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Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Renaissance of Renaissance

Photo courtesy Warner Music UK Ltd.

Clockwise from UL: Terry Sullivan, Mick Dunford, John Tout, Annie Haslam, and Jon Camp.

For a few years, I have known about prog rock band Renaissance. I only am interested in lineups with Annie Haslam, the Queen of Prog. This band have built a cult following fighting the odds such as illness, the fickle industry, declining popularity, lineup changes, etc. Their songs are in league with much of the prog I've been listening to. I like to listen to people who are not the status quo, "Stick to the Status Quo", or Status Quo!
This lineup of Renaissance aren't likely to reunite again because of ageing, and the fact that Haslam is now an ex-pat outside Philly with the others back in the UK. Still, their music is timeless and recommended!

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