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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Paul McCartney Changes Labels Again

All the Best!

I go to emusic and I find that two Paul McCartney compilations I have got, Wingspan and All the Best! (US edition). However, the label says Hear Music, which he signed to three years ago after 45 years time with EMI. I thought he'd be going to One Little Indian. Personally, I would rather buy the physical item on import. I have about thirteen to go, so I have to win the lottery to get all of them and see Paul a fourth time out of state to boot!
One reason he may have decided not to follow through with OLI is because they're distributed by Virgin/EMI in the EU, and he just left them, so he'd almost be back where he'd started! In layman's terms, he's a free agent.
Even a heavyweight like him can benefit from the indie scene. The industry has changed dramatically over the years as we all know.
When the studio albums are reissued, I hope they get more bonus tracks, especially Tug of War. The campaign starts in August with Band on the Run (what better one?!) with more to follow.
The Up and Coming tour is on now. It's not to promote a product necessarily (this will be a future post).

Monday, March 22, 2010

Supertramp - 40th Anniversary Tour

Supertramp (1970)

A French site says that Supertramp will reunite for a 40th Anniversary tour later this year. However, this is speculation. No official announcement has been made by Power Steering Management. Also, it is not likely that Roger Hodgson will be back in the fold, as he has his own tour anyway, which he prefers doing, though a one-off appearance couldn't hurt. Also not returning is Mark Hart, as he told me by e-mail a couple years ago that Crowded House has crowded his schedule. He sang the Hodgson tracks on the 1987-88, 1997-98, and 2002-03 tours, so it might be likely that it will be like the 1985-86 tour, where only Rick Davies's songs were performed. Hart also informed me that the band amicably split after the Slow Motion tour in 2003. Carl Verheyen has his own band now, so I don't know about him coming back either. Forget about Dougie Thomson being there. John Helliwell and Bob Siebenberg are likely to be back.
No other site has mentioned the rumoured tour. To this day, there are still fans who won't listen to the post-Hodgson Brother Where You Bound or anything made after that. Even I'm still on the fence about that. The whole is better than the sum of the parts.
The tour is only said to be in mainland Europe, but more dates may follow. Like with many veteran acts on the road today, there is no new product to promote, so it's seen as a "money tour". Also, the sites under construction, so its a sign that it could happen, but still, an official statement will set things right.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Roger Hodgson - Rare Solo Collection

Roger Hodgson drawing

These tracks were saved from a Roger Hodgson fan site that has since 404'ed. Some of these are live and demo versions of familiar Supertramp and solo favourites, and there is also hard-to-find and officially unreleased tracks. Know that some of these aren't the best sound quality.

Breakfast in America
C'est le Bon
Even in the Quietest Moments
Everyone Dies*
Give a Little Bit (acoustic)
Don't You Want to Get High?*
Hum Hum (with Alan Simon)
Imagine (recorded as Argosy)
Lone Child*
Take the Long Way Home
Lord, Is It Mine?
Lovers in the Wind
Take the Long Way Home/Breakfast in America/It's Raining Again (live medley)
The Logical Song
The Moon Says Hello (with Carlos Núñez)
Mr Boyd (recorded as Argosy)
Keep the Pigeons Warm (Oh Brother)*
Rosie Had Everything Planned
French-language Interview Parts 1 & 2*

*previously unreleased

Monday, March 15, 2010

Denny Laine revised

I have separated the tracks for people's convenience. If you like each side of the LPs as one track, click the tag for the other versions. Limited time only.

Anyone Can Fly
Wings on My Feet

Mirror of Anyone Can Fly
Mirror of Wings on My Feet