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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

To Russia with Love

Russian flag

Heres a new one. A man named Boris Ignatov (Борис Игнатов), who lives all the way in Omsk, Siberia, Russia (originally from another ex-Soviet republic, Kazakhstan), got my e-mail address from the Moody Blues message board. He needed my help in obtaining CDs of a shop full of classic albums. We wanted the real deal, as its too easy, as we all know, to download them, and/or put them on CD-R. Even I would rather get the genuine article, especially the import, but this economy has taught us all to appreciate what we have. Even more so in the former Iron Curtain.
Since Boris last posted a comment, he and I cleared things up, so he knows I take him seriously and I'm not trying to be patronising.
Heres the list he provided (subject to change):

All About Eve:All About Eve
Scarlet And Other Stories
Arabesque:Friday Night
Adam Ant:Strip
Kevin Ayers:Confessions of Dr Dream
Barclay James Harvest:Ring of Changes
Victims of Circumstance
Bee Gees (RIP Maurice and Robin Gibb):
2 Years On (w/"Lonely Days")
Mr Natural (the first produced by Arif Mardin)
To Whom It May Concern
Bauhaus:The Sky's Gone Out
Burning From The Inside
Belle Époque:Bammalama
Black Uhuru:Showcase
The Boomtown Rats
In the Long Grass
V (Five) Deep
Gary Brooker (Procol Harum): Lead Me to the Water
Within Our House
Echoes in the Night
David Byron: Take No Prisoners
Baby Faced Killer (late of Uriah Heep)
The Call:In the Woods
The Single Factor
A Nod and a Wink
Dust and Dreams
Harbour of Tears
Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel:The Human Menagerie+
Celtic Frost:Into the Pandemonium
Udo Dirkschneider (ex-Accept):Animal House
Die Krupps:I
Paradise Now
III-Odyssey of the Mind
Dschinghis Khan (1979)
Childhood Memories
Tides Returns Forever
Word Salad
Flaming Lips:
Oh My Gawd!
In a Priest Driven Ambulance
Hope You Like It++
Mr Universe
Time is the Key
Grand Funk Railroad:
All the Girls in the World Beware!
Gamma Ray:
Power Plant
No World Order
Roland Grapow (Helloween):Kaleidoscope
Debbie Harry: Koo Koo
Ken Hensley:Proud Words on the Dusty Shelf
Free Spirit (formerly of Uriah Heep)
Heavens Gate:Heavens Gate
Living in Hysteria
Hell for Sale
Planet E
In the Woods:Heart of the Ages
Strange in Stereo
Al Kooper:I Stand Alone
Killing Joke:Fire Dances
Night Time
Brighter Than A Thousand Suns
Extremities Dirt & Various...
Killing Joke 1st (1983)
John Lennon & Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band:
Live Peace in Toronto+
Mad Max:Rollin' Thunder
Magnum:Chase the Dragon
On a Storytellers Night
Rock Art
Wings of Heaven
Goodnight L.A.
Manfred Manns Earth Band:
Manfred Manns Earth Band (1972)
Criminal Tango
Soft Vengeance
Manowar: Gods of War
Nick Mason: Fictitious Sports
Metal Church:
Mikey Dread:World War III
The Mission (UK): Gods Own Medicine
Tower Of Strength
Carved In Sand
Grains Of Sand
Moby Grape:Moby Grape (1967)
Gary Moore (R.I.P.):
Corridors of Power?
Gary Numan:
Omega:Time Robber
Planet P Project: Part 1 "1913"
Part 2 "Levittown"
Part 3 "Out in the Rain"
Rhapsody:Rain of a Thousand Flames
Power of the Dragonflame
n 3,14
Todd Rundgren:
Solo :
Todd (1974)
Sparks (1st or Halfnelson; produced by Rundgren)
Tweeter in Woofers Clothing
Pulling Rabbits Out Of a Hat
Just Got Back From Heaven
Lil' Beethoven
Interior Design
Exotic Creatures Of The Deep
Rod Stewart:
Body Wishes (featuring "Baby Jane" and "Sweet Surrender")
Stranglers:The Raven
No More Heroes
La Folie
Scorpions: In Trance
The Michael Schenker Group:
Built to Destroy
The Sweet:
Off the Record
Waters Edge
Toyah (Willcox):
The Changeling
Minx (what her husband Robert Fripp calls her in his diary)
Billy Squier:
Signs of Life (featuring "Rock Me Tonite")
Soft Machine:
Roger Taylor: Electric Fire*
10cc:Look Hear?
Ten Out of 10
Windows in the Jungle
No Place to Run
Dealers of the Night
Virgin Steele:
Marriage of Heaven and Hell (Part I & II)
The House of Atreus (Act I & II)
Village People:
Cruisin' (featuring "YMCA")
Steve Winwood:
Steve Winwood (1977)
Roy Wood:
Eddie and the Falcons
Go 2

Subject to change.

Remember, Boris only wants real CDs, not pirates, mp3 links or CD-Rs. If you have copies of any of these to spare, in playable condition, do e-mail either me or Boris at (he knows English, so don't worry about that). Mailing addresses by request only (for privacy reasons). If you send to him, please use Express, registered or International Priority Mail so he can track it, even though I always use First Class International Air Mail since I tried the more expensive method at first and still couldn't trace it.  Options vary by country.
Hearing his story, as well as seeing McCartneys Live in Red Square makes me realise how much we take for granted in the West. I've been a bit spoilt compared to my friend halfway across the globe. Help a mate out then? When something is found, it will be removed from the list (subject to change). Thanks for the help.

* I would like this on import as well.
+ I have this in my own collection already.

Monday, December 14, 2009

New albums for 2010

Finally, a new post. Just needed a break, I guess.
Here are some of the projected albums for 2010:

Architects of Time (John Payne et al) - Decoding the Da Vinci Code (Blastwaves)
Asia - Omega (Frontiers)
Asia featuring John Payne - Arcana (working title) (Devgel/Favoured Nations)
Duran Duran - All You Need is Now (Liberty/EMI)
Fleetwood Mac* (Reprise)
INXS* (Petrol/EMI Australia/Fontana US)
Julian Lennon - Everything Changes (Music from Another Room/Liberty/EMI)
Kajagoogoo* (Liberty/EMI)
Paul McCartney - remastered solo catalogue and boxed set* (MPL/One Little Indian)
Ozzy Osbourne* (Epic)
Ph.D. - Is It Safe? remaster (Voiceprint)
Yes* (Rhino)

*Title TBA. All info subject to change.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More Marillion and h bootlegs

Haunters Having Lots of Fun

Marillion - Haunters' Having Lots of Fun


h Natural - Live in Germany 3/4/06

CD 1
CD 2

Marillion - Nice, France, 15/6/85


Courtesy Harry Diestelhorst.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

ELP archivist Tony Ortiz

Tony Ortiz, a longtime fan, archivist, and friend of prog trio Emerson, Lake & Palmer, gives an extensive interview which I found a link to on Wikipedia.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Yes - 2/9/04 - Syracuse, NY

Yes logo

This particular show is important to me because it's the first of three Yes concerts I've been to, recorded at the Wegmans (now Mohegan Sun) Grandstand at the New York State Fair. This was during the 35th Anniversary Tour. More information is here.
I just wish there was a bootleg of the second gig I went to. A mere YouTube video is all that exists of that one (see earlier posts for more). There aren't any of those or a DVD of this show that I'm aware of, so you'll have to use your imagination!

CD 1
CD 2

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Denny Laine - Ahh...Laine


This was Denny Laine's first solo album, released in the UK by EMI affiliate Wizard Records. This was reissued once by BGO Records, but is officially in the same boat as most of his albums after it.

Track listing

All songs by Denny Laine.

1. "Big Ben" -1:30
2. "Destiny Unknown" -2:30
3. "Baby Caroline" -4:09
4. "Don't Try, You'll Be Refused" -1:51
5. "Talk to the Head" -3:34
6. "Sons of Elton Haven Brown" -4:16
7. "Find a Way Somehow" -2:58
8. "Havin' Heaven" -3:15
9. "On That Early Morn" 3:36
10. "The Blues" -2:53
11. "Everybody" -3:11
12. "Move Me to Another Place" -3:16


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Denny Laine - Japanese Tears

I got a request from a fan in Russia for this one. This album has been reissued numerous times, often tagging on Paul McCartney's name not only to sell it, but because he's on two tracks with Wings.

Track listing

All songs by Denny Laine, except where noted.

1. "Japanese Tears" (single edit) - 4:41
2. "Danger Zone" - 3:06
3. "Clock on the Wall" - 4:41
4. "Send Me the Heart" (Denny Laine/Paul McCartney) - 3:35
5. "Same Mistakes" - 3:41
6. "Silver" - 3:56
7. "Go Now" (Larry Banks/Milton Bennett) - 3:15
8. "Somebody Ought to Know the Way" - 3:15
9. "Lovers Might" - 3:01
10. "Guess I´m Only Foolin'" - 2:30
11. "Nothing to Go By" - 3:07
12. "I Would Only Smile" - 3:25
13. "Weep for Love" - 4:32
14. "Say You Don't Mind" - 3:08
15. "Japanese Tears" (album version) - 4:42


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Justin Hayward - Early solo singles

Justin Hayward today

As I get to know The Moody Blues more, I discovered two singles Justin Hayward released on Pye and Parlophone respectively before he joined in 1966. They are long out of print and don't appear on an official release right now, so I brought them back. Longtime fans, you never thought in "Your Wildest Dreams" you'd ever find them!

* 1965 ~ "London Is Behind Me" (45 RPM Debut Single)
* 1965 ~ "Day Must Come" (45 RPM Single)
* 1966 ~ "I Can't Face the World Without You" (45 RPM Single)
* 1966 ~ "I'll Be Here Tomorrow" (45 RPM Single)


Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Moody Blues

Here I am again, deciding to let another band into my life. This time's it's The Moody Blues. I first heard of them way back when "Your Wildest Dreams" was all over MTV in 1986-87. I ordered An Introduction to the Moody Blues from emusic because it covered the early period with Denny Laine (as well as once having the bootleg Time is on My Side), which seems like a whole other band. "Nights in White Satin" and "Tuesday Afternoon" still get radio airplay in both the US and UK.
I'm almost kicking myself for not seeing them in August at the Turning Stone Casino, but I need to familiarise myself with them more first. I'm sure they'll be back again someday.
I have some of Patrick Moraz's solo albums, but I know him more as a former member of Yes.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Vinyl Lives!

There was an article on CNY Central (NBC 3/CBS 5/CW 6) that I received on Twitter about how vinyl's coming back. I left a comment there and it should show up soon.
These days, I buy usually buy vinyl when it's imported or something you might not find everyday. I must have over 200 LPs, 12"s, and 7"s at home (Discogs helps me keep track)! I do have a turntable, but I don't use it that much. I do when I have to convert a rare record to mp3 (most of those I did are here on the blog). I'm still itching to get more wax at a CD record fair or store out of town. I find it too easy and pricey to get something online unless it's as scarce as hen's teeth! I guess I buy to collect, though the records aren't always kept in perfect condition with my obsessive-compulsive disorder.
I would buy new vinyl if it's a reissue or release of something I don't already have on real format. Don't plan on getting a new player anytime soon. They're not just for DJs anymore! I don't have an mp3 player because I'm not picky enough as to what to put on it.
Indie stores and chains like Best Buy alike are helping with the record Renaissance (not necessarily the band I can't afford to see in Rochester next week). Hark back to a simpler time today!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Denny Laine - All I Want is Freedom

This is the only existing online copy of the sleeve

Denny Laine - All I Want is Freedom

1. All I Want is Freedom
2. Game, Set and Match
3. Light on the Water
4. Bad Money
5. Wildest Dream
6. Get on the Floor
7. Rescue My World
8. Heart for a Ride
9. On the Radio
10. You Lost and Found Me
11. Talk of the Town
12. I'll Stay


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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Denny Laine - Lonely Road

Track listing

All tracks composed by Denny Laine; except where indicated

Side one

"Land of Peace"
"Eyes of a Child"
"First Day in London"
"Lonely Road"
"True to Me"
"Without Your Love" (Eddie Hardin)

Side two

"If I Tried"
"Burnin' Bridges"
"Money Talks"
"What Can I Do Without You"
"Fly With the Dove"
"Black Sheep"
"Peace Must Come Again" (Eddie Hardin)


Denny Laine - Hometown Girls

Track listing

All tracks composed by Denny Laine; except where indicated

Side one

"Foggy Morning"
"Mistral" (Laine, David Smyth, Mark Eagleton)
"Stay Away"
"Home Town Girls"

Side two

"Red Sky"
"I Wish You Could Love"
"Twist of Fate" (Laine, Eddie Hardin)
"Street" (Laine, David Smyth, Mark Eagleton)
"Blue Nights"


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just so you know...

Image courtesy Robots for Ronnie

Any mp3 downloads on this site, official or not, are for personal use only and not to be redistributed for profit. All articles are subject to removal or change.
If something shouldn't be here, just tell me and it's gone. No need for solicitors.
Most of what I put here is hard to find so I'm doing a favour for the other fans out there.

Savoy - Mountains of Time (1999)

Track listing

"Man In The Park"
"End Of The Line"
"Any Other Way"
"Grind You Down"
"Bottomless Pit"
"Ocean Floor"
"See What Becomes"
"Break It Gently"
"Tongue Tied"

Bonus disc

"The Bovarnick Twins"
"This, That, & The Other" (alternate version)
"Feels Good (To Be This Way)"
"Rain" (acoustic version)
"Foreign Film" (rock version)

CD 1
CD 2

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Savoy - Lackluster Me (1997)

Track listing

1. "Lackluster Me"
2. "Unsound"
3. "You Should Have Told Me"
4. "Foreign Film"
5. "Flowers for Sylvia"
6. "I Still Cry"
7. "Sycamore Leaves"
8. "Rain"
9. "Butt Out"
10. "This, That & The Other"
11. "Hey Luchie"
12. "Easy"
13. "If You Tell"


Savoy - Reasons to Stay Indoors (2001)

Track listing

"Reasons to Stay Indoors"
"If You Won't Come to the Party"
"Half of the Time"
"Once Upon a Year"
"I Wouldn't Change a Thing"
"The One That Got Away"
"Against the Sun"
"Five Million Years"

Bonus disc

"You Should Have Told Me" (alternate version)
"I Wouldn't Change a Thing" (alternate version)
"Totally Hide"
"Once Upon a Year" (alternate version)


Morten Harket - Wild Seed Tour


Bridges - Fakkeltog (1980)

This was Pål Waaktaar-Savoy and Magne Furuholmen's band before a-ha. The band also had the rhythm section of Viggo Bondi and Øystein Jevanord. Only a 1,000 copies were made on vinyl and is a holy grail for a-ha fans. A fan in Northern Ireland sent this to me.


Savoy - Live in NY (1997)

Includes tracks from Mary is Coming and Lacklustre Me.


Savoy (2004)

"Empty of Feeling"
"Girl One"
"Shooting Spree"
"Melanie Lied to Me"
"Is My Confidence Reeling?"
"Rain on Your Parade"
"The Breakers"


Monday, September 7, 2009

The Beatles - Remasters and Rock Band

On 9/9/09, The Beatles will reissue their studio catalogue, as well as the anticipated Rock Band video game. I'd get the boxed set if I can get an import, and I have no interest in the game. That should become the best selling music-related video game ever, bringing the Fab Four to a new generation of fans.
I hope the remastered catalogue will be on iTunes (from the other Apple), so people don't download the 1987-88 mixes from pirate sites. We all want Let It Be officially on DVD for its 40th anniversary. I'd also like to see the live releases Live at the Star Club; Hamburg, Germany (31/12/62) and Live at the Hollywood Bowl out of the bootleg universe and remastered sometime in future.
The remasters may be the most important ones the music world has seen; a long awaited improvement over the compressed and sometimes tinny ones. You'd have to be an audiophile and/or diehard fan to truly understand the difference. I know who wouldn't.
This should get some people here!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

REO Speedwagon

I've known about REO Speedwagon since I was small, along with some of the hits that were on MTV in the days of yore! For some strange reason like some others the past few years, it came from nowhere that I wanted to get to know the band more. I missed the boat when they played the State Fair in recent years, so I'll have to try again next year. I don't listen to many people originally from my own country, so I thought I'd give REO a go now that I'm old enough to really appreciate them now. I needed a change of pace. We'll see how this goes. Gotta find at least one import to start me off. You know how I am!

Most albums available here.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Denny Laine - Anyone Can Fly and Wings on My Feet

Anyone Can Fly
Wings on My Feet

John Payne Fancast Contest

John Payne Fancast - Media Release

For Immediate Release

31 July 2009

EXCLUSIVE contest for John Payne Fancast listeners:

Win an mp3 player, preloaded with Lisa LaRues Project 2K9 World Class

Keywords: Lisa La Rue, John Payne, Asia Featuring John Payne, AOR, Progressive Rock, John Payne Fancast

In an inspirational piece of cross promotion, leading female progressive rock artist Lisa La Rue (1) has tied up with The John Payne Fancast (2) – a podcast dedicated to the work of John Payne (3) to make available an MP3 player featuring tracks from her latest recording project 2k9 entitled World Class (4) to one lucky competition winner.

Entries must be made at Lisas website using the codeword announced by podcast presenter, Jeri Unselt, on the fancast. So listen carefully!

Entries must be received by 1st October 2009, and the winner to be drawn on that date. The lucky winner will be notified privately by e-mail, and announced on a future edition of the John Payne Fancast. The prize will be delivered between November 1 and December 1, 2009, in advance of the albums full official release.

Good luck!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Paul McCartney to make first visit to David Letterman Wednesday - Kansas City Star

Paul McCartney to make first visit to David Letterman Wednesday - Kansas City Star

Shared via AddThis

Paul McCartney - Magical Toronto Night - Exhibition Stadium - Toronto, ONT, Canada 6/6/93

This is a special bootleg to me. I went to this show. I went with a few others. We stayed at the Delta Chelsea and stopped at Sam the Record Man
Full details here.
I just wish someone videotaped it as well. My memory's not as good as it used to be. I hope next week's show is also filmed and taped.

CD 1
CD 2

Monday, July 6, 2009

Pink Floyd - Stoned Alone

1967-09-13, The Star Club, København, Danmark

1. Stoned Alone [06.43]
2. Arnold Layne [04.01]
3. One in a Million [06.40]
4. Matilda Mother [06.58]
5. Scream Thy Last Scream [05.36]
6. Astronomy Domine [07.44]
7. Interview with Syd Barrett [05.55]
8. Interview iwth David Gilmour, Peter Jenner, and Nick Mason [14.24]


Prog Rock Vintage: PINK FLOYD - AROUND THE MYSTIC - 1969

Prog Rock Vintage: PINK FLOYD - AROUND THE MYSTIC - 1969

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Beatles - Rarities (US edition)


Tracks missing are on releases still available:

Don't Pass Me By - The White Album (mono)
The Inner Light - Past Masters Vol. 2
Across the Universe - Past Masters Vol. 2
You Know My Name (Look Up the Number) - Past Masters Vol. 2
Sgt. Pepper Inner Groove - Sgt. Pepper (all but US LP)

Also know that the official remasters shall be released this fall!

The Beatles - Beautiful Dreamer

Bootleg of BBC performances. Some tracks not on 1994's Live at the BBC. Taped from Auntie and released on poor-quality LP (be warned!). Thanks Ben Lambert for copying it.

Track listing


Friday, July 3, 2009

The McCartney Years II

I made this by reversing images and colours of the original cover.

Here are the videos that I want on the next volume of the 2007 DVD The McCartney Years:

Listen to What the Man Said (1987 TV performance)
Maybe I'm Amazed (live)
Getting Closer - Wings
Spin It On - Wings
Old Siam Sir - Wings
Arrow Through Me - Wings
Winter Rose/Love Awake - Wings
Waterfalls (complete)
Ebony and Ivory (solo version)
No More Lonely Nights (dance version)
Only Love Remains
Once Upon a Long Ago (version two)
We Got Married
Ou Est le Soleil?
This One (Dean Chamberlain version)
Get Back (live)
Biker Like an Icon (version two)
The World Tonight
Young Boy
Lonely Road
From a Lover to a Friend
Your Loving Flame
Jenny Wren
Dance Tonight
Ever Present Past
Sing the Changes - The Fireman
Dance 'Til We're High - The Fireman
Here Today

This would be released by Rhino and not Abbey Road Interactive because of Paul's split from EMI. I had memorised most of this. I put this on his MySpace and an Italian fan's Facebook page, but I couldn't get to them.
I'd also like a DVD/Blu-Ray release of Rockshow and Let It Be, even though I have pirate copies to tide me over.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Paul McCartney reissues

Paul McCartney has recently announced his switch from long-time home Parlophone to indie label One Little Indian. He has expressed that he has grown distant from EMI since their sale to Terra Firma Capital Partners. 2007's Memory Almost Full, along with a couple live EPs, were released by Hear Music, a joint venture of Starbucks and Concord Music Group. McCartney was satisfied with how OLI promoted side project The Fireman's last album, Electric Arguments, which outsold the first two combined. I'm not sure if the label has McCartney in the States, since Dave Matthews's ATO Records has the rights to that album here.
What will happen is most if not all of the back catalogue will be reissued. Benchmarks like Band on the Run are likely to be remastered. More bonus tracks may be included, as Tug of War could use more, so we don't have to resort to bootlegs and second-hand singles. A compilation would be a good idea as well, and it could include "The Girl is Mine" with the recently departed Michael Jackson (posts on him on Twitter), and in turn, "Say Say Say" can appear on a memorial Jackson release. I also suggested to Macca on MySpace that he get some of the cancelled dates at O2 Arena in London.
I'd like to know when these reissues will be in shops. I take it by Christmastime at best. Ironically, OLI are distributed in the EU by EMI-owned Virgin Records, so he's just moving around the pipeline really. ATO are distributed in the States by RED Distribution, the indie unit of Sony, which own his former label here, Columbia. Small world, isn't it? These are indie labels, so I can go to emusic again.
Still waiting for the show on 21/7 at Citi Field.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Paul McCartney - The US Tour - TD (Banknorth) Garden, Boston, 27/9/05

I went to the 'US' Tour on 5/10/05 (October) at Madison Square, but I couldn't find a bootleg of that show (if you do, please tell me straight away), so I had to go up I-95 past Quahog to Boston. I think this is the right date. The day before, I read some songs were cut off on the RoIO. If anyone can tell which is which, do tell me. (I went again in 2009 and 2014)
Like many of these unofficial releases, the sound is not too great. It's not as bad as The Beatles at the Star Club, but that was a different time.  I also had to reup this as it was pulled from another place yet I had saved it somewhere as my hard copies won't work anymore.
There may be more, live and studio. Stay tuned!

CD 1

Magical Mystery Tour
Flaming Pie
I'll Get You
Drive My Car
Till There Was You
Let Me Roll it
Got to Get You Into My Life
Fine Line
Maybe I'm Amazed
The Long and Winding Road
In Spite of All the Danger
For No One
Fixing a Hole
English Tea
I'll Follow the Sun
Follow Me
Eleanor Rigby

CD 2

Too Many People (Paul says it's for the Wings fans, even though it was on Ram months before Wings were founded and has admitted that we fans know more about his work than he does!)
Good Day Sunshine
Band on the Run
Penny Lane
I've Got a Feeling
Back in the USSR
Baby Face (running gag)/Hey Jude
Live and Let Die
Get Back
Helter Skelter
Please Please Me
Let It Be
Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (reprise)/The End

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Paul McCartney - Driving Canada or Driving Toronto -Air Canada Centre - Toronto, ONT 13/4/02

While we wait for what has become a tour from Sir Paul McCartney, here is one from the 2002 Driving USA Tour. I had to miss this one because of the cost. I found this at the semi-annual CD Record Tour several months later. It cost a bit, but was well worth it, so I share it with you. I did see him for the first time at Exhibition Stadium (since replaced by BMO Field) on 6 June 1993 (posted separately). I wish I were old enough then to really appreciate it better.
"Mull of Kintyre" is a standout here as it's the only time it was played on the tour, because only us diehards on this side of the lake and pond would know it straight away. See image for track list.

CD 1
CD 2

Friday, June 26, 2009

Asia featuring John Payne - Summer 2009 Tour Dates

L-R: John Payne, Erik Norlander, Jay Schellen, and Mitch Perry.

Los Angeles, CA - "Classic AOR band Asia featuring John Payne are scheduled to appear at festivals and venues around the USA this summer beginning July 5th at the American Music Festival in Riverfront Park, Harrisburg, PA. Asia featuring John Payne will perform many of Asia's hit songs plus new material from their upcoming release Military Man".
> Asia featuring John Payne's tourdates are as follows with additional dates TBA:
> July 5, 2009 American Music Festival, Riverfront Park in downtown Harrisburg, PA 6:30PM
> July 11, 2009 Riverfest, East Hartford, CT
> July 12, 2009 Tupelo Music Hall, 2 Young Road, Londonderry, NH 03053 7PM
> July 14, 2009 Mohegan Sun Casino, 1 Mohegan Sun Blvd. Uncasville, CT 8PM
> July 16, 2009 The Boogie Festival, Springville, IN 11PM
> July 18, 2009 Rock 'N' Resort Music Festival, Clays Park Resort, North Lawrence, OH 44666 7:30PM
> August 7, 2009 Crestwood Fest, Caesar Park, Crestwood, IL 9:45PM (Chicago metro)
> August 9, 2009 Valley Cultural Arts, Warner Park Centre, 5800 Topanga Canyon Blvd. Woodland Hills, CA 6PM
> August 12, 2009 Trocaderos Event Centre, 107 Third Ave., Minneapolis, MN 8PM !!!CANCELLED!!!
> August 13, 2009 Waterfest, Riverside Park, Oshkosh, WI (with Night Ranger) 8PM
> August 15, 2009 Wisconsin State Fair, Cousins Subs Amphitheatre, West Allis, WI 8P
> September 12, 2009 Sky City Casino, Interstate 40 Exit 102, Acoma, NM 87034 8PM

> "John Payne became the frontman of the supergroup ASIA in 1992 at the
> invitation of keyboardist Geoff Downes, replacing vocalist/bassist John
> Wetton. ASIA extensively toured the world for the next 14 years performing new
> classics and old favorites. With John Payne fronting the band, ASIA released 8
> stunning studio albums and several live recordings. In 2006, Geoff Downes
> left the band to reform the 1982 line up for their 25th anniversary. On the
> 9th of May 2006, John Payne, Geoff Downes, John Wetton, Carl Palmer and Steve
> Howe contractually agreed that John Payne would continue his 14 year legacy
> with ASIA as ”ASIA Featuring John Payne”. ASIA Featuring John Payne have
> commenced touring in North America and a new studio album is planned for
> release in late 2009.
> ASIA Featuring John Payne Member Bios
> Guitarist Mitch Perry joins ASIA Featuring John Payne for the 2009 summer
> tour. Gold records, sold out concert tours, MTV video and network TV
> appearances, numerous magazine features and recognition in the form of several
> guitar awards, over the last 25 years Mitch Perry has accomplished all of the
> above in a career working alongside some of the most renowned and popular
> musicians in the world. Mitch's discography and touring experience reads like a
> who's who of rock ranging from Aerosmith to Michael Schenker Group to Cher
> and Edgar Winter. His performances both live and in the studio show him to be
> a truly world class guitarist.
> Drummer Jay Schellen joined as ASIA’s première drummer in 2005, toured in
> Europe with the band and recording the album ASIA Featuring John Payne
> EXTENDED VERSIONS for Sony in 2006 when he remained with ASIA Featuring John
> Payne. Before joining ASIA, Jay played drums for Hurricane, Unruly Child,
> Badfinger and Conspiracy with Chris Squire from Yes.
> Keyboardist Erik Norlander joined ASIA Featuring John Payne in November of
> 2007. Erik's evocative synthesiser technique is reminiscent of the legendary
> Rick Wakeman, Keith Emerson and Jon Lord while still very unique made him
> an obvious choice for the band. His works include over 25 releases with Lana
> Lane, Rocket Scientists and solo titles.
> Vocalist/bassist John Payne fronted ASIA for 14 years replacing John Wetton
> in 1992. 8 studio albums and 6 live albums followed including extensive
> world touring with the band. In 2006, John formed Asia featuring John Payne
> and is performing shows with his current lineup. Previous to ASIA, John sang
> with Roger Daltrey, CCCP, ELO Part 2 and more recently GPS plus being chosen
> as the Parson in Jeff Wayne’s The War Of The Worlds stadium tour."

This was sent to the JP Google Group from Serge Entertainment, his management. I think it's alright for me to put it here, with some revisions. If not, I'll take it off. Also see this new wiki.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fleetwood Mac - Passiac, NJ - 17/10/75

Fleetwood Mac, 17 October 1975; Capital Theatre; Passaic, New Jersey; King Biscuit Flower Hour (1990).

In support of their 1975 album.

Linege: Broadcast CD--> Wavelab-->FLAC(level 6)-->Dime -->

wav - joined - edit - cue sheet - cuesplitter - single tracks - flac8 - md5 - mp3 - rar - here

1. Station Man
2. Spare Me a Little
3. Rhiannon
4. Landslide
5. I'm So Afraid
6. World Turning
7. Don't You Let Me Down
8. Hypnotised

Pre-FM / Great sound! Credit to the original seeder for sharing.

"This show was seeded on dime and other sides with gaps.
This is a re-seed of the same source but gapless. Removed
all blank space and less than ten seconds of crowd noise
to edit hard cuts, no music touched. Track starts now are
different, new md5 was created too. Enjoy!"


Christine McVie - 29/5/84 - Des Moines, IA

Artist: Christine McVie
Date: May 29th, 1984
Location: Civic Centre, Des Moines, Iowa, USA
Source: VG from audience

Tape from trade>PC>wav>Flac(level 6)>mp3

Recorded to PC and tracks split with EAC

This is another of my old shows on tape transfered
to digital. The sound is not bad, although the vocals
are a bit distant.

Track list:

01. Say you love me
02. Love will show us how
03. The challenge
04. So excited
05. Just crazy love
06. Spare me a little
07. The smile I live for
08. Ask anybody
09. Keep secrets
10. The guitar bug
11. I'm the one
12. One in a million
13. Hold me
14. Got a hold on me
15. Over my head
16. You make loving fun
17. Too much is not enough
18. Don't stop
19. Songbird


Shiftless Pitch: Modern English - Stop Start

Shiftless Pitch: Modern English - Stop Start

Monday, June 22, 2009

Paul McCartney - Citi Field - Queens, NYC 17 or 21/7

Paul McCartney's mini-tour is one of the summer's hottest tickets. He will play Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (instead of Toronto); Flushing, Queens, New York City (instead of Madison Square); Washington, D.C., and Boston, MA. I shall be going on 17 or 21 July at the Mets' new stadium off the #7 tube. I won't do the 18th 'cos it's a Saturday (unless there's no other choice), and weekend travel isn't quite as easy (though I did it within Upstate for Yes last November). Tuesday would be best 'cos it's cheaper to travel during the week, whether it's a bus, plane, or your own car. Also, NYC is remotely closer and more familiar to me and easier to navigate (though I know how to read maps). I've been 5-6 times so far.
Whilst I write this, I am frustrated trying to get just one ticket in my price range. I don't have anyone to go with this year. I did the last two times, but one's not up to it anymore, and the others are in another state now. I know one who might, but he may have other fish to fry (sorry, Paul!). Many tout sites (including eBay) make you buy $200 pairs. I'm on my own, so I would have to sell the other ticket to whoever sits next to me since the scalpers assume only couples go to shows. Single people like Paul too!
If anyone has a spare ticket just in case, please leave a comment and "We Can Work It Out" for a "Ticket to Ride"! I'm a "Day Tripper" (I'd like to be on a Greyhound in broad daylight)! Wish me luck!
UPDATE: I got the ticket now, but I don't wanna erase how I felt at the time.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Steve Hackett - A Doll That's Made in Japan

A-side from his 1984 LP Till We Have Faces.
b/w "Just the Bones" (never before on mp3 or CD!)


Sunday, May 31, 2009

Genesis - Hammersmith Odeon - 29/9/82 - London

I only have about half of the tracks, but I added bonuses to make up.


Genesis - Allen Music Theatre - Cleveland, OH - 28/4/74

Watcher of the Skies
Dancing with the Moonlit Knight
The Cinema Show
I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
Firth of Fifth
The Musical Box
The Battle of Epping Forest
Supper's Ready