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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Paul McCartney to make first visit to David Letterman Wednesday - Kansas City Star

Paul McCartney to make first visit to David Letterman Wednesday - Kansas City Star

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Paul McCartney - Magical Toronto Night - Exhibition Stadium - Toronto, ONT, Canada 6/6/93

This is a special bootleg to me. I went to this show. I went with a few others. We stayed at the Delta Chelsea and stopped at Sam the Record Man
Full details here.
I just wish someone videotaped it as well. My memory's not as good as it used to be. I hope next week's show is also filmed and taped.

CD 1
CD 2

Monday, July 6, 2009

Pink Floyd - Stoned Alone

1967-09-13, The Star Club, KĂžbenhavn, Danmark

1. Stoned Alone [06.43]
2. Arnold Layne [04.01]
3. One in a Million [06.40]
4. Matilda Mother [06.58]
5. Scream Thy Last Scream [05.36]
6. Astronomy Domine [07.44]
7. Interview with Syd Barrett [05.55]
8. Interview iwth David Gilmour, Peter Jenner, and Nick Mason [14.24]


Prog Rock Vintage: PINK FLOYD - AROUND THE MYSTIC - 1969

Prog Rock Vintage: PINK FLOYD - AROUND THE MYSTIC - 1969

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Beatles - Rarities (US edition)


Tracks missing are on releases still available:

Don't Pass Me By - The White Album (mono)
The Inner Light - Past Masters Vol. 2
Across the Universe - Past Masters Vol. 2
You Know My Name (Look Up the Number) - Past Masters Vol. 2
Sgt. Pepper Inner Groove - Sgt. Pepper (all but US LP)

Also know that the official remasters shall be released this fall!

The Beatles - Beautiful Dreamer

Bootleg of BBC performances. Some tracks not on 1994's Live at the BBC. Taped from Auntie and released on poor-quality LP (be warned!). Thanks Ben Lambert for copying it.

Track listing


Friday, July 3, 2009

The McCartney Years II

I made this by reversing images and colours of the original cover.

Here are the videos that I want on the next volume of the 2007 DVD The McCartney Years:

Listen to What the Man Said (1987 TV performance)
Maybe I'm Amazed (live)
Getting Closer - Wings
Spin It On - Wings
Old Siam Sir - Wings
Arrow Through Me - Wings
Winter Rose/Love Awake - Wings
Waterfalls (complete)
Ebony and Ivory (solo version)
No More Lonely Nights (dance version)
Only Love Remains
Once Upon a Long Ago (version two)
We Got Married
Ou Est le Soleil?
This One (Dean Chamberlain version)
Get Back (live)
Biker Like an Icon (version two)
The World Tonight
Young Boy
Lonely Road
From a Lover to a Friend
Your Loving Flame
Jenny Wren
Dance Tonight
Ever Present Past
Sing the Changes - The Fireman
Dance 'Til We're High - The Fireman
Here Today

This would be released by Rhino and not Abbey Road Interactive because of Paul's split from EMI. I had memorised most of this. I put this on his MySpace and an Italian fan's Facebook page, but I couldn't get to them.
I'd also like a DVD/Blu-Ray release of Rockshow and Let It Be, even though I have pirate copies to tide me over.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Paul McCartney reissues

Paul McCartney has recently announced his switch from long-time home Parlophone to indie label One Little Indian. He has expressed that he has grown distant from EMI since their sale to Terra Firma Capital Partners. 2007's Memory Almost Full, along with a couple live EPs, were released by Hear Music, a joint venture of Starbucks and Concord Music Group. McCartney was satisfied with how OLI promoted side project The Fireman's last album, Electric Arguments, which outsold the first two combined. I'm not sure if the label has McCartney in the States, since Dave Matthews's ATO Records has the rights to that album here.
What will happen is most if not all of the back catalogue will be reissued. Benchmarks like Band on the Run are likely to be remastered. More bonus tracks may be included, as Tug of War could use more, so we don't have to resort to bootlegs and second-hand singles. A compilation would be a good idea as well, and it could include "The Girl is Mine" with the recently departed Michael Jackson (posts on him on Twitter), and in turn, "Say Say Say" can appear on a memorial Jackson release. I also suggested to Macca on MySpace that he get some of the cancelled dates at O2 Arena in London.
I'd like to know when these reissues will be in shops. I take it by Christmastime at best. Ironically, OLI are distributed in the EU by EMI-owned Virgin Records, so he's just moving around the pipeline really. ATO are distributed in the States by RED Distribution, the indie unit of Sony, which own his former label here, Columbia. Small world, isn't it? These are indie labels, so I can go to emusic again.
Still waiting for the show on 21/7 at Citi Field.