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Monday, July 12, 2010

The Moody Blues at Stanley Centre for the Arts - Review

Moody Blues Wikipedia collage

Since no one else is gonna do it, it's up to me. Haven't done this in a while.
Last night, I finally got to see the Moody Blues at the Stanley in Utica, NY. Had to get a ride there. Well worth the trip. No meet and greet though. Maybe if I waited outside the tour bus (small town), but I had to get home to bed.
Before show time, fans of three to four generations flooded into the theatre. Not 100% sold out (economy I suppose), but still a sizable crowd nonetheless. The PA played tracks not in the setlist such as those from 1983's The Present. The show started with "The Voice" (though the keyboards couldn't be heard as clearly as on the album Long Distance Voyager. The last number was, as always, "Ride My See-Saw". Messrs Hayward, Lodge, and Edge were in top form, as if they weren't ageing at all. On that note, Graeme Edge did some stand-up comedy about being over-60s in Florida taking Viagara. He's been in the band since day one.
As always with these shows, I memorise the numbers by original release:

Tuesday Afternoon
Peak Hour
Late Lament
Nights in White Satin
Ride My See-Saw
Voices in the Sky (I think)
Lovely to See You
Never Comes the Day
Are You Sitting Comfortably?
Higher and Higher
Gypsy (Of a Strange and Distant Time)
The Story in Your Eyes
I'm Just a Singer (In a Rock 'n Roll Band)
Isn't Life Strange?
Steppin' in a Slide Zone
The Day We Meet Again
The Voice
Your Wildest Dreams
The Other Side of Life
I Know You're Out There Somewhere
Lean on Me (Tonight)

Almost every vintage of the band is covered here. I couldn't find one thing wrong. I guess after doing this for over two generations, you know all the ropes! Just wish I could have met the band. Now I just await YouTube videos, mp3s and a DVD. As it wasn't a big area, I'm sure someone managed to manoeuvre recording the show. I could do audio, but I was too high up to do a decent video. I couldn't get away with such a thing.
I regret missing last year's show across Oneida County at the Turning Stone, and maybe NYC exurb Montclair, NJ (the closest place before Utica was announced), but better late than never!

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gypsymuse said...

Lets see the Borgata show I cant access at the moment and I forget where vedio is going to be shot.

Peak Hour is a nice one to have in, the moodies are the band I've seen the most and TSO second.

They are nice I've just gotten sick of the RUDE LOUD OBNOXIOUS auidences around here. Ruin the show and the recording for me!

It's so rare for the band to do a Meet and Greet it ain't even funny along with trying to catch them at the bus! not easy either. If your one of the More Knowen Fans you can catch them befor the show but I ain't one of them Ladies!

I've only met Justin and that was at the 03 Rock Hall show. He decided to do some signing after the show and on off chance I had my TVFTH in my bag.