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Sunday, December 2, 2012

In Memorium: A Posthumous Wishlist

George Harrisons 1979 solo album that I'd like on LP.

There are artists on mine and Boris's* wishlists who are no longer with us. Many of their CDs and LPs are hard to find. Some cultures keep in touch with the deceased so I call on these legends for their guidance finding what they left behind:

Kevin Ayers (ex-Soft Machine)*
Cozy Powell (Brian May solo, Black Sabbath)
John Lennon (for myself and *)
George Harrison (both solo and Beatles) (pictured)
Gary Moore (G-Force*, solo* and Greg Lake)
Syd Barrett and Richard Wright (solo and Pink Floyd)
Jon Lord (solo and Deep Purple)*
Freddie Mercury (solo and Queen)
Bob Welch (solo and Fleetwood Mac)
Daevid Allen (Gong)*
Cockney Rebel (Paul Jeffreys who was on Flight 103 with his wife and both Syracuse students and townies)
Free (Paul Kossoff and Andy Fraser)*
Rushs first album on original or remastered Canadian LP (John Rutsey)
Michael Hutchence (INXS, Max Q, solo)
Ronnie James Dio (Black Sabbath, Heaven & Hell, Elf*)
David Byron (Uriah Heep)*
Joe Strummer (The Clash)*
Village People (Glenn Hughes; not the one who was in Deep Purple, Sabbath and Trapeze)*
Def Leppard (Steve Clark)
Bee Gees (Maurice and Robin Gibb)*
The Sweet (Brian Connolly and Mick Tucker)*
Michael Been (The Call)*
Gregory Issacs*
Captain Beefheart*
Bon Scott (AC/DC and Fraternity)
Alex Harvey (SAHB)*
Divinyls (Chrissy Amphlett)*
Paul Young (Sad Café, Mike & the Mechanics; not the one who sings "Come Back and Stay" or "Oh, Girl")
Alphaville (Martin Lister)
Small Faces (Steve Marriott, Ian McLagan, Stanley Unwin and Ronnie Lane)*
Renaissance (Michael Dunford, John Tout and Mick Parsons) (myself and * now)
Spirit (Ed Cassidy, Randy California)*
Tony Thompson and Bernie Edwards (Chic)*
Moody Blues (Clint Warwick and producer Tony Clarke)
T. Rex (Marc Bolan, Steve Peregrin and Mickey Finn)*
Frank Zappa (Mothers of Invention)*
Yes (Peter Banks, Chris Squire)
Aphrodites Child (Demis Roussos)*

Dearly departed, please help me find the work in which you each have been immortalised. May you all rest in peace.  We the living miss you all.  In loving memory.  Bless you all!
Names I've deleted from the lists must've gotten the message!

Honourable mention: Mariska Veres from Shocking Blue who I didn't know qualified for the list until after I found their CD.*

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