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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Marillion - Fish's First Practise (1981)

Karpy Rock: Marillion - Fish's First Practise (1981)

This was an another blog, but the links are dead, and there's no way to reach the webmaster. I managed to download this and burn it to CD-R. Another fan on Facebook pointed this out to me. This should also help other fans find this rare early bootleg with an early lineup (only Steve Rothery remains now). Doug Irvine, the original bass player, was also the lead vocalist before Fish as it turns out. The rest, of course, is history!

Fish - vocals
Steve Rothery - guitar
Brian Jelliman - synthesisers
Dez Minnit - bass
Mick Pointer - drums

Time for Sale
Madcap's Embrace
Snow Angel
Skyline Drifter
The Web
Herne the Hunter

Only "Grendel" and "The Web" would survive the setlist and the studio once the band were signed to EMI in 1982. As with most of these unofficial releases, the sound quality is not perfect. "Garden Party" and "Improvisation" are missing.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for upping this. Great band, great songs and one of the best writers of lyrics on this planet. There´s no more to say ...

Thanks again