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Thursday, December 11, 2014 /

No translation necessary!
As Swedens The Pirate Bay walks the plank, another Russian mp3 site is in proverbial purgatory itself. hasn't been running in the past few weeks.  Either the servers crashed or IFPI made them pull the plug whichever came first.  Like rival site musicmp3 one could upload mp3s (though musicmp3 are not taking submissions now either).  I found myzuka last year while looking up a Roger Hodgson bootleg and I recognised the cover I drew as someone else downloaded it from here or somewhere else.  I keep getting a 403 but it may as well be a 404 or 500.  IQ founding ex-member Martin Orford, the Mary Whitehouse of piracy, will be relieved that both these sites are taken off (he already slated the torrent site).  No ones knows what happened here.  An e-mail to the site has not been answered.  Could be the end of the road for places like this as the industry fights back.

UPDATE: Site is back online after a months time; now a .fm.

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