All You Need is Now

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mike Rutherford - Working in Line

"Working in Line" b/w "Compression". Should be bonus tracks on a future reissue of Smallcreep's Day. Download here!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Holy Grail Albums

Desert Island Discs are easy to find (like who would get on a desert island with a record anyway?), so how about Holy Grail Discs? These would be albums that are very hard to find, maybe not even bootlegged if they're unreleased. I can't even put them on a wishlist. Here's my list:

Jim Diamond - Live at the Shed (see Al Chantrey interview) - Someone in Scotland has it and will copy it for me.

cut._ - Millionairhead - Though on Ray Wilson's site, still a pricey find.

Denny Laine - see earlier article

Seal - Togetherland - see earlier article

Duran Duran - Reportage - see earlier article

Savoy - Velvet CD5 - With B-side "October" (a-ha cover)