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Monday, March 22, 2010

Supertramp - 40th Anniversary Tour

Supertramp (1970)

A French site says that Supertramp will reunite for a 40th Anniversary tour later this year. However, this is speculation. No official announcement has been made by Power Steering Management. Also, it is not likely that Roger Hodgson will be back in the fold, as he has his own tour anyway, which he prefers doing, though a one-off appearance couldn't hurt. Also not returning is Mark Hart, as he told me by e-mail a couple years ago that Crowded House has crowded his schedule. He sang the Hodgson tracks on the 1987-88, 1997-98, and 2002-03 tours, so it might be likely that it will be like the 1985-86 tour, where only Rick Davies's songs were performed. Hart also informed me that the band amicably split after the Slow Motion tour in 2003. Carl Verheyen has his own band now, so I don't know about him coming back either. Forget about Dougie Thomson being there. John Helliwell and Bob Siebenberg are likely to be back.
No other site has mentioned the rumoured tour. To this day, there are still fans who won't listen to the post-Hodgson Brother Where You Bound or anything made after that. Even I'm still on the fence about that. The whole is better than the sum of the parts.
The tour is only said to be in mainland Europe, but more dates may follow. Like with many veteran acts on the road today, there is no new product to promote, so it's seen as a "money tour". Also, the sites under construction, so its a sign that it could happen, but still, an official statement will set things right.


Anonymous said...

Tickets for the Roger Hodgson's March 27 2010 show in Southern California are sold out. A few are still available on eBay:

dubbin29970 said...

Roger's tour for 2010 was booked and announced long before Rick's Supertramp tour.It looks like Rick put this tour together at the last minute. I heard that Roger offered to do some tour dates but was turned down by Rick's management. I don't know if Dougie wasn't asked but he's not part of the line up either. I like Rick's songs but I hope he doesn't try to sing Roger's their voices and styles are very different.

christina95959 said...

hey dubbin29970 - you must be talking about Rick's ST tour that just got announced, i heard the same thing - bottom line - RICK IS TOURING IN 2010 BUT HAS NOT INVITED ROGER!!!!

i heard Roger was not invited to play, and that Roger asked to play a few shows and Rick's agent said no way, it will never happen. This is what i heard from a fan that is close to management and a very reliable source.

But Roger is touring on his own all of this year and i saw his show in France last year and it was fabulous. Roger has always been and still is the heart of ST and i respect Rick's bluesy, jazzy style, but all the songs i love from ST are Roger's! So if you want to see the real ST, go see Roger this year - check out his site for tour dates! you won't be disappointed!

Carlos said...

Hello, I’m from Brasil and I’ll see Roger in the next May-14, in São Paulo-Brasil. My second Roger’s concert, the first it was in 1998!
Well, I just want to say that Rick Davies is a dishonest person because he goes to the Supertramp tour with some musicians singin the Roger’s songs…this is not honest!!! He wants success with the Roger’s songs!! So, if you want the real ‘Supertramp famous songs’, goes to the Roger Hodgson shows, check the page … and forget about the ‘Supertramp-Rick Davies’ shows because Rick it's just making a poor fake! A pity too that John Helliwell and Bob Siebenberg goes with Rick in this fake Supertramp tour…a shame John & Bob! Sometimes the human being can be so brutish!
Carlos Fiorelli – Sorocaba - SP - Brasil

Elder said...

They're making it sound like Roger wasn't available to do the reunion tour but the truth is he was never invited and his songs and image and voice are being used to promote their tour. Seems pretty out of integrity to me. Go see Roger and you get the greatest hits we all remember.
Check out dubbins channel and see for yourself