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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Roger Hodgson - Take the Long Way Home (live 1996)

Live version from his 1996 comeback Rites of Passage, filmed at the Miner's Foundry in Nevada City, CA (where he's been a tax dodge for about three decades). His son Andrew is on drums, and John Helliwell, then still in Supertramp (his loyalty was divided after the elder Hodgson's 1983 departure). Very laid back atmosphere. Like the other video here, this was deleted from YouTube; this one by his managers (1984's "In Jeopardy" was the most popular with praise from outside the Anglosphere, but I digress). It was saved from a fan site that was renovated.
I wonder if an official video exists of the studio version. Even a mimed TV appearance I'll take. Let me know if there is one. I looked already, but maybe not hard enough.
Take the Long Way Home is also the name of old man Hodgson's only solo DVD, which was big in Canada, where he's better known than on my side of Lake Ontario. On that note, does anyone have extra tickets to his Ottawa, ONT show in May?

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