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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

INXS find new frontman

With the recent news of JD Fortune's sacking (at least that what he says) from INXS, fans wondered who'll sing in the band now. Many older fans say Michael Hutchence is irreplaceable, which is true of anyone. Life is for the living, so Larry Melton, also of the Toronto suburbs, has been chosen allegedly, according to Facebook discussions (as opposed to what tabloids call "sources"). An official statement on the matter has yet to be released. MiG Ayesa has a career of his own, so he was ruled out.
Fortune is back on the street and trying in vain to record his solo début, Death of a Motivational Speaker.
UPDATE: Fortune back for good. Melton melts back into obscurity!

Wikipedia images

This obviously doesn't count as a free image!

For the first post of the month, I'll explain my latest kick; obtaining images of artists I like or not for Wikipedia (English only). As a non-profit organisation, they have a strict policy on what kind of images are allowed pertaining to copyright laws to keep the solicitors at bay. Public domain and Creative Commons-licenced images for most people and things are sometimes few and far between (this site has the licence since I don't make a dime from this anyway). An image of Nicole Richie I put up the other day was CC licenced (almost like a paparazzi doing it for free). The list is long as to who will need pictures, but I can boil some of them down to most ex-members of Fleetwood Mac (except founder Peter Green and onetime member Dave Mason) and remaining member John McVie, who I'll try and track down on 16/3 when I see the current lineup in Rochester. Also ABBA, as pictured above, don't have a free image from their heyday, so I had to crop a Panoramic shot of them with the cast of Mamma Mia! at the Stockholm film première, making it the closest to a reunion in a generation, despite their ageing. I also need Jim Diamond alone and with Tony Hymas as Ph.D. If anyone has images to loan, do reach me. Thanks.