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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Album? What album?

Pur German concert shot

A lot of veteran acts are going on the road either without anything new to promote, or to promote a new album that may never sell as well or be held in the same regard as the classics except by hardcore fans. This is nothing new. The Who as far back as the late '80s would have these reunion tours that were coined as "money tours" by the press. The faithful turn out either way. Is there really any excuse to tour but to please the fans?
When I saw Yes in the past couple years, the merchandise table had solo and related CDs for sale instead of a full group album, reminiscent of their 1976 Solos tour.
Casual fans of a heritage act will only wanna hear the hits and nothing new. Even Paul McCartney acknowledges this slight of hand, but thats just how it is. No one is exempt of being pigeon-holed and slated, even newer artists will realise the honeymoons over sooner or later.
A tour can sell out before the album to be promoted is even released. The band and/or brand can turn a profit on name power alone. The road is a different arm of ones career than being in the studio or putting out a record, but since the days of Sinatra, its a three-pronged cycle.


Anonymous said...

Most of these acts are touring as that is the only way to make a living - because making an album is a losing proposition now, thanks in part to people buying pirated cds and trading official releases online. That is killing the industry.

Its one thing to download tracks to sample them but if the actual artist cds don't get purchased new, then the artist loses out. Same with used cds. Sure, cheaper for you to buy, but the artist gets nothing.

John Sposato said...

Martin Orford is that you?