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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Black Sabbath on Power Sound 2001

A decade ago, I made a fan page about a moribund mystery label called Power Sound 2001 (you must have a high-speed connection to see this link). It was made on the cheap, obsolete and now-defunct Express Page. This arose because I went to what is now fye and saw early Black Sabbath albums on this cheap label alongside those on their official label in the US and Canada, Warner Bros. The legality was in question. I was told it was arranged by Tony Iommi and former manager Patrick Meehan, but I hardly found it credible. A few people gave feedback. The Osbournes' success brought a few people over to my amateurish-looking site. After that, mp3 piracy grew and made the label a moot point. fye eventually stopped stocking new copies, especially since Rhino reissued the Ozzy Osbourne era officially in a boxed set. I have Black Sabbath (1970), Paranoid, and Master of Reality on this label because they're imported from Israel and Canada (2) respectively, and I love imports, having over 2,000 of them at home!
Fellow metal trailblazers Deep Purple, The Moody Blues original lineup, and even Pink Floyd among others have been found on the label. Usually, the packaging leaves little to the imagination and is minimalist to say the least, yet some collectors will still buy them (some examples can be found on Google and eBay).
I don't have time and energy to make a whole new site for it, and I can't update the old one, so I just decided to do a post here instead. Some of you may find this if looking up the label. I sure hope you did, so please leave me feedback.


Glen said...

I found this from google, helpful to know why 'We Sold Our Soul For Rock and Roll' was so cheap (and cheaply made: the track breaks are wrong. Paranoid is listed as part of the song 'War Pigs', while 'Warning' is incorrectly split into two tracks)

John Sposato said...

Thanks for the info, Glen.