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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Voiceprint Records

Leading UK indie label Voiceprint Records may have had their 20th anniversary, but things have changed for the Houghton-le-Spring, Tyne and Wear (northern England near Newcastle) based company. First, their site has been replaced by their new owner (as it seems) Gonzo Multimedia, who have taken over the catalogue. Zeit Distribution, which was the original parent company, has entered liquidation. I feel bad for founder Rob Ayling, who put so much into it, but he is in the same boat as many small business owners, record companies, and many people in general these days with the economy, and in this case, the music industry, which has been lagging for the past decade.
Artists I like that have releases such as Yes, including Jon Anderson, ABWH, Rick Wakeman, as well as Asia featuring John Payne, The Passion (his old band), Ph.D., Renaissance (but Voiceprint don't have the Annie Haslam era), Anthony Phillips, Fish, and others.
The Gonzo site claims many back releases are unavailable. They can always be obtained elsewhere, though its better to buy direct and cut out the middleman, innit? Also know they can't have sold that many. They are considered a phoenix company under UK business law, much like how Woolworths UK became an e-tailer after the chain floundered. It doesn't work quite the same way in the States.
With Voiceprint turning a new leaf, here's to another twenty years time, hopefully more!
The Brasilian site remains intact.  More as this develops.

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