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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

5 CD series

The first one I picked up at the shop.
In the past few years a new kind of boxed set has been appearing in shops that contain 5 (sometimes just 3) CDs of the same artist (or theme in some cases) in a slipcase with "mini-LPs" but without liner notes or many details.  The price is decent for 5 CDs together.  Sometimes there are titles that have been rare for a long time, which was the case when I bought The Cars set which included Panorama (I'll have to find it by itself now).  All three majors have these.  Warners recent purchase of Parlophone from EMI is bringing out new Original Album Series sets from Kajagoogoo/Limahl (just got this one), Cockney Rebel (a bit of a challenge but I have that too now), and UFO to name a few.  They already released those with Yes (which I bought), Alanis Morissette (I bought all 5 in hers one at a time, 3 from her old stomping ground) and Fleetwood Mac (which I'm holding out for) even though they'll all have titles I bought separately with bonus tracks (those without can be sold which I did with one old Yes CD).  Universal also have had these but with whole cases for Elton John and Rush but a sleeves only one with Bob Marley is available and I got it last week.  Sonys Original Album Classics (US and EU) have included Sarah MacLachlan (outside Canada), Elvis Presley, REO Speedwagon, Santana and Bob Dylan (he has a couple out now).  Don't think the indies would do this.  EMI UK before they were sold would reissue two at a time in a regular slimline double jewel box with Blondie, Gerry Rafferty and Talk Talk (I have this) to name a few but also without much information.  I wish there was a Kate Bush set but don't count on it so I bought them separately instead even though she had a more elaborate one of her own in 1990 which is scarce now.
This could be a way to get people to buy CDs again with all the downloading but there's always gonna be something new for collectors to spend their money on.  Warners also have trilogies.

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