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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Yes - 2/9/04 - Syracuse, NY

Yes logo

This particular show is important to me because it's the first of three Yes concerts I've been to, recorded at the Wegmans (now Mohegan Sun) Grandstand at the New York State Fair. This was during the 35th Anniversary Tour. More information is here.
I just wish there was a bootleg of the second gig I went to. A mere YouTube video is all that exists of that one (see earlier posts for more). There aren't any of those or a DVD of this show that I'm aware of, so you'll have to use your imagination!

CD 1
CD 2

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Denny Laine - Ahh...Laine


This was Denny Laine's first solo album, released in the UK by EMI affiliate Wizard Records. This was reissued once by BGO Records, but is officially in the same boat as most of his albums after it.

Track listing

All songs by Denny Laine.

1. "Big Ben" -1:30
2. "Destiny Unknown" -2:30
3. "Baby Caroline" -4:09
4. "Don't Try, You'll Be Refused" -1:51
5. "Talk to the Head" -3:34
6. "Sons of Elton Haven Brown" -4:16
7. "Find a Way Somehow" -2:58
8. "Havin' Heaven" -3:15
9. "On That Early Morn" 3:36
10. "The Blues" -2:53
11. "Everybody" -3:11
12. "Move Me to Another Place" -3:16


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Denny Laine - Japanese Tears

I got a request from a fan in Russia for this one. This album has been reissued numerous times, often tagging on Paul McCartney's name not only to sell it, but because he's on two tracks with Wings.

Track listing

All songs by Denny Laine, except where noted.

1. "Japanese Tears" (single edit) - 4:41
2. "Danger Zone" - 3:06
3. "Clock on the Wall" - 4:41
4. "Send Me the Heart" (Denny Laine/Paul McCartney) - 3:35
5. "Same Mistakes" - 3:41
6. "Silver" - 3:56
7. "Go Now" (Larry Banks/Milton Bennett) - 3:15
8. "Somebody Ought to Know the Way" - 3:15
9. "Lovers Might" - 3:01
10. "Guess I´m Only Foolin'" - 2:30
11. "Nothing to Go By" - 3:07
12. "I Would Only Smile" - 3:25
13. "Weep for Love" - 4:32
14. "Say You Don't Mind" - 3:08
15. "Japanese Tears" (album version) - 4:42


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Justin Hayward - Early solo singles

Justin Hayward today

As I get to know The Moody Blues more, I discovered two singles Justin Hayward released on Pye and Parlophone respectively before he joined in 1966. They are long out of print and don't appear on an official release right now, so I brought them back. Longtime fans, you never thought in "Your Wildest Dreams" you'd ever find them!

* 1965 ~ "London Is Behind Me" (45 RPM Debut Single)
* 1965 ~ "Day Must Come" (45 RPM Single)
* 1966 ~ "I Can't Face the World Without You" (45 RPM Single)
* 1966 ~ "I'll Be Here Tomorrow" (45 RPM Single)


Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Moody Blues

Here I am again, deciding to let another band into my life. This time's it's The Moody Blues. I first heard of them way back when "Your Wildest Dreams" was all over MTV in 1986-87. I ordered An Introduction to the Moody Blues from emusic because it covered the early period with Denny Laine (as well as once having the bootleg Time is on My Side), which seems like a whole other band. "Nights in White Satin" and "Tuesday Afternoon" still get radio airplay in both the US and UK.
I'm almost kicking myself for not seeing them in August at the Turning Stone Casino, but I need to familiarise myself with them more first. I'm sure they'll be back again someday.
I have some of Patrick Moraz's solo albums, but I know him more as a former member of Yes.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Vinyl Lives!

There was an article on CNY Central (NBC 3/CBS 5/CW 6) that I received on Twitter about how vinyl's coming back. I left a comment there and it should show up soon.
These days, I buy usually buy vinyl when it's imported or something you might not find everyday. I must have over 200 LPs, 12"s, and 7"s at home (Discogs helps me keep track)! I do have a turntable, but I don't use it that much. I do when I have to convert a rare record to mp3 (most of those I did are here on the blog). I'm still itching to get more wax at a CD record fair or store out of town. I find it too easy and pricey to get something online unless it's as scarce as hen's teeth! I guess I buy to collect, though the records aren't always kept in perfect condition with my obsessive-compulsive disorder.
I would buy new vinyl if it's a reissue or release of something I don't already have on real format. Don't plan on getting a new player anytime soon. They're not just for DJs anymore! I don't have an mp3 player because I'm not picky enough as to what to put on it.
Indie stores and chains like Best Buy alike are helping with the record Renaissance (not necessarily the band I can't afford to see in Rochester next week). Hark back to a simpler time today!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Denny Laine - All I Want is Freedom

This is the only existing online copy of the sleeve

Denny Laine - All I Want is Freedom

1. All I Want is Freedom
2. Game, Set and Match
3. Light on the Water
4. Bad Money
5. Wildest Dream
6. Get on the Floor
7. Rescue My World
8. Heart for a Ride
9. On the Radio
10. You Lost and Found Me
11. Talk of the Town
12. I'll Stay


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