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Friday, October 31, 2008

Ace of Base

This should get some people here. Ace of Base are still together, for the most part.
Not shown is Linn Berggren, who gradually faded from view and lives privately. The remaining members, Jenny Berggren, Jonas Berggren, and Ulf Ekberg are reinventing themselves. Greatest Hits and Remixes features new versions of hits such as "Wheel of Fortune". Look for it in mid-November.
Arista dropped them in 2000 after slipping sales. The last studio release, Da Capo in 2002, was only available as an import to the Americas (I got mine from the EU through someone in Singapore). Now that, along with the back pan-Euro catalogue, is available legally on iTunes and emusic now that the worldwide rights belong to indie labels Playground/edel-Mega.
I also managed to find loads of rare tracks. You just have to look hard for them.
The new studio release, the first since Da Capo, will likely be self-titled and be out sometime in the new year. A long tour will follow, which I hope will come across Upstate NY (here we go again!).
There's someone not too far from me who's a bigger Acer than me. He sold me a rare 45. He runs a shop and he played the albums.

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