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Monday, January 10, 2011

Asia - In Paris Night: Live at the Bataclan 19/9/92 and Tokyo 1992 (Aqua tour)

Based on Aqua cover by Rodney Matthews.

Love under fire, Band introduction, Rock and roll dream, Little rich boy, Aqua Part I, Who will stop the rain, Wildest dreams, Back in town, Someday, Ram, Dijango, Clap


Original cover by me.
Who Will Stop the Rain?
Wildest Dreams
Back in Town
Don't Cry
Steve Howe solo
Geoff Downes solo
Only Time Will Tell
The Heat Goes On
A Far Cry
Sole Survivor
Open Your Eyes


Not official releases.  Sound quality may vary, despite my attempts to fix it.
Theres also Live at Crocodile Rock, but two other sites already have it.


Anonymous said...

you said on twitter you were "remixing" these, how can you remix them without having the multitrack master? at best you might edit them or play with the EQ.

it might be helpful for people to know what changes you are making.

John Sposato said...

I started to, but it just wasn't working out. Even Bob Clearmountain would throw in the towel! I don't even think there is a multi-track master! This sounds like someone used a hand-held tape machine with a small mic or two. I've been told theres worse! I'm sorry to have disappointed you, but if you know who could fix it, I'm all ears.