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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

togoh: paul mccartney - on the run

togoh: paul mccartney - on the run: ( these are some pictures from paul mccartneys concert in the lanxess arena in cologne. it's already over a month ago, but i forgot t...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Paul McCartney and Wings reissues

Wings 1975 release
This is the first original post of the year.  According to an insert that came with the recent remaster of McCartney, four '70s Paul McCartney and Wings albums will be reissued in 2012.  They are Ram, Venus and Mars (pictured), Wings at the Speed of Sound and Wings Over America.  The three studio releases I have the original US LPs purchased at the time of release and 1993 remasters while the live one is on UK LP, so I can wait on these myself.  Nothing on his site though, or the record companies.  It is not certain when these will be available, as the focus now is on the new standards release Kisses on the Bottom.  Even cassette editions of these albums can cost a few bob on eBay, let alone the CDs!  I read that the remastering of the whole catalogue will be panned out until 2016!  It can take as long to fix up an album as it did to record it in the first place!  You're on your own until then!  Watch this space!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Welcome to newworld!: IQ - Nomzamo

Welcome to newworld!: IQ - Nomzamo: From in UK. Neoprogressive Rock IQ - Nomzamo - 1987 Tracks. 01. No Love Lost (6:02) 02. Promises (As The Years Go By) (4:34) 03. Nomz...

Bill's Prog Blog: CD REVIEW: IQ, Frequency (2009, InsideOut)

Bill's Prog Blog: CD REVIEW: IQ, Frequency (2009, InsideOut): Serious change has been afoot in the IQ camp. After years of service, long-time IQ drummer Paul Cook left the band in 2005 following touri...