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Friday, July 3, 2009

The McCartney Years II

I made this by reversing images and colours of the original cover.

Here are the videos that I want on the next volume of the 2007 DVD The McCartney Years:

Listen to What the Man Said (1987 TV performance)
Maybe I'm Amazed (live)
Getting Closer - Wings
Spin It On - Wings
Old Siam Sir - Wings
Arrow Through Me - Wings
Winter Rose/Love Awake - Wings
Waterfalls (complete)
Ebony and Ivory (solo version)
No More Lonely Nights (dance version)
Only Love Remains
Once Upon a Long Ago (version two)
We Got Married
Ou Est le Soleil?
This One (Dean Chamberlain version)
Get Back (live)
Biker Like an Icon (version two)
The World Tonight
Young Boy
Lonely Road
From a Lover to a Friend
Your Loving Flame
Jenny Wren
Dance Tonight
Ever Present Past
Sing the Changes - The Fireman
Dance 'Til We're High - The Fireman
Here Today

This would be released by Rhino and not Abbey Road Interactive because of Paul's split from EMI. I had memorised most of this. I put this on his MySpace and an Italian fan's Facebook page, but I couldn't get to them.
I'd also like a DVD/Blu-Ray release of Rockshow and Let It Be, even though I have pirate copies to tide me over.

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