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Saturday, December 13, 2008

New Alan Williams interview

Here's the latest interview with Alan Williams. This was in the Facebook chat room. He's not well, as I mentioned before, so there might not be another. Some of it is edited. He will release another album in future. Times are US EST, done 12/12:

What can we expect on the new album?
9:57pm Alan
Old... new... not so new... It will be a diary of a life in music. Something special, some stuff that people may not expect. It is working titled 'The Last Album', but there will be a catchy subtitle...
9:58pm John
Will there be any more videos on YouTube?
9:59pm Alan
I will probably film a couple of 'one-offs' of some of the new tracks. And I will certainly be making a 'Farewell' music video... after the Music has retired, I will still do the 'once in a blue moon' Vlog or Blog though.
10:00pm John
Alright. What about Such is Life? I have yet to see a whole episode.
10:01pm Alan
Ah, Such is Life. Well, it was fun while it lasted, but due to the family life, it has been postponed until further notice. I do hope to get back in to it one day though.
10:01pm John
Would it ever make it to TV? Even though YouTube was DIY TV for the net, it's become a world of its own.
10:02pm Alan
I would like to think a network may pick it up one day - so to speak. It would be great! I would probably ask them to get different actors though. The health issues are becoming much more of a concern these days, so I doubt I could handle that much work, sadly.
10:03pm John
When you made it back in the US, did you ever consider public access TV? Does such a thing exist in the UK and Ireland?
10:04pm Alan
I did consider it - though, I just never got around to it. They have similar things in the UK. Not as popular though. I believe its called 'Open Access' TV.
10:04pm John
Alright. I have heard of Open University, but that's different.
10:05pm Alan
Haha. Yeah, quite different. I think that is some kind of 'early hours' stuff that no one watches.
10:05pm John
Let's shift gears. How did you meet Becky? (his missus)
10:07pm Alan
Ah! The beautiful romance! Well - rewind back about 4 years. Immediately after a rocky, turbulant, plane-wreck relationship with a psycho - haha. I met Becky in a gaming site called (Product placement!!!) And, well - it went from there.
10 months later, we met in person....
6 months after that, we were married
10:07pm John
And you followed her to the US South.
10:08pm Alan
I sure did. Love at first string pluck on a banjo.
10:08pm John
I know she did the show with you, has a cameo in some other videos, and inspired songs like "Start Up My Heaven".
10:10pm Alan
Yes. She has been the meaning behind quite a few of my songs. "Start Up My Heaven", "I Will Never Go" and "A Billion Miles Through Poetry"... (the latter being the track that iTunes screwed up... they ruined the quality some how.)
10:11pm John
How did you come in contact with Matt Hawes, creator and star of The Happy Show?
10:12pm Alan
Actually, its been so long, I can't remember off the top of my head how we met - but I DO know it was in a chat room. We got talking about my music and he asked me to re-write and record the theme song for his show. He then asked me to write some incidental music.
10:13pm John
Is this a kids show or not? The puppets and cheerful tone may make one think so after watching one minute.
10:14pm Alan
Haha. Its not a kids show, but more a variety show. It is aimed at all ages, but it certainly does have a large young audience. Though it does have some storylines and themes aimed at an older audience.
10:15pm John
As someone with an online following, did you hope to have the same amount of attention as other memes like "Leave Britney Alone" and "Chocolate Rain"?
10:19pm Alan
Well, I of course wanted exposure for my work, but it was never about the numbers for me. I just hoped for some new fans etc... I guess I did failry well, but it seems that most views go to "cute puppies" and "crazy dances."
fairly well**... that was meant to be.
10:21pm John
Time for something else. Do you read tabloids?
10:22pm Alan
Never have, never will. I am not a big fan of the press, which is why if I ever had gotten "famous" in the real world, I would probably be highly despised for my dislike of the press and the drama. I tend to steer clear of those kinds of things.
10:23pm John
Good thing. Ever read the papers like The Irish or London Times?
10:24pm Alan
I sometimes flip through the pages just to see what's going on in real people's lives rather than "What did Britney eat for lunch last Tuesday...". I like to keep up on the basics.
10:24pm John
How about music mags like the NME or when it was around, Melody Maker?
Oh yes! Anything Music, or Film, I am very much in to. I am more of a "Chart History" buff. Etc, etc, etc.
10:26pm John
I did see a book of British Chart Singles once.
Yes, I used to have the collection of those. I had most of those, and I also had little gems like, the Encyclopaedia of Music and the type of a thing.
10:27pm John
A simpler time. I can't even listen to radio now, let alone Radio 1.
10:28pm Alan
Same here. One of the reasons some people dislike me, is that I am VERY outspoken and straight forward. And one of the things that I am outspoken on is modern.... urgh.... what they call 'music'. I hate it with a passion. It is noise, and shouting.
10:28pm John
Have you been slated by critics?
10:29pm Alan
Oh yes! Very much so. But to be blunt, it does not bother me in the slightest what people think about me or say about me. I am good at what I do, and people who enjoy what I do stand by my beliefs and my work. What critics say has no effect on me what so ever.
10:31pm John
You tell 'em. Now another subject. Where do you shop in the UK and Ireland? Ever go to Dunnes, Woolies, Zavvi, or Tesco?
10:33pm Alan
Tesco and ASDA are usually my choice of haunt. Dunnes is another good one. But my main passion is usually the old timey Record stores.. not Music stores, but RECORD stores. They are very hard to find now, but when I can find them they are where I spend many hours. There used to be one in an old Welsh village when my Dad grew up called Cob Records. I loved that place!
10:33pm John
My kind of shops too. Still order Chinese takeaway?
10:34pm Alan
Every time I have a spare ₤20 note in my pocket! I LOVE Chinese food. After my Dad's Sunday roast, Chinese is my second favourite food in the world.
10:34pm John
And pub fare?
10:35pm Alan
Well, I don't drink anymore. But when I used to test the poison in my late teens, I used to drink in Irish pubs.
10:35pm John
Might you go to the other island sometime? Would you fly or take the ferry?
10:36pm Alan
Never been on a ferry surprisingly, but I would probably choose it just to see what it's like. My mother gets sea sick, so I would probably get sea sick too!
10:37pm John
I wish I could come to the isles and meet you. I've never been on a plane. Don't even have a passport.
10:38pm Alan
Flying isn't too bad. It used to scare the brown stuff out of me in the early days but I have flown so many times now it almost feels like floating across the ocean in my arm chair.
10:39pm John
I'ma have to win the lottery before I call Aer Lingus! I have my own fish to fry!
Yes, flying is not the cheapest thing in the world unfortunately.
10:40pm John
I could take the QE II, but that would be just as much.
10:41pm Alan
It wouldn't just cost you a few thousand bucks, but it would probably take you a few thousand days!
I'd hate to sail from the States to the UK or Ireland.
I can imagine spending most of the trip kneeling over the white telephone to God.
10:44pm John
Is that the time? It's getting late here, so I must be off. I'm glad we had our chat. I will put it on the blog, and I know you will on your site. Keep us all up to date..
10:45pm Alan
Ok bud. Yes it's pretty late! I'm yawning. It's been fun and I shall look forward to chatting again.
Thanks for the interview.
10:45pm John
Ok. Bye.
10:46pm Alan

Friday, December 5, 2008

Yes - In the Present continued

Taken at the Chicago Theatre.

I am looking for an RoIo and/or VoIO (bootleg) of the Albany show on 23/11/08 that I mentioned earlier. Because I can never fully remember a show after I see it, I need a momento. I do have an RoIO of most of the Syracuse show from September 2004 (a VoIO of this show would be nice), and one of the Hampton, NH show from the current tour (with compromised sound quality). I'm supposed to be getting a VoIO of the Williamsport show from someone I've e-mailed for five years.
For audio, I want it in a zip or RAR file with mp3s, wmas, aacs, or m4ps. I don't want any ra, WAV, FLAC, APE, or SHNs I would have to convert anyway (though everyone says they're not lossy). For video, please put on an NTSC DVD-R/+R/-RW/+RW (wmvs and the like take up too much bandwidth and disc space). I can't find clips from Albany and other select dates on YouTube. I will send something back from the Yes family, official or RoIO (too many to list; do enquire). I have headway on Denny Laine, so I may get some response for this. Thanks, fellow Yes fans.
BTW, the latest leg of the tour is legless as Old Man Squire had leg surgery. It may be rescheduled in future. Stay tuned!