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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Support Alan Williams

I'm trying to promote him as much as I can.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lost on America

Savoy are just one of several acts I like most Americans have never heard of.

Many people I listen to are not household names in the US, which is a double-edged sword. The good part is that the few American fans are a small cult that have the band/artist to ourselves. The bad part is the unlikelihood of them coming to this country because there isn't enough interest or the album wasn't released there. With an album only available as an import, they won't get to be booked on Letterman or The Bonnie Hunt Show for that matter.
Another disadvantage is their albums may not be officially released in the States. I rarely would find the album at a brick-and-mortar. I have to go to eBay or amazon. GEMM and Total Recall helped me find rare and pricey finds. Once I could get online faster, I found mp3s. If it's not on iTunes or emusic for American customers, I go to sites from a certain country that shall remain nameless (let's just say there's a link to one of these desputed sites on the blog, and they're in the news). Many rare and common albums can be "found" on other Blogger sites. I hate to be vague, but The Beast is watching!
I also like Marillion (see other post). They can't get arrested here either. Have to win the lotto and go across St. Lawrence River!
I have mentioned Jim Diamond and Ph.D. earlier. Then there's early Fleetwood Mac when they were blues. a-ha aren't given room to grow here either. This country is full of chavs who listen to that hip-hop shite (there, I said it)!
If I ran a label (that'll be a future post), I would sign these groups that are being ignored by A&Rs in New York and Los Angeles. I know a-ha spinoff Savoy have tried and only have one album available for legal download on iTunes US. I even network and trade with other fans to add to my collection of around 500 albums!
To cut a long story short, chav-centric US Top 40 radio and the major record companies are ignoring real talent in favour of emo, Disney, and that rap crappola! No wonder this generation is going to hell in a handbasket! If you are a fan of someone who can't Payola their way to #1, continue to support and fight for them!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Elvis is Alive!

This is the article I wanted to write for a long time. I may not be a fan per se, but I'm one of the many who believe Elvis Presley, the King of Rock 'n' Roll, is as alive and well as you and me. He is reported to have lived in North Carolina, Hawaii, Australia. Michigan, West Virginia, Tennessee (though he let go of Graceland) and other random locations. He was on his way to my hometown on tour in August 1977, and while in the toilet, decided he had enough. His estranged twin brother Jesse, assumed by the public to have died of what is now known as SIDS, had died in a sanitarium. After Elvis faked his death, he lived a Bohemian lifestyle that continues to this day. Weekly World News were given exclusive rights to update on him. Sometimes, one article contradicted another. WWN still exist online, yet they must've gotten bored and sent him the way of Dear Dotti! However, Elvis sightings are still prevalent (not counting the millions of impersonators between Vegas and even in my area). My hairdresser agrees with me, though we're both crazy! Elvis's ex-wife Priscilla and their daughter Lisa-Marie, as well as the mainstream press, maintain the façade that he's dead and gone. Only in the law's eyes, or he wouldn't have been on a stamp! (Return to sender!) There are books, sites, theories, etc. that confirm my belief. However, don't ever expect Elvis to make a comeback. He has left the building, checked out of Heartbreak Hotel, and has never looked back. Thank you very much!
This just in: the museum that agrees with me has closed and is for sale. I won't buy it, as I can't even afford a car.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Yes - It Can Happen...Again!

As I mentioned earlier, it seemed like Yes would follow what Journey and Judas Priest respectively have done by finding a new lead singer on YouTube and from a tribute band. Benoît David from Québec-based Yes tribute band Close to the Edge has won the pools to do an upcoming tour. If they come to my provincial town once again, I suppose I'll go to see if it'll be OK. It's hard to stomach at first, but we'll get by. It's "Perpetual Change".
We know poor Jon Anderson is on the disabled list for at least the rest of the year, and I hope he gave his blessing. I hope Benoît won't get the scorn that Trevor Horn did on the Drama tour's UK leg (I was way too young to go then!).
David does have a range similar to fellow Canadian progger Geddy Lee of Rush, REO Speedwagon's Kevin Cronin, and Montréal-friendly would-be Yes contender Roger Hodgson.
This once again leaves Chris Squire as the only remaining original member (for now).
Anderson was unhappy at first that they're gonna go on without him, but reneged his statement on his solo site. Most of them haven't even checked on him. Sir Winston Churchill said "Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it". Ain't it the truth?! I just hope things work out. Even David would want things back to normal, as there is a price.
UPDATE: My review appears on Forgotten Yesterdays and PYX 106.
More Yes updates as they come. Remember this is not the real Melody Maker.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Birthdays and anniversaries

You know you're a real fan of someone if you celebrate their birthday, or reflect on the annniversary of when they died. It's like a holiday. However, most of us fans have lives and anyone who can listen to every album on the day has too much time on their hands, which I sure don't! I do write down the artist and their birthday or anniversary on my calendar and day planner. It does get frustrating when real life gets in the way. For many artists, big and small, you can now leave greetings on MySpace, their official site, or snail mail in advance, whichever applies.
Most people I listen to are from overseas, so I coordinate with their native time zone. That means I start the night before, like some kinds of holidays, which gives me more time. I try not to be up all night, especially if it's a school night or if I have plans. For the departed, I can't worry about them all day, because life is for the living. You have to be realistic. The living ones can't always tell or don't even care whether or not their fans remember. I'm sure they'd appreciate it (Pål Waaktaar-Savoy of a-ha and Savoy told me he did last year, and I wonder if he will this time). I think it's better to remember birthdays and anniversaries of people you actually know and love.