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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Split Enz

Nambassa Festival, 1979.
As I scan across the Commonwealth I decide to close in on New Zealand and take up Split Enz.  Hearing "I Got You" on the Tannoy at the gym the other week got me to look for them on one mp3 site to find them not there so I go to another to add to the first one and I start to have a listen to them as I can relate to the prog vaudevillian sound they had in the mid-to-late '70s and the new wave after that up to the mid-'80s.  I knew Crowded House spun off from there though I heard of them first.  Split Enz are yet another band overlooked on my shores as I was lucky to find True Colours on US CD after having heard the PA and it just grew from there.  Getting even one of the albums would be a feat without resorting to going online.  That album I had to order online for you-know-who as I looked through my old e-mails knowing I sent it way out there a few years ago.  I hope to get out of town and find something (lucky I saw the other band at the shop last week).

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