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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

More for Boris

 Boris's mate is looking for the following.

Disregard previous metal lists and look for these:

Cathedral:Forest Of Equilibrium (pictured)

Cathedral:The Ethereal Mirror

Danger Danger:Screw It

Exodus:Bonded By Blood

Exodus:Pleasures Of The Flesh

Exodus:Fabulous Disaster

Heathen:Breaking The Silence

Heathen:Victims Of Deception

Helstar:A Distant Thunder


Lizzy Borden:Master Of Disguise

Lillian Axe:Lillian Axe (1st)

Lillian Axe:Love and War

Lillian Axe:Fields of Yesterday

Metal Church:Blessing in Disguise

Metal Church:Human Factor


Malice:Licence to Kill

Nasty Savage:Indulgence

Nasty Savage:Nasty Savage(1st)

Nuclear Assault:Game Over

Nuclear Assault:Survive

Nuclear Assault:Handle With Care

Nuclear Assault:Out Of Order

Overkill:Feel The Fire

Overkill:Taking Over

Psychotic Waltz:A Social Grace

Psychotic Waltz:Into The Everflow

Psychotic Waltz:Mosquito

Psychotic Waltz:Bleeding

Raven:Stay Hard

Raven:Lifes a Bitch

Raven:All for One

Raven:The Pack is [Are] Back

Vicious Rumours:Soldiers of the Night

Vicious Rumours:Digital Dictator


Y&T:In Rock We Trust

Y&T:Mean Streak

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