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Monday, September 7, 2009

The Beatles - Remasters and Rock Band

On 9/9/09, The Beatles will reissue their studio catalogue, as well as the anticipated Rock Band video game. I'd get the boxed set if I can get an import, and I have no interest in the game. That should become the best selling music-related video game ever, bringing the Fab Four to a new generation of fans.
I hope the remastered catalogue will be on iTunes (from the other Apple), so people don't download the 1987-88 mixes from pirate sites. We all want Let It Be officially on DVD for its 40th anniversary. I'd also like to see the live releases Live at the Star Club; Hamburg, Germany (31/12/62) and Live at the Hollywood Bowl out of the bootleg universe and remastered sometime in future.
The remasters may be the most important ones the music world has seen; a long awaited improvement over the compressed and sometimes tinny ones. You'd have to be an audiophile and/or diehard fan to truly understand the difference. I know who wouldn't.
This should get some people here!

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