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Friday, June 15, 2012

Dr Ebbetts

Dr Ebbetts' "remaster" of a Canadian compilation.
Many of you "Beatle People" may be familiar with "Dr" Drew Ebbetts, a fan who took matters into his own hands when it seemed that EMI would never release new improved remasters of the original UK albums.  He seemed to cover different permutations and compilations from across the globe as well as some bootlegs.  He would use LightScribe technology to print realistic labels onto the discs even though the fact that he used blank CD-Rs (popular with bootleggers on a budget) and a hi-res colour printer.  A bit of a project innit?  When the remasters were finally hit shop shelves on 9 September 2009, Ebbie decided to pack it in knowing he couldn't compete with the big boys.  Maybe he could work on official releases now officially unavailable such as The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl to bootlegs such as Live at the Star Club 1962.  There are also solo releases from all four to settle the score.  Even some tribute albums from Canada!  He could maybe even look into other artists.  No mere needle drops here (without trying to polish up the sound first)!  He must use something like ProTools but Abbey Road did it one better.
The source of most of these pirates are high-quality vinyl.  It's still a few generations removed than when done from the original masters taken from the EMI vaults.  I'd have to have a listen to see how Dr E got on.
I would think because of Ebb-tide he is no longer taking orders so one would have to hunt for copies or look for downloads.  I don't see myself getting a CD of his anytime soon.  I do see pirates at the shop sometime that look like they were done on a computer so I wonder if they're his versions.  It doesn't say.
I don't really have to get anymore official albums for myself except a few latter-day compilations and many singles and the occasional bootleg (when I can afford it).  Dr Ebbetts was a fan who took it to another level.


BeatlePaul said...

Actually the quality of his work was such that you would not know if it was a bootleg. They were superior to all EMI releases and still are. I have never managed to get an 'oficial' one, but they are when you have them in your hand not something simply 'done on a computer', they are absolutely quality. Worth buying if you can source them now.

Internotional Times said...

I think Dr. Ebbetts could be enjoying his own revival after the US Albums box!
Certainly he has the definitive 'Yesterday and Today' as of right now

John Sposato said...

A number of people slated the new boxed set. I'm in no hurry to get one myself.

Anonymous said... for all Ebbett's releases!!!

John Sposato said...

Thanks for the tip. See lots of goodies there (I have an AC/DC 2 in 1 I see there).