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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wikipedia images

This obviously doesn't count as a free image!

For the first post of the month, I'll explain my latest kick; obtaining images of artists I like or not for Wikipedia (English only). As a non-profit organisation, they have a strict policy on what kind of images are allowed pertaining to copyright laws to keep the solicitors at bay. Public domain and Creative Commons-licenced images for most people and things are sometimes few and far between (this site has the licence since I don't make a dime from this anyway). An image of Nicole Richie I put up the other day was CC licenced (almost like a paparazzi doing it for free). The list is long as to who will need pictures, but I can boil some of them down to most ex-members of Fleetwood Mac (except founder Peter Green and onetime member Dave Mason) and remaining member John McVie, who I'll try and track down on 16/3 when I see the current lineup in Rochester. Also ABBA, as pictured above, don't have a free image from their heyday, so I had to crop a Panoramic shot of them with the cast of Mamma Mia! at the Stockholm film première, making it the closest to a reunion in a generation, despite their ageing. I also need Jim Diamond alone and with Tony Hymas as Ph.D. If anyone has images to loan, do reach me. Thanks.

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