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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2011 CNY Outdoor Concert Series

Asia featuring John Payne, one of the Holy Grails for me.
Because of two ill-fated concert series in Syracuse last year, there doesn't seem to be one this year apart from the funfair and a few small time events.  Even if a shows free, its not always easy to get people to come.  Some promoters just can't cut it.  These shows used to be at Inner Harbour, the Federal Building, and the CNY Regional Market.  Now, I'd have to go to Rochester and Albany for such a thing as they seem to have better resources.
If I could start my own, here are who would come, one per week:

Asia featuring John Payne
Rush (up in the air with the boys)
The Moody Blues (have since come to town)
Culture Club (coming 2 Sept 2016)
Duran Duran
Childhoods End (now split)

There are numerous local businesses who would sponsor the shows.  The cost of security would be high, whether its private or the local police.  Then who would be willing to host the shows?  It may be too late to start getting something this year but perhaps next year it could happen.
Who would you like to see?  Remember, this articles not about an actual live series in CNY, I'm afraid.

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Sue Mattson said...

You have a nice taste for choosing Duran Duran and INXS among others who will perform if you ever start your own outdoor concert promotion. It's pretty agreeable that it varies on how many guests will attend. Even if the show is free or not, it really depends on how it was promoted.