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Sunday, May 1, 2011

The John Payne Collection

JP as we all know him.
In 2007, John Payne released a compilation of tracks with Asia, Lunatica, solo, and CCCP called Different Worlds.  Turns out theres more than enough for another such release.  He has been performing for over thirty years.  However, it took him a long time to get ahead. Here are some tracks that would go well on the comp:

The John Payne Band
Born on Halloween
Magic Eyes
I Want You to Burn

Thats When the Crying Starts
The Letter

John Payne (solo)
Fly Away
Coming Home
Gonna Give Her All the Love I've Got
Looking at Her Picture


The Haunting

Keplers Law
Save Your Prayers

Lisa LaRue 2KX
Save Me
Fast and Blue
Mystery of the Rose
Jam Jehan Nima
Recurring Dream

Farewell My Love

Asia featuring John Payne
Military Man (2007)
Long Way from Home (2007)

Architects of Time
From Decoding the Lost Symbol:

What is Lost Will Be Found
Verbum Significatum


Right now, JP is trying to focus on finishing the new AFJP album, which is highly anticipated, and Raiding the Rock Vault.  Then after some time on the road, he may consider taking a trip down memory lane.
Many of these tracks are rare and/or unavailable, so trying to gather them all yourself would be an uphill endeavour, so lets just hold out for this collection then.

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