overdose Of Fingal Cocoa: Denny Laine

An Overdose Of Fingal Cocoa: Denny Laine

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Duran Duran - All You Need is Now

Duran Duran in Verona, Italia

Duran Duran will be releasing their next album, All You Need is Now, sometime in the new year. No label has been announced, but it could possibly be released by Allido Records, producer Mark Ronson's vanity label, even though it is distributed by J Records, Sony sister to Duran's previous label Epic. Reportage may be released years ahead in future as it means Duran's answer to Smile if you like.
The Bowie charity cover "Boys Keep Swingin'" may be a bonus track in Japan. Duran covered "Fame" in 1981 and "Success" in 1995.
If nothing is reported elsewhere, watch this space!

Jon Anderson - Work in Progress - Tour of the Universe - Live at Bridgewater Hall, Manchester 11/10/05

Old Man Anderson in Italia

Jon Anderson - Manchester - Bridgewater Hall - 11/10/05
Length: 98m, Quality: A-; Audio
Digitally Remastered (rare for a bootleg!)

CD 1 : Intro, Harmony, Long distance runaround, Father sky, Standing still, Bring on the day, Yours is no disgrace, Richard, You lift me up, I´ll find my way home, This is, Set sail/ Close to the edge/ Who could imagine/Am I/The revealing science of god

CD 2 : Show me, Ritual (Nous sommes de soleil), Owner of a lonely heart, Wonderous stories, White buffalo, State of independence, And you and I, Soon, Your move, O´er (Boundaries)

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Beatles in My Life

The white album

To some, it may be too easy to write about The Beatles, but they were and still are a big part of my life. I can't remember a time I hadn't heard of them, even though it wasn't really until 1992 that I really had a listen to the records, getting to know every vintage of the band, eventually to solo careers, though just a bit of Ringo Starr like most others, and to other bands and British culture. They represented a turbulent (a clichéd term by now) era as I was in my own. Even now, the kids get into it, and Rock Band and remasters last year helped open up to a new generation of Beatle People. Even when we're all gone, more will come to the (Fab) fore. It's hard to elaborate on the personal impact they had on me in one go, but I can say I'm better because of them.
I bought cheap import LPs from Uruguay of the red and blue albums and felt a brief euphoria in finding them. Albums like these made me become a collector and I've gained skill along the way.
I'm also amazed how the Beatles broke non-Anglophone countries, opening the door for others. Fans in these markets try to learn English as best they can so they get more out of it when they have a listen.
If you believe, I know that one day in the afterlife, we'll get the reunion we never saw on earth. But you can't take it with you.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

From Japan with Love

Japan flag
The Land of the Rising Sun.

As many collectors know, Japanese import CDs will usually have additional tracks. This is because of the economy over in Japan. It is actually cheaper for shops there to import CDs from the west than from Tokyo, possibly because of the high taxes that finance the country's high standards. However, if it gets too much, its bad for the Nikkei. The economy there has been almost as shakey as in the States. Having rare songs on albums are an incentive for buyers. Not all Western acts are major successes in Japan, so often releases are exported and collectors will pay hundreds of yen or up to a hundred dollars for exclusive content, elaborate packaging, and high quality sound, given Japans reputation for being on the cutting edge of technology. South Korean imports and pirates from mainland China and Russia will also mirror these releases like a copy of Wetton Downes' Icon II: Rubicon that I ordered last year which had a bonus track I was dying for. Even EU editions can have more to offer than whats available in the Americas, but its usually Japan that cater best to diehard fans.  Some Western artists like Jaki Graham and Swing Out Sister have done better there at times than at home or in the US.
On the other hand, its frustrating not having the Holy Grail tracks. They can't always be found on mp3, even on a pirate site. You should avoid torrents. Try and support the band when you can, even if you order used.
If you love an artist enough, you'll be willing to save up and spend a few bob once in a while on a recent album in a version that puts the rest to shame.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ace of Base and ABBA: From Sweden with Love

Svenska flaggan

Here's an article 15 years in the making! Sweden's première pop supergroups ABBA and Ace of Base have been compared to each other since 1992. It just goes to show how much they have in common.

ABBA: Appeared at 1974 Eurovision festival.
AoB: Current member Clara Hagman on Svenska Idol last year.

ABBA: Agnetha Fältskog is the new Greta Garbo.
AoB: Former member Linn Berggren is the new Agnetha Fältskog.

ABBA: Once nominated for a Grammy.
AoB: So were AoB, but lost to multi-winner Sheryl Crow.

ABBA: Super Trouper sleeve and a couple videos shot a Swedish circus.
AoB: Jenny Berggren has song called "Living in a Circus".

ABBA: Signed to Polar Music. Catalogue owned by Universal.
AoB: "Decca-ed" by Polar Music. Signed to Universal in Europe outside Nordic countries.

ABBA: Two guys, one blonde, one brunette/redhead.
AoB: Two guys, one blonde, one brunette (then and now).

ABBA: Messrs Andersson and Ulvaeus return to UK #1 with West End divas in Chess.
AoB: Jonas Berggren and Ulf Eckberg discover barely legal girls through a demo and Idol.

ABBA: All four members had some solo or side career.
AoB: Jonas Berggren produced Yaki-Da, Jenny Berggren leaves for solo career.

ABBA: Had success in many countries, including the Iron Curtain.
AoB: Had success in many countries, playing ex-bloc countries.

ABBA: Only US #1 "Dancing Queen"
AoB: Only US #1 "The Sign".

ABBA: Numerous compilations since 1975.
AoB: Numerous compilations since 1999.

ABBA: Wrote English-language track with Neil Sedaka.
AoB: Recently met "Breaking Up is Hard to Do" crooner.

ABBA: Fältskog recorded two Diane Warren/Albert Hammond Snr. tracks on 1987 solo album.
AoB: "Don't Turn Around" from US duo, also sung by Aswad and Tina Turner.

ABBA: Fältskog had stalker ex from Nederland.
AoB: Had stalker fan from Deutschland.

ABBA: "The Name of the Game"
AoB: "What's the Name of the Game?"

ABBA: "Voulez-Vous"
AoB: "Voulez-Vous Danser".

ABBA: "Angeleyes".
AoB: "Angel Eyes".

There may be more, but then, it's cheap to compare, innit?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Begging 4 Attention: Ace Of Base Return With “All for You”

Begging 4 Attention: Ace Of Base Return With “All for You”

The Disc Kiosk - CD on Demand

Leather Jackets
The rarest of the Rocket Mans original studio albums on CD.

A few years ago, there was a CD on Demand service in the UK called The Disc Kiosk, run by Diablo Group plc, which reissued out of print and lesser-known titles in limited editions. The bulk of the titles were from the Universal conglomorate. It was a minimalist operation, yet done in hundreds, just printing the title, logo, solicitors notice, etc. on the disc and a brief description and song title on the back of the case, and the cover without elaborate liner notes, with the discs on pro-quality lightscribed CD-Rs. There were machines at the late MVC and Woolworths chains that customers could use. This may have been a way to keep them from being pirated (though most titles likely and a couple I have actually were on the black market anyway). Little info could be found, and the site and eBay store 404'ed. Normal CDs can barely make it anymore, let alone a printing and pressing station. They must have entered administration as it hardly caught on it seems. The titles were back in musical purgatory (a lot of titles I'm looking for are and I'll explain in future).
The few that I know were part of this programme were:

Elton John - Leather Jackets (pictured) - went for the original Japanese made US CD instead
Jim Diamond (1993) - found the original CD before he passed away and the price went up
10cc - The Greatest Hits of 10cc 1972-1978
10cc - Meanwhile - not on my list but three others are
Vangelis - Soil Festivities (click for more info; just gotta get him with Jon Anderson and Aphrodites Child for you-know-who)
Kiss - Asylum (all set with Messrs Stanley and Simmons!)
INXS - Shabooh Shoobah (already have this on EU-made US CD)
Rush - TBD (pre-1989 but I'm looking for most of the LPs now)
Moody Blues - Time Traveller (didn't expect a boxed set there)

The company faded into obscurity, so I'm just working with what I know and can find. I think if any surviving copies from DK are around and for sale, they might get a few bob, depending on the title, even though most of them flopped and were likely slated when released the old way. I wouldn't mind getting the DK edition of the Elton John album as I like imports as did he before he was big. I'm sure he couldn't care less about the budget reissue as he disowned the album, which only die-hard fans like anyhow. Some DK editions may pop up on amazon or eBay. Since they were authorised by UMC, it's a contrast to ex-Soviet state-made pirates or home-burned CDs, which cannot be resold for profit except by the copyright owner (though some wind up at the charity shop).
To wrap this up, I say this straddles the fence between boring CD-Rs and EU imports. Something similar was at some fye locations in the States for a bit but that was also a flash in the pan. Australia had coin-op CD copying machines, but that can be done at home if you have a computer. The Disc Kiosk could have been a saving grace in an already shakey music industry.

Life after a-ha?

original a-ha drawing
Original drawing by me.  L-R: Morten Harket, Pål Waaktaar-Savoy and Magne Furuholmen.

As all a-ha fans know, the band will come to an end by the holiday season. As hard as it is to say goodbye, all good things must come to an end. When the new year comes, we wonder what will come next for Messrs Harket, Waaktaar-Savoy, and Furuholmen. I see them having more time for their existing solo careers. New solo releases from Morten Harket and Magne F are immiment, as well as the long-awaited next studio release from Savoy with Lauren and Pål Waaktaar-Savoy. Mags also has an art career with works that are seen in a gallery or two, and the ocassional acting gig for father-of-five Harket, who sometimes appears in the Norweigian tabloids.
Many a-ha releases along with solo remain officially unreleased in North America (primarily the States where they continue to be overlooked), leaving fans here to order imports and downloads as usual. I'm hoping Rhino will reissue albums out-of-print as well releasing for the first time later releases, though the demand is low, despite a brief US leg on the recent tour (I'll have to fly to the EU when I get the dough).
Who knows? Maybe they'll get back together again in future. Others have. Surely, this is an amicable disbanding. The music will live on forever, so it'll seem like they never left.
UPDATE: a-ha have reunited in 2015 but for how long?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ace of Base: New and Improved

Ace of Base

The wait is almost over! Ace of Base are back, but not quite what it seems. Jenny Berggren left last year for a solo career and her sister Linn hasn't been part of the band in seven years time, living a quiet life these days. Their brother Jonas and longtime partner Ulf Eckberg have brought in two new girls, Julia Williamson and Clara Hagman. At first, it was thought that a new group would be founded, but keeping the old name is a double-edged sword; going back to the old guard means easy acceptance, but on the other hand, some may miss the old lineup and think it's not the same. They have been reinvented for the 2010s I suppose.
The new album, The Golden Ratio, will be out soon. I hope it'll be released officially in the Americas, as that hadn't happened the last time at first, so I had to get an import of the last studio release Da Capo. Classic rock bands have been able to replace key members, so Europop shouldn't be that much different.
Jennys own album My Story should be out later this year, but you know what they say about the whole being better than the sum of the parts. The Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet says she is against the name being used without her.
The first single from AOB's new record is "All for You" and for Jennys solo début "Here I Am".

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

1964 the Tribute - Not Beatlemaniamania but an Incredible Simulation (Review)

1964 The Tribute

After a lifelong devotion to the Beatles and most of their solo careers, I finally managed to see a tribute band. Even though I saw tributes to other successful EMI acts, I had some reservations about this kind because of how big they were. Since 1964 the Tribute from Oklahoma were playing the state fair for a free show (with admission), I thought I'd try it once; also since no one else I liked were there this year.
The music critic from the paper didn't bother to come, as he isn't too big on tribute acts after slating one, so I'll have a go at it. He let me do a review of a Queen tribute and put it on his blog, but more on that later.
There were a lot of fairgoers of every living generation there. It was also over-60s day at the funfair, so many of those that were boomers came, as well as the Tom Brokaw generation, in addition to those who weren't even born when Messrs Lennon and/or Harrison were alive. Of course real fans came. I couldn't convince some to go with me, reasons ranging to schedules to being taken aback by someone else pretending to be John, Paul, George, and Ringo.
The show ranged from every vintage from late 1962 through 1966. Nothing after would work, even though competitors will do that and even some solo to boot like Rain. At first, I just looked briefly at the screen so not to kill the mystique, as the band members are ageing and have been at it as a group much longer than the real thing, which is always the case. Sometimes, the impersonations weren't perfect, but at least were still Northern. You have to forget that those were Yanks doing a Scouse take of what Shakespearean thespians or maybe Renaissance fair reenactors do so it's not like Madonna to put it that way! The gear and instruments were replicas of those used in those crazy days of screaming girls, press conferences, and hotel confinements. One can hear what's playing here. I wonder what the genuine article thought of this kind of thing. The missuses even. Apple's solicitors stopped Beatlemania! at first, but backed off later.
From "Please Please Me" to "Taxman", many favourites were revisited, along with some banter which did break the time warp so to speak, as "John" told everyone to get out their "pocket phones" for "In My Life". I tried filming that, but I'm no Dickie Lester! It wasn't the kind of show I would bootleg, so I'll order the album on emusic instead.
So Beatle people, do try it once to see if it does the boys justice. I feel this is living vicariously for both the players and fans. Still, it will never truly be the same.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Tale of Two Asias

Asia logo by Roger Dean

It was the best of shows. It was the worst of shows. Original Asia were supposed to perform in Syracuse on 12 August at the CNY Market Block Party, but that along with Poison vocalist turned TV star Bret Michaels exploded in a row over money with promoter Mike Banks. There are two sides to every story, yet he is being slated big time for letting people down. I can't remember the last time so much vitriol was surrounding a promoter. Even Harvey Goldsmith must have had the onus on him with Yes's 1980 Drama tour, which had now-Asia members Steve Howe and Geoff Downes, making it a bonafide precursor to Asia if you like. The tour suffered with Trevor Horn singing to the point he could have gotten lymph nodes going from out of key, as fans bought tickets months before the record was out assuming it was business as usual with Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman. Mainly at home, people were cross, but I don't remember fingers being pointed at Goldsmith directly however.
Three decades on, there is no time for Asia to have another go at it here, so I have to go to the Armoury in Rochester, a free show like Albany in '07, but not the cost of travelling! They were last in Monroe County in '06, so everyone there will be glad to see them again.
If Banks can get everything organised for another show, he could compensate by getting Asia featuring John Payne in OA's stead. I won't bring up old news of the "feud" between the pair of them. I think they get on now. Just had to deal with the solicitors on the name. I mentioned AFJP to Banks. He hasn't said anything yet, as he still has his hands full in getting everyone's money back.
Another live open air series in town was cancelled, but due to low attendence. Check earlier posts on my lament in not getting enough acts here.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

John Wetton & Geoffrey Downes - Icon II: Rubicon with rare bonus track!

Icon II cover

Links to download main album:
Part 1
Part 2

Rare bonus track "The Harbour Wall" here! ("Sleep Angel" from the first one with new lyrics).

Icon 3 with "Live Another Day" is on the way! I'm all set with the original Icon.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Moody Blues at Stanley Centre for the Arts - Review

Moody Blues Wikipedia collage

Since no one else is gonna do it, it's up to me. Haven't done this in a while.
Last night, I finally got to see the Moody Blues at the Stanley in Utica, NY. Had to get a ride there. Well worth the trip. No meet and greet though. Maybe if I waited outside the tour bus (small town), but I had to get home to bed.
Before show time, fans of three to four generations flooded into the theatre. Not 100% sold out (economy I suppose), but still a sizable crowd nonetheless. The PA played tracks not in the setlist such as those from 1983's The Present. The show started with "The Voice" (though the keyboards couldn't be heard as clearly as on the album Long Distance Voyager. The last number was, as always, "Ride My See-Saw". Messrs Hayward, Lodge, and Edge were in top form, as if they weren't ageing at all. On that note, Graeme Edge did some stand-up comedy about being over-60s in Florida taking Viagara. He's been in the band since day one.
As always with these shows, I memorise the numbers by original release:

Tuesday Afternoon
Peak Hour
Late Lament
Nights in White Satin
Ride My See-Saw
Voices in the Sky (I think)
Lovely to See You
Never Comes the Day
Are You Sitting Comfortably?
Higher and Higher
Gypsy (Of a Strange and Distant Time)
The Story in Your Eyes
I'm Just a Singer (In a Rock 'n Roll Band)
Isn't Life Strange?
Steppin' in a Slide Zone
The Day We Meet Again
The Voice
Your Wildest Dreams
The Other Side of Life
I Know You're Out There Somewhere
Lean on Me (Tonight)

Almost every vintage of the band is covered here. I couldn't find one thing wrong. I guess after doing this for over two generations, you know all the ropes! Just wish I could have met the band. Now I just await YouTube videos, mp3s and a DVD. As it wasn't a big area, I'm sure someone managed to manoeuvre recording the show. I could do audio, but I was too high up to do a decent video. I couldn't get away with such a thing.
I regret missing last year's show across Oneida County at the Turning Stone, and maybe NYC exurb Montclair, NJ (the closest place before Utica was announced), but better late than never!

Friday, July 9, 2010

In Defence of Boris

Couldn't come up with anything better.

No article on my blog has gotten more response than the one I did on Boris Ignatov. a music lover in Omsk, Siberia, Russia. Nearly everybody he asked for CDs thought he was a flim-flam man out to make a fast ruble. I can tell you hes not much different from any of us. Its just things are more limited where he is. He cares about the music enough that he wants authorised releases. Is that too much to ask? I don't mind getting pirate releases in return, as they go great in my collection and I have a few already (see earlier post).
As for Boris, please give him a chance to prove himself before lashing out on him. Eric, the debt he owes you, I'll pay it when I win the lottery. I'm sure there was a misunderstanding.
Even though I spent a bit getting CDs off that list, I am getting something in return. Its just tied up at "Origin Post" right now. I have less trouble doing this with someone in Ukraine! I hope recent events have nothing to do with the delay. I try not to get political with people. Too much vitriol.
I am considering putting an end to this trade thread eventually as I'm no Rockefeller myself! Some albums cost more than others. It just makes going to the same shops less boring.
If you hear from Boris for the first time, you can take it or leave it really. I don't regret taking it as it hasn't open my eyes a bit more.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Paul McCartney - Live in Europe 1990

Cover of album
Erroneously named Back in the USA (not to be confused with the official Back in the US), but is part of a trilogy which includes dates in the States, released by a bootleg label in Australia. I have no idea exactly when and where this was recorded. The corresponding official release of this tour is Tripping the Live Fantastic!, which I have on Russian pirate CD, but is available on many sites already, so there's no need to put it here. Special thanks Vadim Legkokonets.

Got to Get You Into My Life
We Got Married
The Long and Winding Road
Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
Can't Buy Me Love
Put It There
Things We Said Today
Eleanor Rigby
Back in the USSR
I Saw Her Standing There
Coming Up
Let It Be
Hey Jude
Get Back
Golden Slumbers
Carry That Weight
The End


An Overdose Of Fingal Cocoa: Sad Café

An Overdose Of Fingal Cocoa: Sad Café

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Piracy - The Underground Music Industry

"Mini-LP" style Beatles pirate from Russia, not Japan!

Since at least the '60s, music piracy has been around in some form. It used to be pirated LPs in the then-USSR and even South Korea (where some official Western releases were censored). Even after communism ended in Eastern Europe, many of the ex-bloc countries along with mainland China continue this practise to this day with pirated and even counterfeit CDs, and now there are several mp3 sites based in Russia and Ukraine that offer downloads for free or at prices much lower than iTunes and emusic. The black market has even expanded to the west with CD-Rs of the latest albums (though the police have cracked down on those in cornershops and city street stalls). It costs the real industry millions annually, and the artists and record companies make sod all from it.
In these far-flung countries, its the only way, even for local fare, as people don't make as much money there as they do in more industrialised nations, and the knockoffs are more affordable and available.
Wired have an informative article on the Ukrainian end (I'm in touch with someone in Kiev who I trade US LPs with for these bad boys). Its been likened to the Mafia, though not in a glamourised manner. The discs are usually made in plants like the labels use in the States and EU, though some people use CD-Rs, which I think is too easy, really. There can be typos due to a language barrier.
I guess if you're gonna take the high ground, you may wanna avoid these rogue records and buy the real thing. Believe me, I rather would, though well-made pirates will always have a home with me, as I also have the Russian I mentioned months ago hooking me up, though its more piecemeal with him. We both can only do so much, you see.
I once ordered a Russian pirate of a-ha, but the dated artwork and wrong record companies made it painfully obvious and I was sent the real McCoy from Germany at no charge after e-mailing a girl at their website, selling the phoney edition off straight away since the album was and still is unavailable officially in the US. This is nothing new, really.
Even though the majors have offices in these countries, there are still the John Gottis and Tony Montanas out there trafficking these CDs around Europe like dope.
These countries may have bigger fish to fry, as the situation is as open-ended as a soap opera! That's why its hard to wrap this up!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Album? What album?

Pur German concert shot

A lot of veteran acts are going on the road either without anything new to promote, or to promote a new album that may never sell as well or be held in the same regard as the classics except by hardcore fans. This is nothing new. The Who as far back as the late '80s would have these reunion tours that were coined as "money tours" by the press. The faithful turn out either way. Is there really any excuse to tour but to please the fans?
When I saw Yes in the past couple years, the merchandise table had solo and related CDs for sale instead of a full group album, reminiscent of their 1976 Solos tour.
Casual fans of a heritage act will only wanna hear the hits and nothing new. Even Paul McCartney acknowledges this slight of hand, but thats just how it is. No one is exempt of being pigeon-holed and slated, even newer artists will realise the honeymoons over sooner or later.
A tour can sell out before the album to be promoted is even released. The band and/or brand can turn a profit on name power alone. The road is a different arm of ones career than being in the studio or putting out a record, but since the days of Sinatra, its a three-pronged cycle.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Imports needed

I know this will be on import.
I need these on import to fulfill my already vast collection:

Greatest Hits Vol 1-2+++
Thank You for the Music (boxed set)
Agnetha Fältskog - Eyes of a Woman LP
All singles
Chess (1984)+++
Any bootlegs

Let There Be Rock: The Movie, LP and Australasian editions
Iron Man 2 soundtrack LP
Rock or Bust LP

Ace of Base
Most singles
Happy Nation (Scandinavian release)
The Golden Ratio
My Story (Jenny Berggren)
Hidden Gems (pictured)

45 RPM Club
All singles except "Crying in the Rain" 30 cm and "Analogue (All I Want)"
Solo Magne F(uruholmen)
Any bootlegs
The Singles 1984-2004
The Swing of Things
Cast in Steel LP

Jon Anderson
1000 Hands+
Lost Tapes of Opio
The More You Know
The Lost Tapes
Live from La La Land
The Big If+
The Living Tree Live in Concert Part 2 (with Rick Wakeman)+
Zamran Experience+
Anderson Ponty Band - Better Late Than Never
Yes featuring ARW+

Fiona Apple
Tidal LP
When the Pawn...
Extraordinary Machine (official and bootleg editions)
The Idler Wheel...

Americana (Asia featuring John Payne)+
America - Live in the USA (AFJP)
Live in Buffalo
Live in Osaka
Live in Philadelphia
Live in Massachusetts
Under the Bridge
AFJP - Risen Sun Live
AFJP - Recollections: A Tribute to British Prog
Dukes of the Orient (2018) LP
Live at Pabst Theatre

Tony Banks
A Curious Feeling+++
The Fugitive+++
The Wicked Lady
Strictly Inc (1995)
A Chord Too Far

Syd Barrett
Barrett (1970) LP
Opel LP
An Introduction to Syd Barrett
The Madcap Laughs LP
Peel Sessions EP

The Beatles
Reel Music
Japanese albums boxed set+
Love Songs (1977)+++
Let It Be DVD
Sgt Peppers boxed set+
The Alternate Abbey Road
Not for Sale
Yellow Submarine songtrack and original LPs
Work in Progress, Outtakes 1963+
Rarities (US track listing)+++
Any bootlegs including solo except Ringo Starr
Across the Universe... Again++
Christmas Album singles

Black Sabbath
Seventh Star (BS feat. Tony Iommi w/Glenn Hughes) LP
Live at Hammersmith (Odeon, now the Eventim Apollo)
Headless Cross LP
Cross Purposes LP
Týr LP
Past Lives LPs
Forbidden LP
The Rules of Hell (has all Dio-era titles in boxed set)
Heaven and Hell - The Devil You Know LP
Any bootlegs with Ozzy or Dio
Gathered in Their Masses CD
Cross Purposes Live

Boy George
High Hat
Tense Nervous Headache
Boyfriend EP
The Martyr Mantras (Jesus Loves You)
All singles except "When Will You Learn?"
The Unrecoupable One-Man Bandit Vol 1
Yum Yum (The Twin)
Ordinary Alien
This is What I Do

Kate Bush
The KT Fellowship Presents Before the Dawn
This Womans Work (includes the first six studio albums with bonus discs)
Gold Ballads
The Red Shoes LP
50 Words for Snow LP (wait until it's cold!)

Deconstructed (as Bush X in Canada)
Golden State
The Best of '94-'99
The Sea of Memories
Institute - Distort Yourself
Gavin Rossdale - WANDERlust
Man on the Run LP

Phil Collins
Plays Well with Others+
Brother Bear
Remasters of 1993-2002 albums on LP
Greatest Hits (bootleg)
The Singles Collection

The Cross
Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know
Live in Germany
Blue Rock (all studio albums are included in Roger Taylors solo boxed set The Lot)

Crowded House
Temple of Low Men
Woodface LP
Together Alone LP
Farewell to the World
Afterglow LP
Time on Earth

Culture Club
Culture Club (boxed set)
From Luxury to Heartache LP
VH1 Storytellers/Greatest Moments
The River Sessions
So '80s
Life LP
Live at Wembley

Def Leppard
On Through the Night LP
First Strike (bootleg)
Early Years (bootleg)
Warchild (bootleg)
Most singles
Mirrorball LPs
Slang (deluxe edition) LP
Def Leppard (2015) LP
And There Will Be a Next Time...Live from Detroit

Depeche Mode
Catching Up with Depeche Mode LP
A Broken Frame LP
Any bootlegs
101 LPs
Songs of Faith and Devotion LP
Exciter LP
The Remixes 81>11
Touring the Angel
The Best of Depeche Mode Vol 2+
People Are People+++
Recording the Universe
Recording the Angel
Any solo Dave Gahan singles except "Kingdom" and Soulsavers++ albums
Live in Berlin LPs
Spirit LP

Jim Diamond
Bandit (1976)+++
Bacco - Cha Cha Me
Broadway 12"
Jim Diamond (1988)+++
Desire for Freedom LP

Geoff Downes
The Light Programme+++
Vox Humana
The Work Tapes (w/Glenn Hughes)
DBA - Pictures of You and new album+
Ride the Tiger (w/Greg Lake)

Duran Duran
Liberty LP
Astronaut LP
Live at Hammersmith '82
A Diamond in the Mind
Big Thing LP

Emerson Lake & Palmer
Live at the Isle of Wight Festival LP?
A Time and Place
Live in Poland
Greg Lake and Geoffrey Downes - Ride the Tiger
Greg Lake and Gary Moore - King Biscuit Flower Hour
Greg Lake - From the Underworld Vol 1-3
Greg Lake - Songs of a Lifetime
Live at Royal Albert Hall
Return of the Manticore
Live at High Voltage Festival
Live at the Mar y Sol Festival/From the Beginning boxed set
Greg Lake - Live in Piacenza
Live at Montreux

Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) (remaster)
Any bootlegs
In the Garden (remaster)++
Revenge (remaster)
Savage LP (my tape vanished)
Most singles
Peace (remaster)
All Tourists/Catch albums and singles

A Gentlemans Excuse Me
The Company 12"/30 cm
Derek Dick and His Amazing Electric Bear
Return to Childhood
Farewell to Childhood
Fellini Nights
Any other live releases except Fortunes of War, and singles starting with "A Gentlemans Excuse Me"
Scattering Crows
Gone Fishing
A Parley with Angels EP

Fleetwood Mac
Peter Greens Fleetwood Mac (1968)+++
English Rose LP
The Pious Bird of Good Omen+++
Black Magic Woman (compilation)
Live in Boston (1970)
Vaudeville Years++
Rumours expanded remaster
Live at the BBC
Behind the Mask LP
Show-Biz Blues
Madison Blues
The Dance DVD
Shrine '69
Live in Boston (2003)
Lindsey Buckingham/Christine McVie (2017) LP

Peter Gabriel
I/O (working title)+
Live Blood
Growing Up tour CDs

Fantasia (bootleg)
Most singles
Archive 1967-75
Archive #2 1976-92
The Vertigo Years
Live Over Europe 2007
Other bootlegs

Gentle Giant
Three Friends LP
Out in the Woods
Scraping the Barrel
Octopus LP
The Edge of Twilight
Under Construction
King Biscuit Flower Hour
The Missing Face
Live in Stockholm '75
Way of Life
Memories of Old Days
Live at the Bicentennial '76

No Good Woman++
A Band from Geordieland
The Singles Collection
Can You Do It?
Brian Johnson and Geordie
Singles with Brian Johnson

Glass Tiger
Diamond Sun LP
Simple Mission LP
Solo Alan Frew

Martin L. Gore
Counterfeit EP
Counterfeit² LP

Gowan (1982) LP
Great Dirty World LP
Lost Brotherhood LP
Home Field
Solo Live: Au Québec
Dr Starlight and The Watchmakers+

Window to the Soul (bonus tracks a plus)
Two Seasons

David Gilmour
First solo studio album on LP
New Game (bootleg)
Live in Gdańsk
Rattle That Lock LP
Live in Pompeii

Amy Grant
The Collection+++
Lead Me On+++
Home for Christmas+++
Time Again
A Christmas to Remember
Simple Things
Greatest Hits 1986-2004
Somewhere Down the Road
How Mercy Looks from Here
In Motion: The Remixes
Tennessee Christmas

Steve Hackett
The Night Siren LP
Live Archive NEARfest
Time Lapse
Tokyo Tapes (DVD)
Out of the Tunnels Mouth LP
Live Archive 70s 80s 90s 03 04 NEARfest
Somewhere in South America
Hungarian Horizons
Live Rails
Beyond the Shrouded Horizon LP
Genesis Revisited II (complete)
Genesis Revisited: Live at Hammersmith and Royal Albert Hall
The Total Experience" Live in Liverpool
Wolflight LP
Wuthering Nights: Live in Birmingham
At the Edge of Light+

Steve Harley/Cockney Rebel
A Closer Look (compilation)
Face to Face: A Live Recording
Hobo with a Grin LP
The Candidate LP
Greatest Hits
Yes You Can
Poetic Justice
Stranger Comes to Town
Anytime: A Live Set
The Cockney Rebel: An Anthology
Birmingham: Live with Orchestra & Choir
The Quality of Mercy
Acoustic: Live and Pure

George Harrison
All Things Must Pass LPs
Best of Dark Horse 1976-89 LP
Electronic Sound
Wonderwall Music LP

Annie Haslam
Annie in Wonderland+++
Still Life
Annie Haslam (1989)/Moonlight Shadow (Japan)
Blessing in Disguise
Live Under Brasilian Skies
The Dawn of Ananda
It Snows in Heaven
One Enchanted Evening
Woman Transcending

Justin Hayward
Night Flight LP
Moving Mountains LP
Sings the Moody Blues Hits
Spirits of the Western Sky
Spirits Live
All the Way
Live in San Juan Capistrano
Sings the Moody Blues Hits

Roger Hodgson
Rites of Passage
Open the Door LP
Classics Live
In the Eye of the Storm LP

How We Live (with h of Marillion)
Dry Land

Steve Howe
The Steve Howe Album (1979)
Homebrew 1, 2, 4 and 6

Michael Hutchence
Max Q (1989)
Michael Hutchence (1999) - posthumously released solo album

INXS (1980) LP
Welcome to Wherever You Are LP
Taste It: The Collection
The Very Best
Stay Young (includes first two albums)
The Years

Seven Stories Into Eight/'98
Nomzamo LP
Are You Sitting Comfortably? LP
Subterranea (studio LPs, upcoming film soundtrack+ and live editions)
The Seventh House LP
J'ai Pollette D'arnu
Forever Live
Living Proof/Live from London
New album+
The Archive Collection: IQ20
The Archive Collection: IQ30
The Wake Live in Concert
The Road of Bones LP

Eddie Jobson
Zinc/The Green Album
Any UK bootlegs and live releases

Elton John
Lady Samantha+++
Most singles
To Be Continued... (US/Canada CDs 2 & 3 or UK edition)
The Red Piano
Number Ones/Rocket Man/Just Like Belgium
Your Songs LP
Wonderful Crazy Night LP

Jon and Vangelis
Short Stories+++
Private Collection+++
The Best of Jon and Vangelis
Page of Life*

Gone to the Moon
Death Defying Headlines EP
Too Shy: The Very Best of Kajagoogoo or other compilations
So '80s

King Crimson
The Night Watch
The Road to Red

Denny Laine
Holly Days
Anyone Can Fly
Hometown Girls
Wings on My Feet
Lonely Road
Memory Laine
All I Want is Freedom
Birmingham Boy
Arctic Song
Blue Musician
Spreading My Wings

John Lennon
Menlove Ave. LP
Peace, Love and Truth
Live in New York City
Gimme Some Truth
Most singles
The John Lennon Anthology
Double Fantasy Stripped Down (John & Yoko)
Signature Box

Julian Lennon
Mr Jordan LP
Help Yourself LP
VH1 Behind the Music collection

Annie Lennox
Any solo singles except "Precious"
Songs of Mass Destruction LP
Nostalgia LP

Love is Blind
The Best of Limahl
1983 (2012 single)

Christmas fan club releases
Any bootlegs***
The Thieving Magpie (La Gazza Ladra) LPs**
Live in Montréal (2009)
A Singles Collection/12 of One, Six of the Other LP***
Brave LP
Marbles Live (2004)
Anoraknophobia LP
Anorak in the UK
Happiness is the Road Vol 1
Recital of the Script**
Live from Lorelai (1987)**
Live at Cadogan Hall
A Sunday Night Above the Rain (Holland and Canada)
The h band - Live Body Live Spirit
Holidays in Eden Live
Size Matters

All with h except **Fish and ***both.

Brian May
Star Fleet EP
Live at Brixton Academy
Furia soundtrack (not by the late Australian composer Brian May)

Paul McCartney
Off the Ground LP
Band on the Run remaster
Good Evening New York City LPs?
Greatest Hits Vol 1 & 2 (bootleg compilations)
Any solo bootlegs
McCartney II remaster
Pure McCartney LPs
Egypt Station LP

Christine McVie
(née) Christine Perfect [maiden name] (1970)
Christine McVie (1984)+++
In the Meantime
Buckingham McVie LP
Blue Horizon sessions

Freddie Mercury
Mr Bad Guy LP
Barcelona (w/Montserrat Caballé) (original edition) LP
Solo boxed set (includes the above)
Lover of Life, Singer of Songs
Messenger of the Gods 45s

George Michael
Five Live EP (w/Queen et al)

Mike + the Mechanics
The Singles 1985-2013 (Complete)
Living Years 25th Anniversary and LP
Let Me Fly LP

Modern English
Most singles
Mesh and Lace*+++
After the Snow+++
Stop Start*+++
Pillow Lips*
Life in the Gladhouse
Someone's Calling
Everything is Mad
Any live releases
Soundtrack (last studio album, not a film OST)
Blister EP
Take Me to the Trees LP

The Moody Blues
Any bootlegs
This is the Moody Blues+++
The Polydor Years 1986-92
Hall of Fame
Natural Avenue (John Lodge) LP
The Promise (Mike Pinder)
Ray Thomas - Hopes, Wishes and Dreams
The Very Best of Moody Blues
Live at the BBC: 1967-1970
Say It with Love
Live at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970
Time Traveller
Lovely to See You
Timeless Flight
John Lodge - 10,000 Light Years Ago
Days of Future Passed Live

Patrick Moraz (formerly of the above and Yes)
The Story of I+++
Out in the Sun
Patrick Moraz (1978)++
Change of Space

Alanis Morissette
Alanis (1991)
Jagged Little Pill Acoustic
Feast on Scraps
Most singles
Live at Montreux 2012

The Mute Gods
Do Nothing Till You Hear from Me

Delusion Rain?
Unveil the Mystery
Tales from the Netherlands
New studio album+
New live album+

Naked Eyes
Live DVD
The Best of Naked Eyes
Fumbling with the Covers
Fuel for the Fire LP
Burning Bridges LP

Stevie Nicks
Buckingham Nicks (1973) (w/Lindsey Buckingham) - official edition+++
The Other Side of the Mirror LP
Most singles
Live on Air
24 Karat Gold: Songs from the Vault LP
Live at Red Rocks/in Denver 1986
Beauty and the Beast (no relation to the Disney franchise)

Any singles except a few
Liam Gallagher  - As You Were+
Familiar to Millions
Lord, Don't Slow Me Down
Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds LPs

Martin Orford
Classical Music and Popular Songs
The Old Road (better make these real CDs 'cos of his anti-piracy stance)

Ozzy Osbourne
Just Say Ozzy LP
Live and Loud
The Ten Commandments
Prince of Darkness
Memoirs of a Madman
New album+

The Sentinel LP and singles
Arrive Alive
The Wedge LP
Knightmoves EP
The Cross and the Crucible LP
Moment to Moment
The Dreams of Men
The River Sessions 1-2
XXV (2011) LP
Solo Alan Reed
Real to Reel

Anthony Phillips
The Geese and the Ghost*+++
Wise After the Event*+++
Invisible Men
Radio Clyde
Harvest of the Heart

Is It Safe?+/+++
New posthumous album+

Pink Floyd
Is There Anybody Out There?
The Endless River LP
The Early Years
Most singles and RoIOs

Live in Ukraine (Queen + Paul Rodgers)
Return of the Champions DVD (Queen + Paul Rodgers)
Absolute Greatest
Live Magic
Queen on Fire: Live at the Bowl DVD
Live at Wembley '86
Live at the Beeb (BBC) LP/On Air: The Complete BBC Radio Sessions
Queen Rocks
Queen Rock Montréal
Deep Cuts Vol 3
Live at the Rainbow '74 LPs and DVD
Queen Forever LP
A Night at the Odeon LP
Bohemian Rhapsody Soundtrack LP+

Trevor Rabin
Trevor Rabin (1978)/Beginnings LP
Face to Face
Wolf LP
Can't Look Away
90124 (2003)
Live in LA

Boys Will Be Boys
A Croak and a Grunt in the Night
Rock Rabbitt
Any compilations

Prologue LP*
Ashes Are Burning LP*
Live at Carnegie Hall LPs
Tales from Renaissance Days
Tales of 1,001 Nights Vol 1-2
Da Capo
Live at King Biscuit Flower Hour
Live at Union Chapel+
Live 2011
de Lane Lea Studios LP

REO Speedwagon
REO (1976) LP
Live: You Get What You Play For
You Can Tune a Piano, But You Can't Tuna Fish LP
Life as We Know It+++
The Hits LP
The Earth, a Small Man, His Dog and a Chicken
The Ballads
Building the Bridge
Find Your Own Way Home
Not So Silent Night

ABC 1974 LP
Presto LP
Spirit of the Airwaves
Replay x 3
Chronicles LPs
Grace Under Pressure Tour 1984
Snakes and Arrows Live DVD
Moving Pictures Live (though the same tracks are on Time Machine: Live in Cleveland which I bought in Canada)
Live on Air

Sad Café
Misplaced Ideals (UK album)
Live (1981)
The Politics of Existing
Whatever It Takes
Saving Grace (last two albums together)
The Best of Sad Café/Anthology
Solo Paul Young compilation (not the same one who sings the covers of "Come Back and Stay", "Everytime You Go Away", "Love of the Common People" or "Oh, Girl")
Saving Grace (last two studio albums together)

Mary is Coming
Lacklustre Me
Savoy (2004)
Savoy Songbook Vol 1
Waaktaar (new spinoff)+
See the Beauty in Your Drab Hometown+

Split Enz
Mental Notes+++
Second Thoughts
Time and Tide
History Never Repeats LP
See You 'Round
The Beginning of the Enz
Enz of an Era

Any singles up to 1983 except "Dreamer (live)"
Is Everybody Listening?

Nad Sylvan
Courting the Widow LP
Unifaun (2008)
Angels of Mercy CDs
Life of a Housewife
The Bride Said No
New album

Talk Talk
The Collection
History Revisited
Laughing Stock
London 1986
Mark Hollis (1998)

Roger Taylor
Fun in Space LP
Strange Frontier+++
Electric Fire LP
Fun on Earth LP
The Lot (includes all of the above plus The Cross)
Best Of
Journeys End+

Tears for Fears
Live from Santa Barbara DVD
Sowing the Seeds of Love 12"/30 cm
Pale Shelter (1982) 12"
Suffer the Children (1982) 12"
Secret World Live
Curt Smith - Halfway Pleased
(Curt is) Mayfield (1998)
Curt Smith - Aeroplane EP
Curt Smith - Deceptively Heavy
Curt Smith - Soul on Board+++
Covers 10"
The Tipping Point+
Rule the World

Rick Wakeman
White Rock 1+++ & 2
Rock 'n Roll Prophet Plus+++
African Bach
Cirqué Surreal
Fields of Green
Can You Hear Me?
The Six Wives of Henry VIII Live
The Time Machine LP
Classic Tracks
King Biscuit Flower Hour
Out of the Blue
Live at the BBC (1976)
In the Nick of Time
King Arthur re-recording+
++++with Adam Wakeman

Roger Waters
Music from The Body (w/Ron Geesin)
The Wall - Live in Berlin (w/various artists) and recent release on LP
Is This the Life We Really Want? LP

John Wetton
Caught in the Crossfire+++
Kings Road: 1973-80 (w/King Crimson and UK)+++
Wetton Manzanera (1987)/One World (w/Phil Manzanera) LP
Monkey Business (w/Richard Palmer-James)
Chasing the Dragon
Live in Tokyo
Duncan Mackay - Score (ex-10cc/Cockney Rebel)
Jack-Knife - I Wish You Would (now coupled with Dickie)
Raised in Captivity (Japanese release)
Live at Sun Plaza
New York Minute
Live via Satellite

Wetton Downes (Icon)
Never in a Million Years
Acoustic TV Broadcast
Heat of the Rising Sun
Urban Psalm

Ray Wilson
Swing Your Bag (Guaranteed Pure)
The Next Best Thing
Propaganda Man
She (Stiltskin)
The Minds Eye (Stiltskin)
Millionairhead (cut_)
Genesis Klassik (live in Germany and Poland)
Chasing Rainbows
Genesis vs Stiltskin (studio and live)
An Audience and Ray Wilson
Unfulfillment (Stiltskin)
Song for a Friend
Stiltskin Live
Time and Distance
Up Close and Personal
Ray Wilson Live

Richard Wright
Wet Dream+++
Zee - Identity

In a Word (1969-[2002])
Close to the Edge and Relayer 5.1 remasters+++
Yesterdays CD+++
YesYears CDs+++
9012Live CD+++
The Yes Album (1971) (Steven Wilson 5.1 mix)
House of Yes
Union Live
Bootlegs of recent tours
Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe - Live at the NEC
Chris Squires Swiss Choir (festive season solo album)
Progeny (boxed set)
Yes featuring Anderson Wakeman Rabin (2018)+
Topographic Drama: Live Across America LP

Non-US made only (even if its just the disc or tape itself). Singles can also be thrown in if I don't have them already. Do contact me if you're interested in a trade or sale. CD-Rs do not count! Pirates are OK though. If you think somethings missing, then I have it already. Subject to change at anytime. Will make reasonable offers.  If you suggest VHS cassette or DVDs, make sure it'll play in an NTSC player.  I can possibly convert PAL and SECAM DVDs, but the tapes I'd have to go to a specialist for, so do ask first or copy it for me, please.  I may list what video titles I'd like at a later time, but it is painstaking and time-consuming.  Mainly CDs I need right now though wanted LPs are now in a separate list to avoid confusion. Subject to change.

+ Yet to be released.
+++I only have this on LP and/or cassette right now which isn't as convenient for me anymore.
* Also on Boris's list.
***On the way.