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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Marillion and Fish

I might be interested in getting Marillion and former frontman Fish. I know him from when he worked with Tony Banks. Marillion have never been a major success in the US, and the only Fish people in my area know is what's for lunch and/or dinner in much of Christendom every Friday (or Phish for that matter), yet both factions have a cult following here by the thousands. Marillion are trailblazers online, with fans even paying for albums and tours directly (as opposed to just buying them at shops or getting tickets). I did get the h era, but I find the Fish one more relatable to the prog I've been listening to such as Banks's Genesis, Gentle Giant, Yes, and King Crimson. I'm sure the critics, including this blog's namesake, pointed this out 25 years ago, and Marillion must be tired of the comparison like Badfinger to the Beatles, but everybody gets compared to somebody else in life, if not slated.
I wanna get the albums from my usual sites, but the band guilt-tripped everyone on their site saying not to do such a thing. Not everybody in music is rich (h has said that Marillion are not millionaires), between lower CD sales and the economy, so it hits home. Three shops I frequent have imports, so I might aim for them. I was also in touch with Mark Wilkinson, the classic line-up's answer to Storm Thorgerson, but more for the Ph.D. reissues, since he also restores covers for Voiceprint. I've also e-mailed Claudio Momberg in Chile, who was in one tribute band (as well as one to Genesis) and now has another called Fugazi (not the DC punk band), since we know of each other from the John Payne Google Group.
I might take this one more slowly. I've rushed into everybody else.

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