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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Yes review

Setlist (in order of original release except *):

Siberian Khatru*
I've Seen All Good People*
Astral Traveller
Yours is No Disgrace
South Side of the Sky
Heart of the Sunrise
And You and I
Machine Messiah
Tempus Fugit
Owner of a Lonely Heart
Masquerade/SH Solo TBD
Starship Trooper*


Mood for a Day
Aliens Are Only Us from the Future
Close to the Edge
Long Distance Runaround

This was my third time seeing Yes, the second with Benoît David and Oliver Wakeman (and the band's second time at this spot). The Mid-Hudson Civic Centre was smaller than the last two places I went to, apparently because it's a small town. I used to live in the area, so I came in on the train.
There were just a couple minor flibs, but no one noticed. It wasn't 100% full, but people of three generations came. A lot of people were having drink standing up at the side of the auditorium.
I've accepted Benoît enough that I picked up his other band Mystery's CD before the show and paid $20 US. That's another story. However, I still hope things are patched up with Jon Anderson in future, as we all do. Or maybe he can't handle these long tours anymore. He's an old man now.
I had to leave just as the last song finished to catch the bus, but I didn't miss that much.
The old guard still have what it takes and you won't see them at over-60s anytime soon! The local press still mention all three as original members. Of course, we know better! Oliver came more into his own. Just wish his vocoder sounded better on "Tempus Fugit". Benoît makes the songs his own. Some people still slag him off (excuse my language!).
Overall, I give it an A-, and a good time was to be had by all.

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