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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Denny Laine

Its a certain kind of day as I type this one. I've been trying for the past few years to find albums (physical releases) from former Wings and Moody Blues member Denny Laine. Few people realise hes had a solo career since Wings ended in 1980. Most of his solo albums are officially out-of-print and rare as gold because they obviously didn't sell enough copies to stay in circulation. Its very frustrating when this situation arises. Its given me endless headaches! Denny is underrated as his own man, and is forever in the shadow of Paul McCartney (don't get me wrong, I love them both). Budget CDs tag the name on just to attract casual fans.
I have Aah...Laine!, Holly Days, Japanese Tears (reissued as Send Me the Heart), Blue Nights, Reborn, Spreading My Wings, A Tribute to Paul McCartney & Wings, a mix CD, and Rock Survivor so far. I'm looking for Anyone Can Fly, Hometown Girls, Wings on My Feet, Lonely Road, All I Want is Freedom, Arctic Song, Blue Musician, and the bootleg Birmingham Boy, as well as the single "Catherines Wheel" (I don't really need Master Suite). If you have any of these, please contact me straight away. We can arrange a CD trade, or even a sale within reasonable rates. I hope somebody sees this. Most of these albums were released by pioneering UK indie President Records, but they told me they have to weed through all their masters (a likely story). I can't get a response on MySpace either. This may be the Holy Grail for me. I'll give myself another year to find these lost treasures from an under-appreciated talent.
I have gotten a few responses so far. Anyone else?


Anonymous said...

I have Anyone Can Fly, Hometown Girls, Wings on My Feet & Lonely Road & the Catherine Wheel single. I need to convert them to mp3s, I'd be happy to give you a copy, I have them all on vinyl. Drop me a line, email: home (at)

John Sposato said...

Carl, you could've used Name and URL. You should have links on your main page to MySpace and Facebook, where I also left a friend request.
Someone told me about power pop. I get the jist of it. It beats what's around now, though everyone says Weezer is close enough.
As for Denny Laine, I can't thank you enough. This saves me a headache! I'll be in Chicago tomorrow, and some rare albums are on a closed label in that area.

A. FlockOfSeagulls said...

I'm a huge fan of McCartney, but I agree that it's a shame that Denny Laine had to endure living and performing in the considerable shadow of the ex-Beatle. I also think it's one of the great travesties of popular music that Laine didn't receive just credit and financial renumeration for his part in penning Wings' biggest commercial hit 'Mull Of Kintyre'.

John Sposato said...
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John Sposato said...

The Wikipedia article says he sold his half of the rights. The song barely charted in the US. Disco was the thing at the time. Punk stayed underground where it would rather be.
You're the third person to write to me about Denny Laine. I'm getting rare albums from the first two. Thanks for your input.
If anyone else has any of the albums, do let me know!

Courtnee said...

Here's a website with a video/audio converter where you can turn your "Denny Laine" album "Anyone Can Fly" into what you want. Could you let me know if you ever upload it again, the link is gone & I missed out on it.

Thank you!

John Sposato said...

Courtnee, I use Audacity for mp3s that I make. I may need your link for something else. Thanks for letting me know.