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Friday, May 20, 2011

Asia featuring John Payne - Arcana

I have just learnt that the new studio album from Asia featuring John Payne will now be called Arcana instead of Architects of Time. The previously announced name was used for a one-off project instead. The album may be released in November, but it could even be summertime. It will be the first studio release by the Asia spinoff (not connected to the original lineup, who are releasing their next album Omega). It will be released in Japan by Sony, and by vanity label Devgel worldwide, with a US licencee to be announced (once thought to be Favoured Nations).


Anonymous said...

asia arcana featuring john payne new studio album all new songs all new music when will this see release thanks

John Sposato said...

The albumk is now gonna be called Americana and the drop date has been delayed again until further notice.