All You Need is Now

Saturday, November 1, 2008 or, the internet's best kept secret, has gone 500 (look it up!). I cannot download anything. When I click on a track, I just go back to the main page. It's frustrating. That was where to get free mp3s without a P2P programme, message board or blog. I found it whilst looking for a rare solo John Wetton track, and that would save me lots of money, given the economy. I would have to click through a couple pages to get each track. It was time consuming. Allofmp3, once Russia's most notorious mp3 site, is so four seasons ago! I e-mailed musicmp3 asking why this is happening. They must know some English if they have mainly Western content. I used Babel Fish to translate, but that can be unreliable.  There's also which works similarly.
Maybe this is karma for doing such a thing. If I could afford it, I would rather just get import CDs of what I want. I have for the really rare finds. Maybe the Kremlin shut them down. Who knows? To think decades ago, an album would have to be on the state labels or cost many rubles on the black market behind the KGB's back. How times have changed!

UPDATE: No one can add more mp3s as of 15/8/14 and the site went 404 8/9/14.
2ND UPDATE: After seven and a half long months they're back again and new albums have been added but those uploaded in the past few weeks have yet to be added and available to download.

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