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Friday, December 2, 2011

The Beatles Capitol Albums Volume 3

The infamous butcher cover taken by the recently departed Robert Whitaker.
Heres an original post for once!  I don't always have time to put more than links.
Beatle people in North America as we all know had different albums to buy than the rest of the world back in the mid-'60s.  This just gives the collectors more to work with today.
Since Capitol Records have released The Capitol Album Volumes 1 and 2, one would think there should be a third one.  Even with the long-awaited remasters of the UK albums in September 2009, I'm sure some people want four more US albums officially on CD rather than from Dr Ebbetts or CD Maximum (like my copy of Help!)
This is what the boxed set would have:

Yesterday... and Today (pictured)
Magical Mystery Tour
Hey Jude/The Beatles Again
The Beatles Story (dated but never officially on CD)

Introducing the Beatles (Please Please Me - 2) and A Hard Days Night were originally released by other labels in the States so they wouldn't count.  Capitol added reverb in their echo chamber down cellar at the famous tower in Hollywood ("Paperback Writer" on US 45 will have it).  Audiophiles can really have a listen and hear whats different.  Live at the Hollywood Bowl and Live at the Star Club are also in need of an official reissue.  All authorised Beatle product today has to be approved unanimously by Messrs McCartney and Starr as well as widows Yoko Ono and Olivia Harrison (née Arias).


andrew blythe said...

Magical Mystery Tour was already a US release before being imported into Britain in the late '70's, so here in the U.S. shouldn't be in a Volume 3 box set. The United Artist A Hard Day's Night album should be in there, with Yesterday and Today, and Hey Jude. As for a fourth album, that would be a hard choice. For me, I would leave it as a three album set.

Rob said...

Volume 3
The Beatles Story
A Hard Day's Night
Yesterday & Today

Volume 4
Magical Mystery Tour
Hey Jude
Rock N Roll Music
Love Songs

Volume 5
Live At The Hollywood Bowl
Reel Music (include bonus tracks - Beatles Movie Medley and Fab Four On Film from single release)
20 Greatest Hits (with edited Hey Jude - running time 5:05)

That would cover every unique Capitol Record release in the US

Anonymous said...

I would have Yesterday & Today, Revolver, Sgt Peppers LHCB, and Magical Mystery Tour. Why the last two? Because Capitol issued them in mono, as well as the much-more familiar stereo.
These would conclude the Capitol albums series.