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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Second Chance Prom

Mooky, my uncle and aunties girl kitty, could be my date! It's been done, though.  She's not far from that kid from the makeup company.
Not strictly music-related but for a bit of a change I'd like to announce the Second Chance Prom.  I explain more there in the link.  I'm also awaiting responses from a couple syndicated advice columnists.  Just feeling a little green eyed seeing the kids get dolled up for the big night.  Might have it at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown (formerly the historical Hotel Syracuse) as their grand reopening occurs too late for the regular prom season so it'd be in the fall but not on a Saturday due to a solid season of wedding receptions though several area proms such as West Genesee were held in the ballroom in the past over the previous few generations and new ones can now have theirs in there.

UPDATE: Found something across town.  We'll see how we get on.  Money for a limo wouldn't hurt though.  Then again I found an article about youngsters in Brooklyn from CW 11 WPIX who want one that have it worse than we might so they deserve a few bob much more than I do.  I wanna put a link to the story but the seasonal nature of proms may not give these kids much time to set up.  God bless them however.

UPDATE II: Yet another one found even though I'd have to get a bus there and get a cab if not the hotel shuttle home.  Also not sure if the DJs set list will be Mary Whitehouse approved to put it that way.  Still it's less expensive when someone else has it as I have no experience running my own event.  Money raised now could just pay for transport for me and other people without a lift.

UPDATE III: Found another one that's two counties away yet it's not that easy to get into.  Watching Family Guy gave me the idea of a second chance homecoming which is sorta close but a different animal (the UK has Old Boys Day but that's not quite the same).  Not sure if any school I went to would have this now and if so I could go so there's another niche to fill that isn't done often so I could make that a thing.  More as this develops.

UPDATE IV: The Marriott have one now but I'll have to wait until next year.  I might just have this in an area where such a thing isn't planned and/or the closest one is out of town.  More to come.
A prom themed birthday party is not unheard of but mine's in August past prime prom period and it's too hot to be overdressed.

UPDATE V: Singers (the one from the first update last year) might take a hiatus with theirs just as Glastonbury shall next year so I'll have to shell out on downtown and/or Oswego or create my own that people can afford.  It will be black tie on a budget!  I would now have a reason for a gofundme but these kids in Idaho with sod all have one up and they deserve it far more than I do!

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