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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Paul McCartney Archive Collection

Wings at the Speed of Sound

Paul McCartney is set to release his entire solo catalogue over the next year or two. All EMI editions are out of print, and CD copies are getting expensive, even pirates. Band on the Run, the largest-selling solo ex-Beatle album, was reissued this November in a number of editions. It may be after New Years that a cluster of albums will be remastered by Hear Music. The albums McCartney, Ram, Wild Life (which I'm sending Boris, replacing my old EU copy with a newer one, Red Rose Speedway, and Venus and Mars. The next batch could be the albums from Wings at the Speed of Sound (above) up to McCartney II, and the pattern should continue all the way to Chaos and Creation in the Back Yard. A new studio release is also being considered, and a boxed set is also a possibilty according to a source. There may even be more bonus tracks than the 1993 editions (which were not released in the US) or even iTunes. Compilations, live releases, and perhaps even the classical albums will be included. Side projects like The Fireman, Twin Freaks, Liverpool Sound Collage, and Thrillington could even be in the cards for the diehard fans. Watch this space!

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