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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Roger Hodgson - Rare Solo Collection

Roger Hodgson drawing

These tracks were saved from a Roger Hodgson fan site that has since 404'ed. Some of these are live and demo versions of familiar Supertramp and solo favourites, and there is also hard-to-find and officially unreleased tracks. Know that some of these aren't the best sound quality.

Breakfast in America
C'est le Bon
Even in the Quietest Moments
Everyone Dies*
Give a Little Bit (acoustic)
Don't You Want to Get High?*
Hum Hum (with Alan Simon)
Imagine (recorded as Argosy)
Lone Child*
Take the Long Way Home
Lord, Is It Mine?
Lovers in the Wind
Take the Long Way Home/Breakfast in America/It's Raining Again (live medley)
The Logical Song
The Moon Says Hello (with Carlos Núñez)
Mr Boyd (recorded as Argosy)
Keep the Pigeons Warm (Oh Brother)*
Rosie Had Everything Planned
French-language Interview Parts 1 & 2*

*previously unreleased


Rissa Ciociola said...

All you have to do is see Roger once & you will be forever changed... you'll find yourself dreaming of his next show & even the one after that! Very few artists have an unchanged voice after all these years, and I promise you Roger *never* disappoints. He is the genius behind the many hits of Supertramp and this is the Breakfast In America World Tour with a full band! The audience will soon become your friends, sharing in all of the joy and the beautiful, ethereal music. Just imagine him, with his twelve-string guitar... "Even in the quietest moments, I wish I knew..." From one heart to another, go see him. You will leave glowing from the inside, your soul uplifted & a guaranteed smile on your face. :) "You find your way," & "I'll meet you when you're there!" :)

Roger’s official sites:


Visit the Tour Page at
for the latest up to the minute news about added tour dates or changes. There you will find Roger’s complete schedule of shows, including ticket links, fan presale & on-sale information, maps, reviews, and more...

Message from Roger to All Who Came to His Recent Shows
“Thank you for welcoming me back to America so enthusiastically. I’m really happy to be back touring and singing my songs that have meant so much to you for many years. I often tell people that I have the greatest fans in the world - and I look forward to playing for many more of you this year.”

Anonymous said...

This is a great post but link is already gone.
Pse repost.

John Sposato said...

I changed the link so have another go at it then.

Anonymous said...

New link is all OK.
Many thanks.

A great collection.


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