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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Landmark Theatre - The Return

Landmark Theatre, Syracuse
Forgot to take my own when I'm able to get there.  To save time, I used this free image.

Now that the Landmark Theatre in downtown Syracuse will be back this fall bigger and better than ever.  It will accomodate more A-list acts yet the integrity and legacy of this local jewel has not been compromised.  November and December have shows lined up already but for after New Years, theres plenty of room on the calendar.  I was told by someone there that they're really a rental house and don't decide themselves who will use the facility but rather promoters, managers and agents will book the former local Loews picture palace like they would any venue.  Here is a list of people I want to see at the Landmark:

The Moody Blues*
The Musical Box*
The Australian Pink Floyd Show*
Peter Gabriel
Def Leppard
Duran Duran
Fleetwood Mac

Who would you like to see?  Drop a line.  There is concern about parking though.  There are a couple car parks you could use.  At least those of us who take the bus can get right there for the most part.
Great to have the Landmark back after a year or two of reconstruction that continues for another month.

*Have been to the Landmark before as far as I know.

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