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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

To Russia with Love

Russian flag

Heres a new one. A man named Boris Ignatov (Борис Игнатов), who lives all the way in Omsk, Siberia, Russia (originally from another ex-Soviet republic, Kazakhstan), got my e-mail address from the Moody Blues message board. He needed my help in obtaining CDs of a shop full of classic albums. We wanted the real deal, as its too easy, as we all know, to download them, and/or put them on CD-R. Even I would rather get the genuine article, especially the import, but this economy has taught us all to appreciate what we have. Even more so in the former Iron Curtain.
Since Boris last posted a comment, he and I cleared things up, so he knows I take him seriously and I'm not trying to be patronising.
Heres the list he provided (subject to change):

All About Eve:All About Eve
Scarlet And Other Stories
Arabesque:Friday Night
Adam Ant:Strip
Kevin Ayers:Confessions of Dr Dream
Barclay James Harvest:Ring of Changes
Victims of Circumstance
Bee Gees (RIP Maurice and Robin Gibb):
2 Years On (w/"Lonely Days")
Mr Natural (the first produced by Arif Mardin)
To Whom It May Concern
Bauhaus:The Sky's Gone Out
Burning From The Inside
Belle Époque:Bammalama
Black Uhuru:Showcase
The Boomtown Rats
In the Long Grass
V (Five) Deep
Gary Brooker (Procol Harum): Lead Me to the Water
Within Our House
Echoes in the Night
David Byron: Take No Prisoners
Baby Faced Killer (late of Uriah Heep)
The Call:In the Woods
The Single Factor
A Nod and a Wink
Dust and Dreams
Harbour of Tears
Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel:The Human Menagerie+
Celtic Frost:Into the Pandemonium
Udo Dirkschneider (ex-Accept):Animal House
Die Krupps:I
Paradise Now
III-Odyssey of the Mind
Dschinghis Khan (1979)
Childhood Memories
Tides Returns Forever
Word Salad
Flaming Lips:
Oh My Gawd!
In a Priest Driven Ambulance
Hope You Like It++
Mr Universe
Time is the Key
Grand Funk Railroad:
All the Girls in the World Beware!
Gamma Ray:
Power Plant
No World Order
Roland Grapow (Helloween):Kaleidoscope
Debbie Harry: Koo Koo
Ken Hensley:Proud Words on the Dusty Shelf
Free Spirit (formerly of Uriah Heep)
Heavens Gate:Heavens Gate
Living in Hysteria
Hell for Sale
Planet E
In the Woods:Heart of the Ages
Strange in Stereo
Al Kooper:I Stand Alone
Killing Joke:Fire Dances
Night Time
Brighter Than A Thousand Suns
Extremities Dirt & Various...
Killing Joke 1st (1983)
John Lennon & Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band:
Live Peace in Toronto+
Mad Max:Rollin' Thunder
Magnum:Chase the Dragon
On a Storytellers Night
Rock Art
Wings of Heaven
Goodnight L.A.
Manfred Manns Earth Band:
Manfred Manns Earth Band (1972)
Criminal Tango
Soft Vengeance
Manowar: Gods of War
Nick Mason: Fictitious Sports
Metal Church:
Mikey Dread:World War III
The Mission (UK): Gods Own Medicine
Tower Of Strength
Carved In Sand
Grains Of Sand
Moby Grape:Moby Grape (1967)
Gary Moore (R.I.P.):
Corridors of Power?
Gary Numan:
Omega:Time Robber
Planet P Project: Part 1 "1913"
Part 2 "Levittown"
Part 3 "Out in the Rain"
Rhapsody:Rain of a Thousand Flames
Power of the Dragonflame
n 3,14
Todd Rundgren:
Solo :
Todd (1974)
Sparks (1st or Halfnelson; produced by Rundgren)
Tweeter in Woofers Clothing
Pulling Rabbits Out Of a Hat
Just Got Back From Heaven
Lil' Beethoven
Interior Design
Exotic Creatures Of The Deep
Rod Stewart:
Body Wishes (featuring "Baby Jane" and "Sweet Surrender")
Stranglers:The Raven
No More Heroes
La Folie
Scorpions: In Trance
The Michael Schenker Group:
Built to Destroy
The Sweet:
Off the Record
Waters Edge
Toyah (Willcox):
The Changeling
Minx (what her husband Robert Fripp calls her in his diary)
Billy Squier:
Signs of Life (featuring "Rock Me Tonite")
Soft Machine:
Roger Taylor: Electric Fire*
10cc:Look Hear?
Ten Out of 10
Windows in the Jungle
No Place to Run
Dealers of the Night
Virgin Steele:
Marriage of Heaven and Hell (Part I & II)
The House of Atreus (Act I & II)
Village People:
Cruisin' (featuring "YMCA")
Steve Winwood:
Steve Winwood (1977)
Roy Wood:
Eddie and the Falcons
Go 2

Subject to change.

Remember, Boris only wants real CDs, not pirates, mp3 links or CD-Rs. If you have copies of any of these to spare, in playable condition, do e-mail either me or Boris at (he knows English, so don't worry about that). Mailing addresses by request only (for privacy reasons). If you send to him, please use Express, registered or International Priority Mail so he can track it, even though I always use First Class International Air Mail since I tried the more expensive method at first and still couldn't trace it.  Options vary by country.
Hearing his story, as well as seeing McCartneys Live in Red Square makes me realise how much we take for granted in the West. I've been a bit spoilt compared to my friend halfway across the globe. Help a mate out then? When something is found, it will be removed from the list (subject to change). Thanks for the help.

* I would like this on import as well.
+ I have this in my own collection already.

11 comments: said...

I just received an email from him also, looking for metal CDs.
I'm a bit confused, I dont know what metal site he apparently found me on and this is an awfully long email lol then again, knowing Russians, they do like to chatter on.

John Sposato said...

Funny, he didn't mention any metal CDs in the list that he sent me. The only thing even close to metal on his list to me was Queen.
I'll be going out of town 225 kilometres away next week and there's a shop where I can get CDs. I think what he wants us to do is get some if not all of the CDs on the list. See if you can get them used to save a few dollars. said...

Well he sent me this:
AC/DC:Flick Of The Switch Fly On The Wall Alcatrazz:Disturbing The Peace No Parole From Rock'n'Roll Dangerous Games Amorphis:Elegy Tales From The Thousand Lakes Arcturus:Aspera Heims Symphonia Black Sabbath:Headless Cross Never Say Die TYR Bonnet Graham:Line Up Here Comes The Night Blind Guardian:A Night At The Opera Bathory:Hammerheart Twilight Of The Gods Requiem Octagon Blood On Ice Bigelf:Cheat The Gallows Coverdale David:D.Coverdale's Whitesnake The Northwinds Cradle Of Filth:Bitter Suites To Succubi The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh Gruelty And The Beast Candlemass:Nightfall Celtic Frost:Into The Pandemonium To Mega Therion Vanity/Nemesis Christian Death:Only Theater Of Pain Sexy Death God Catastrophe Ballet Rage Of Angels Tales Of Innocence Scriptures Prophecies Sex And Drugs And Jesus Christ The Cult:The Cult(1994) Painted On My Heart Born In This Deep Purple:Perfect Strangers The Battle Rges On Dio:Holy Diver Dream Evil Killing The Dragon Death:Human Leprosy Individual Thought Patterns Spiritual Healing Gillan:Mr.Universe Magic Geordie:Don't Be Fooled By The Name Save The World Grand Funk:Shinin' On Survival E Pluribus Funk Phoenix Born To Die Good Singin' Good Playin' All The Girls In The World Beware We're An American Band Gamma Ray:Insanity And Genius Land Of The Free Power Plant No World Order Heaven's Gate:Heaven's Gate Living In Hysteria Hell For Sale Planet E Iron Maiden:Iron Maiden The Number Of The Beast Piece Of Mind Judas Priest:Point Of Entry Kiss:Music From "The Elder" King Diamond:Them The Eye Spider's Lullabye Graveyard Voodoo Abigail II(Revenge) Lake Of Tears:Greater Art Crimson Cosmos Metallica:Kill 'Em All Master Of Puppets Garage Inc.(2CD's) Moteorhead:Iron Fist My Dying Bride:As The Flower Withers Trinity Turn Loose The Swans Like Gods Of The Sun The Light At The End Of The World The Dreadful Hours Mad Max:Rollin' Thunder Malmsteen Yngwie:Odyssey Manilla Road and McMasters Death:haven't any idea what's they are playing, I did read very positive articles...??? Manowar:Battle Hymns Into Glory Ride Hail To England Sign Of The Hammer Gods Of War Megadeth and Metal Church:I have listened some of their tracks,but really don't know which albums are the strongest...??? Nazareth:No Mean City Malice In Wonderland Osbourne Ozzy:Bark At The Moon Speak Of The Devil The Ultimate Sin Down To Earth Queen:Flash Gordon The Works Innuendo Queensryche:The Warning Empire Rainbow:Difficult To Cure Stranger In Us All Rhapsody:Legendary Tales Symphony Of Enchanted Lands Dawn Of Victory Rain Of A Thousand Flames Power Of The Dragonflame Saxon:The Power And The Glory Scorpions:In Trance Fly To The Rainbow Virgin Killer Savage Amusement Slade:Play It Loud In Flame Status Quo:Blue For You Squier Billy:Emotions In Motion Stratovarius:Elements,Part 2 Savatage:Fight For The Rosk Hall Of The Mountain King Schenker Michael:Michael Schenker Group MSG Built To Destroy Taylor Roger:Electric Fire Foreign Sand Happiness Triumph:Never Surrender Thunder 7 Allied Forces Theatre Of Tragedy:Theatre Of Tragedy Velvet Darkness They Fear Aegis Tiamat:Sumerian Cry Astral Sleep Clouds Wildhoney Twilight Opera:Shadows Embrace The Dark UFO:No Heavy Petting No Place To Run Viva:Dealers Of The Night Virgin Steele:Life Among The Ruins Marriage Of Heaven And Hell(Part I & II) Invictus The House Of Atreus(Act I & II) Whitesnake:Snake Bite Trouble Come An' Get It Ready An' Willing Whitesnake:Whitesnake(1987) Wintersun:Wintersun.

I think it is a bit extensive and I sadly wont be able to help him as I am a studying young mum with twins and expecting again, these CD's are very expensive and the only store I know that would stock most of them is too far from me. Are you in the US, John? I'm from New Zealand. Good luck with your search.

nazrox said...

Beware of this guy!
I also received an email in a German Nazareth fanclub where he wants all available Nazareth CDs, of course in original version.
It seems that he is begging all sources worldwide to get any CD for selling or elsewhere.
Don't help such betrayers!
Only the fact that he has unlimited internet access shows his difference to normal Russians.

Christina said...

Yeah, I found it odd as he said his computer was pretty much shite lol

boris ignatov said...

Hi to all who's reading this webmagazine!
I am Boris Ignatov,those who's living in Omsk,Russia.
Those articlehave accused me of some things,so,although I am not
criminal,but I will use my right for selfprotection.

1.I am not surprised to this article at all,because have waited
something like this early or later.But I don't mind.
2.Before the writing something like this(pretty emotional),author have
to think a little,just to sit and to think.
3.Am I begging CD's(note:not brand new ones)for record shop?What the
great way I have choose for making it real?
4.I suggest to author of this article to create e-mail address with
ending like Mail.RU and to try to write to 200-300 letters-requests
about some help(not so big for some Western world people,for example
the same CD's(used are fine) and to see what will happen.I remind you
that it was request,not a threat or blackmail,so every can feel his
own possibilities and to decide for oneself what to do.
5.So when you will send 300 e-mails(for example),there will be
following statistic:50% of addresses aren't available at all,
From remaining 50% of existing addresses,you will never hear anything
from 30%(They just decided that it is not interesting for them,their
From remaining 20% who did answered at all,10% will say that they
can't help,just because not very good financial position they have.
From 10% addressers who didn't declined your request,8% will say that
they maybe will help and have to think(rather they also say No,but
So there will be only 2% who will promise to you about real helping
and then only 1% will send you real packages(4-6 titles at once).The
rest 1% rather will send too,but when....?4-6 titles for 6 months
maybe...but maybe for one year....

Tell me please what the record shop have to be with such turnover
and the repertoire,where you will not find Beatles,Madonna or
M.Jackson and more fashionable artists(and saleable) than Traffic for
example and moreover used ones...?Why,let me know,the shop?Were there
another ideas?

Yes,the amount of listed titles is big,but am I asking about 100
titles at once?50 maybe?No!Just a few,if possible,sometimes,not often.
What isn't clear here?What's the shop?

boris ignatov said...

Probably you don't know that Western rock music is the worst selling
stuff in such places like Siberia?Nobody will buy perfect CD released
in Europe or States for real price here,so the musical market is very
limited.The only stuff that somehow still sells is illegal CD's and
local pop music(also on illegal CD's by the way),so who will like to
do the musical business with music,like I was asked in Russia(not Moscow
or St.Peterburg)will come to banrupt,even not opened....
Moreover,before saying about the shop,you should learn a little what
means to open your own business as a shop in Russia from people who
lived here and tried to do something like that...

How little you know about Russia,real Russia.....

Well it was only an opinion of one person,who maybe have prejudices on
all concern to Russians,but why some other people did accepted this
opinion as the only possible verse so easy?
Very good said one of the recievers of my request:"Still I don't
believe you,I just don't know you,lets we will learn each other some
better,so maybe in the future I will help you".I am sure we will
become really good pen-friends,even without those CD's that I was
asked.It's a question of balance!

But Thank God,not all thinking the same!You know who you are!

Of course I don't waiting any comments,moreover it was the very first
and for sure the very last time when I visited this so called "New
Melody Maker" webzine....I just wanted to say that there's another one
truth and you have to decide it for yourself.
By the way,why author didn't send me a copy of her(his)article,maybe
we should discuss some things altogether firstly?

PS.For Nazrox.Have you read my message careful?Where you have found
the lines when I have asked you about "all Nazareth CD albums"?Read it
another one time.

P.S.2 For Christina.Why you are surprised that this pc works not good
often,especially in WEB?What you see strange here?The e-mail addresses
which I have used later I did collected from different sources for
more than two months,before I started to write and send the messages.

P.S.3 No,nothing.

John Sposato said...

Don't worry, Boris. I'm on your side. Don't shoot the messenger! I hear where you're coming from. I can't speak for the others here. I'll help you out whichever way I can, at a pace that I can manage.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this Boris dude is probably a scam artist. He's been emailing me about getting rare CDs too. If he truly cared so much about the music like he says he would be fine with downloads or pirated copies. But you know he wants import CDs so he can sell them for a high price. Shameful.

Anonymous said...

I believe I actually got a physical(!!) letter from him years ago, looking for Kansas CDs. Had I been able to confirm anything about him, I likely would have sent him a few. I searched for him for a short time back then on the Internet and found ignored the letter. Just searched again because I noticed he had sent some email messages to an account I hardly ever check.

Either his musical tastes are all over the board, or he is representing more than just himself, or he (as mentioned here) is trying to make money by reselling these.

longplayrecords said...

Hello Everybody and special to Boris,

Remember me? Longplayrecords!
You've ordered loads of Lp's and the first time you have paid them. The second time you didn't. You still owe me € 325,- and that allready for three years!!!!!!
Now you try to get people's CD's. Why? You think that CD's will sell? Funny, you've told me yourself that Russians are unreliable? You also told me that you have quit with starting your own business.

Everybody who reads this:DON'T DEAL WITH THIS GUY!
He is a liar. I have send him loads of emails which he doesn't answer anymore.

So Boris as soon as you come across with those 325 Euro's I will tell everybody here that you are reliable. At this moment you're not.

Have a nice day everybody and you, Boris, think about it.

Eric Krul